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Cherry Wine

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Octavia Patterson grew up in a household full of alcoholics, she left to New York the second she turned 18 with her 10-month-old daughter. She got away from all men and closed herself off to keep her ties with her ex disconnected. She seems like she could be manipulated or follow orders like a well-trained dog, but Liam Harris learns that almost instantly when he meets the two girls working in a library. Liam Harris grew up with everything a kid could ask for, he got about everything on his Christmas list and he made sure he did not take no for an answer. He later took over his father's business when he had a heart attack and died. He expected everyone to bow down at his feet and had a stick up his ass every second of his life. The day he meets two girls was the first time anyone ever spoke to him in a way that wasn't followed by a sir or an obedient response; little did Octavia know, it just made her look much more attractive. ~WARNING: Smut included. If you are not into dominant guys/submissive roles or possessive couples do not read~

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Octavia’s POV:

I walked into the library in a slight rush with my 7-year-old daughter, Reyna, trailing behind. I went to the back where the employees stayed and apologized for my lateness. I smiled softly at my best friend, Juniper, as I undressed my outdoor attire and made sure Reyna stayed in the kid’s area. “Remember, come to the desk if you need anything, and Mr. Carter will be in the back if you need him. Don’t forget to do your schoolwork, you know how to work the computers. I’ll come get you for lunch. I love you.”

“I know. I knooow. Yes, Mom. I love you too.” She groaned at the daily reminder I gave her, got some sass for a girl who can’t even multiply just yet. She ran off, her hair bouncing a little behind her in her loose bun due to the rush. Her tan boots showed her presence due to the heavy thumping from the girls small skips and hops, I just smiled and continued with my day.

I walked into the back office again and saw Juniper laughing along with another employee named Griffin, another person June connected with well which was somewhat rare. She seemed to be playing a board game before we opened up, we all had to be to work early for the boss to make sure we had everyone who was coming in today.

Juniper was always one to wear comfortable clothing, most times at least. She let herself tighten up sometimes and wears something more risky than a sweater. She was currently wearing a grey shirt with light blue jeans and her usual black ballet flats. She wore light makeup to work since most of our customers are returning ones and she rarely has anyone to impress; plus, it’s a library not a bar.

Griffin wore nothing but t-shirts and jeans, last time I saw him dress formally was our last Christmas party, his hair was always turning from a blonde to a darker blonde, it always depended on the lighting. He wasn’t big on facial expressions, when he did make one it wasn’t big or super noticeable from miles away.

“A board game, really you two?” I chuckled as I sat down at another table. The two looked at me with a smile on their face but Griffin looked back at the table not wanting to make eye contact. Guess he’s still cautious from my outburst to our now ex-employee that was always late and never paid attention, she almost made us lose business.

“At least we can play other games other than go fish, O.” June laughed, causing me to chuckle.

“You have a point there, June.” I smiled and she returned it as she took her turn again with Griffin until the boss walked in with some lady.

“Griff, June, Tavia. This is Harper, she’ll be working with me today to see what she knows and if she’ll be a good replacement for Callie.” Mr. Carter smiled and left to his office, instructing Harper to get to know us.

“So who’s the bigger boss around here other than wonderful Mr. Carter.” She kept a clearly forced smile as she spoke.

“That would be Octavia.” Juniper answered with her actual kind smile. Harper looked at me with slight glare in her eyes but a smile plastered on her lips.

“You look a bit...unkept...I’m kidding!” Harper forced a laugh as she glared again and left to the office.

“Bitch.” I watched her walk off, I took a deep breath and looked at the clock.

“I’mma go open up the library, and turn up the heater...colder than a witches tit.” I stood up and rushed out and checked on Reyna. “How are you doing, heat wise my love? Need a blanket?” I nodded once she nodded, looking like she was gonna fall asleep, it was before 8 in the morning so I didn’t blame her.

I walked outside, almost regretting it since I forgot my coat. I walked to the car and grabbed my blanket, eyeing a person in the car that just sat in the parking lot, clearly either waiting for the place to open or just being beyond creepy. He had sunglasses on, at 7:45 on a Monday morning on October 18th, 2018 when the sun has disappeared and most likely won’t come out for another day or so. I grabbed the blanket including the rest of Reyna’s donut she may want to finish later. I walked back inside and flipped the sign before fixing the heater; I walked into the kids room and found Harper speaking to my daughter, neither of them noticed me so I decided to listen.

“Does your mother feed you?” Does this girl think I don’t know how to take care of my own damn child?! I grew furious but calmed myself as I listened.

“Yeah. She’s a great mom and friend to Auntie June.” Reyna smiled, bouncing her legs in the air. Harper nodded and continued with her loud mouth.

“Does she treat you right?”

“What do you mean?” My sweet daughter I have never laid a hand on gave the lady a confused face. What the bitch said next in a low voice made me want to punch her right then and there.

“Has she hit you..?”

“You can leave now, Harper. I’ll be sure to tell Mr. Carter you aren’t fit to work here.” I kept my calm once again but if she kept it up, I would let go. She went to speak but I gave her a look and she almost immediately scurried out of the library; Griffin and Juniper stood near by, clearly hearing the end of the conversation. I just got Reyna settled and got started with work.

