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The End of an Era

It was the beginning of December and a year has passed since Gabby and Lid started dating. Ever since the beginning of summer, they both have struggled to meet up and spend time together. Gabby had to get a job to support her family and Lid was busy with helping his mother out with babysitting his new baby brother. Both had only met three times during the summer and school made their relationship harder to deal with.

The day was December 7th and the winter dance was coming up. Lid bumped into Gabby during lunch and asked her to go with him to the dance. She told him to meet her at her house later that night. Upon arriving home, Lid saw Gabby crying on her front steps. When he went to approach her, Gabby told him to not get any closer. She explained to him that she could no longer be in a relationship and that she had to move away with her family after her mother found a new job in a different state. She gave Lid a long, warm hug and kissed for two minutes until she ran back inside and bursting into tears. When he got home, he fell into bed crying and saved all the photos of Gabby in a book and hid it inside his closet. Once school started the next week, Lid stayed home and ignored everyone that talked to him. For half a year, he stayed in his room alone unless he had to use the bathroom or eat. It wasn’t until the 27th of March that his life would take a huge turn.

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