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The Beginning of a New Start

Its been 3 months since Gabby broke up with Lid and he hasn’t moved on since then. He got expelled from school for not showing up and he had to move to another town. On the first day of school, he went through every class wearing his hoodie up to cover his face and didn’t talk all morning until lunch period.

Lid sat down at the back corner of the cafeteria and ate by himself. He wore his hoodie up and used it to cover his face from anyone who glanced at him. He was about to go sit back down after empting his tray but was caught off guard after seeing that a girl with a hoodie on sat at his spot. He got a bit curious for the next few days about who she was and would watch from a far. Finally, he had the courage enough to go meet her and he sat across from her.

Lid waited until the girl sat down and he sat right across from her. He began to introduce himself but she suddenly grabbed his hand and twisted his wrist. He pulled away and asked what was her problem and she said to leave her alone. He said he wouldn’t leave until she told him what was wrong and she continued eating without saying a word. For the next few days, he sat across from the mysterious girl and continued to ask her who she was everyday until she broke. She explained to him that she had been suffering with depression for half a year now ever since she broke up with her boyfriend and she hadn’t been able to move on. After explaining what had happened between her and her ex-boyfriend, she began to cry a little. Lid, knowing the pain she was in, held his hand out and she held it until lunch period was over. Ever since then, he knew he wasn’t the only person who was suffering as much as him and he made a promise to himsef that he’d help out that mysterious girl.

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