Lost and Alone, but Never Broken

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Her pack was destroyed and family murdered, Fee was hurt and left alone in the wilderness at the age of 10. Shifting early and with nobody to teach or support her she couldn’t shift back and was literally raised by wild wolves. Forced to shift back she was taken to Starlight Pack against her will. Will Fee learn to be human again as she meets the mate that should be her future and finds people from her past. Tristen was at the end of his tether with the council, find a Luna or step down. At the age of 23 he still hadn’t found his mate, but that was all about to change when he returned to find her literally in his bed of all places. Where had she come from? why was she so physically weak? Can he protect her from the onslaught of the council and the power hungry mate they chose for him?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - The night everything was lost

Blood showered her tiny body. Tears streamed down her little face as she stared up into her mothers lifeless eyes. Her mother’s body was draped over the kitchen table where only minutes ago her hands had shoved Fee in an attempt to protect her. Before she had the chance to turn and meet the danger it was too late. “Daddy”, Fee called out quietly as a struggle shook the table above her. After a loud thud, strong arms ripped Fee out from under the table. She was moved quickly towards the back door. A parka was pulled around her little body forcefully as a pain throbbed from her back.

Fee was hugged tightly to a strong chest, before pushed out the door. Turning around Fee looked into the eyes of her father, “Run!” He shouted harshly as a sound crashed back in the kitchen. Fiona turned on her heals and sprinted as her father told her. The last thing she heard was his bones cracking as he shifted moving back into the house. Howls shredded Fiona’s ears as her little body carried her forward into the woods.

A whine sounded loudly through the cold crisp air, “daddy”. Fee fell to her knees in the snow now soaking through her clothes. Getting back up she hugged her parka tighter around her tiny frame as she kept running till she couldn’t stand any longer.

Her sight disappeared with flashes of her pack, her family being torn to pieces, her mother’s lifeless eye’s. Claws digging into her back as she protected flower, her fathers whine sounding his death. Over and over they covered her eyesight and filled her mind.

Pain rippled through her tiny body shaking her violently. She was only 10, but she knew what this was. She was shifting, bones cracked, broke then fused together. Her human body was slick with sweat and blood. She tried to regain her sight managing to look at her hand as her skin seemingly bubbled. Screams tore through her throat as her clothing tore at the seams. Just when she thought the pain would never end darkness consumed her.

Fee opened her crystal blue eyes feeling uncomfortable, a slight pain in her neck. She was moving, she tried to cry out, but only a whimper left her body. Suddenly she was dropped and fell into the snow. Turning around a large brown wolf stood over her. Fee lifted an arm seeing a small silver paw. She then tried to look around and down at her body completely forgetting about the wolf above her.

The wolf looked down at the small pup she had found in the snow. Alpha female in her pack, she had claimed the small pup and none other then the Alpha male could challenge her. After dropping her down when she first woke, the little pup seemed to be chasing her tail. She turned in circles falling and stumbling after each step. Leaning her head down she licked the cubs face before picking her up again by the scruff and moving forwards to her pack.

Fee was placed on a stone floor after what felt like an eternity through the snow. Her eyes adjusted easily to the darkness of the cave. Standing up she tried to move forward, falling onto her face. She tried again with a cold push from the brown wolfs nose on her behind urging her forwards. Learning to walk in her knew body was seemingly easy now, she sped up running forward. Four legs were definitely going to be easier then two.

Fee continued forwards unable to stop only stopping when her head hit something solid. Before she hit the ground, an annoyed growl sounded as a large black wolf turned on her position. He was a young wolf, but battle scars littered his body and face highlighted by fur which would never grow back. Snarling he lowered his head to Fee’s face, he was only centimetres away.

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