Good Memories

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A New Start

Lid and Megan met at a nearby park and spent the whole day walking around town and chatting about school and memories they had whether they were sad, happy, or embarrassing. Lid was really enjoying the time he was spending with Megan and it appeared she liked being near him. Lid was thinking about what to do after ending a conversation and starting a new one. They got a bit tired so they sat down on a bench to relax. Lid was staring at the sunset but was caught off guard by Megan resting her head on his shoulder and holding his hand. She began to tell him how special Lid has made her feel and was glad he had moved to her town. Lid said he was happy they met and he loved being near her. After a moment of silence, Megan kissed Lid on the lips and kissed for a minute but to them, it felt like an hour. Once they got done kissing, they walked back to Megan’s house and fell asleep in Megan’s room. Lid woke up to Megan in his arms and woke her up by kissing her. After a few minutes of kissing, Lid got his stuff ready and asked Megan to go on a real date next week and she said yes. He gave her a kiss and he left to go home. The second he got home, he ran to his room and burned the book of Gabby’s photos and made a new book for Megan. He now knew who he wanted to spend his life with and lived a happy life with Megan.

They started a family and now live in the same town they met. Lid even runs the schools and park where he spent time Megan outside of school and added a plaque on the same bench Megan and Lid first shared a kiss. The plaque said,”This is where a new start begins and it’s your choice to end it or continue it. Love, Lid and Megan.” New relationships have started on the same bench and those people followed the advice the plaque said. Even Lid’s and Megan’s kids had their first kisses on that bench. Since the day Lid and Megan shared their first kiss, their life changed for the best.

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