Good Memories

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The Challenge Begins

Every day at lunch, Lid and the girl would talk about their relationships and what went bad and why they ended. Lid learned that the girl’s boyfriend cheated on her with her friend and that she hasn’t been anle to make new friends since then so she sat by herself at lunch and never talks in class. Lid told her about his old relationship, his father, and how he felt about moving to a new town. After a few days, she finally told Lid that her name was Megan and that she now felt happy that she had someone to talk to about her problems and had someone to relate to.

Finally, on March 27th, Lid asked Megan if she wanted to hang out sometime and she said yes with a big smile. This amazed Lid knowing he had never seen someone smile so brightly since his relationship with Gabby. Once he got home, he surprised his mom by asking her if she could drive him to the local park to meet Megan and see if he could spend the night with her. She said yes and told him she was proud of how far he has come since moving to the new town. Lid knew he had accomplished his goal but now we wanted to take it further and he knew exactly how to do it.

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