After lunch break Reyna was in her hyper phase before she took a nap but she didn’t seem to want one. She helped Juniper and Griffin out so she wasn’t hurting anything, she kept Carter busy and helped him with thing and he gave her cards to play with.

We had a few annoying costumers today and some who just didn’t wanna care about what the rules were. One guy was watching porn on a computer, thank god Reyna was with Carter when Griffin caught him. I rubbed my temples and sighed as there was soft chatter in the library now settling when I heard another person walk in. I didn’t pay attention to him but I heard slight gasps as if he was a god maybe, but I could care less. I started scanning books and getting them ready for Juniper to put on the bookshelves when I heard books falling.

“Rey you alright baby?” I automatically assumed it was Reyna, that was probably rude but it’s a 7-year-old hyper child who was given a lollipop not too long ago who carried stacks of books taller than her. I didn’t heard her say anything so I recalled her and nothing, I started to think she’d hurt herself but at least someone would have rushed to help.

I turned around and saw a guy in a suit with a shit-eating grin looking at me. He looked familiar but he seemed like the face I’d see on a magazine while shopping a few times. I guessed he dropped the books to be an asshole so I stared at him, letting him no I’m not helping him. “Well?” He spoke up, his voice was deep and somewhat rough but smooth and a little calming. “Aren’t you supposed to pick that up?” He asked and I let out a scoff.

“I’m sorry, does it hurt to bend down due to the stick up your ass??” I asked and he let out a laugh, clearly not being the guy used to being told no.

“You’re feisty and rude for a librarian.”

“Didn’t know I was supposed to bow down to someone I don’t know.”

“You don’t know who I am?” That seemed to intrigue him as I shook my head in response, “Liam Harris, I’m pretty famous if you couldn’t tell by the looks of the other people here.”

“Well, I could care, but I don’t. Pick a book and leave.”

“Who do you think you are?” He growled a little, I found joy in this honestly; plus, I found the pissing him off to make him look more attractive. I have to admit he does have looks, pretty good ones. I’m sure he’s got a six pack and some muscles and that scruff on his chin..that would feel nice between my-

“Octavia Patterson, 25 almost 26, sex female, eye color golden shade of brown, hair color originally blonde but it was horrible for my taste so I changed it to be a brunette. Anything else you need, stick man?” I gave him a satisfied smile when I was sure was fuming, but the man smiled instead and laughed a little.

“You are something else, Ms. Patterson.”

I was about to speak when I heard a soft, “here you go, sir.” and looked over the counter to see Reyna holding the books Liam dropped for him. Liam smiled again and took them, setting them on the counter.

“Thank you, princess. What’s your name?” He kneeled down and put all his attention on her, forget our argument, which I wasn’t complaining.

“Reyna Angelina Patterson.” The girl smiled proudly and swung her diaphragm side to side as she twittled with her thumbs, her chocolate brown eyes twinkled like they always did. Liam glanced at me with his head cocked.

“Mother.” I answered his internal question, “father isn’t in the picture.” I spoke before he opened his mouth again to ask another, he turned back to Reyna and gave her a soft smile as he whispered in her ear and she giggled. Good with kids, hot...not gonna happen, Octavia, you are fine on your own without some asshole in your life. I peeled my eyes off of the two and cleared my throat, making Liam stand up straight. “Are you here to pick up books like you should or no?” I asked.

“I requested to use this business to transport files and reports of mine. Guess you work for me technically.” He smirked again and I wanted to slap it right off of his gorgeous face. “I’ll see you around, Maravillosa.”

“So excited, stick man.” I sneered sarcastically and watched him walk out.

“Octavia. Never speak to a costumer like that ever again, next time you’re fire.” I jumped at the stern voice from my boss, I nodded and apologized for my immature actions. He walked back to the office and I hesitated before looking up Liam and widened my eyes when I read the information.

‘Liam Stephen Harris (born May 5th, 1989) is an American business man best known for being the second richest man in Manhattan, New York. His father Stephen Harris died of a heart attack, having Harris inherit his business and money. His assistant and old partner Samantha Collen was recently fired and he is currently looking for another.’ I knew I wouldn’t go work there, I would get fire the day I got hired. I slowly came to the realization I just argued and sasses the second richest man here...he could end my career if he wished it. He didn’t seem like the guy to do that but then again, neither did Ted Bundy.

I took a deep breath and started packing so by the time I was done I got to clock out on time, I walked into the kids area and saw Reyna sleeping in the chair softly snoring. I smiled softly and took care of the things she got out during the day and picked her up without waking her. She wasn’t a heavy kid, but her snoring somehow got louder as I walked into the office to say goodbye to everyone and went to the car after putting on our coats.

When I shut Reyna’s door I looked up and saw that car again, still in its spot. I was hesitant but I walked a little bit closer to it and saw a man inside still, my mind wandered and wondered if he was waiting for Carter or someone. The car was a regular black 2007 Mercury Milan and the license plate read in bold black letters ‘HN 4751’ and it was from Wisconsin; the wording from the state was quick to catch my attention and my heart to pound. That’s impossible...calm yourself, Octavia. I told myself as I got in the car and drove home, letting the music from the radio drown out my thoughts and paranoia.

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