Cherry Wine

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Chapter 11

Quintessa’s POV:

Once Liam and I got home he and I took a nap but was woken up by giggling. I opened an eye and saw Grant and Reyna hiding behind the door with a phone out, I sat up and jumped a little when Liam did as well.

“Run, they’re awake, go go!” Grant stage whispered and him and Rey ran off in fits of giggles.

“Every damn morning.” Liam chuckled and I felt his arms wrap around my waist and try to pull me back to bed, I denied his silent request and he groaned. “You’re waaaaarm!” He pouted, I pecked his lips and got out of bed.

“I have to get Rey and I ready.” I explained and he again groaned and made a comment about woman taking so long to get ready, I threw a pillow at him and walked into the bathroom to fix my hair and makeup.


After an hour of trying to get Reyna’s hair to stay where I wanted it and calming her down because she wanted to do the mascara herself, which I obviously told her she did not need, and she poked her eye we finally finished getting ready. I looked at her dress after fixing it up and pecked her cheek.

She looked up at me and kissed my nose before I stood up straight. “You look pretty, Mom.” She smiled.

“Thank you, babygirl. You always look beautiful, always remember that.” I fixed my dress a little, my biggest pro of this dress is the pockets. Who doesn’t like pockets in their dresses?!

We made out way downstairs and saw Liam look at us and him smile at me, which caused a million butterflies to form inside of my stomach. He went to kiss me but I ducked out of his way, “no, I spent too much time of this makeup for you to screw it up,” I complained and he sighed before taking my hand and leading Reyna and I outside.

When we got in the car I of course started getting antsy, but Liam kept his hand in mine and his thumb stroked the top of my hand. I leaned my head on his shoulder and Reyna stared out the window at all the lights that were lit at night. Once we got to our destination Lynn opened our doors and helped us out.

“You ladies look beautiful.” Lynn gave us a soft smile that I gladly returned, Reyna smiled brightly and we were guided into the building. The second we entered Micah walked over to Liam, as if he had been waiting. Tallulah caught my eye and she waved her hand to tell us to come over, I held Rey’s hand and walked to the table, Reyna immediately sat in the chair beside Marielle, who wore a navy blue dress that stopped at her ankles. Jereth was sitting next to a young boy with greyish-green eyes that seemed to light up when he saw Reyna and cloud-like brunette hair. Reyna glanced at him and the boy introduced himself as Caspian, he seemed like a nice kid, although Jereth seemed to have a jealous tint in his eyes the second Caspian made Reyna laugh.

Marielle seemed a little jealous Reyna and Caspian bonded so quickly as well and soon enough, the twins started insulting one another in french leaving the other two confused. Tallulah scolded them after a while and they went back to their English words.

“First time?” Tallulah asked me as I sat down. I straightened my dressed and fixed my hair, feeling like my makeup was a complete mess and that I looked like I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, which I didn’t.

“Hm? Oh, yeah. Last time I wore a dress was my wedding.” I said out of being anxious and instantly my instincts screamed at me as my heart stopped and I suddenly felt the need to run and hide and possibly change names again. Dramatic much? I asked myself with self-hatred.


“ friend and I joked about dropping men and we wore dresses and pretended this whole marriage while drunk. It was a hectic night.” I spewed and laughed for effect, Tallulah seemed to believe me and I relaxed a little. I looked over at Liam who was speaking to Micah was an annoyed look on his face as if he was praying to whatever savior to get him out, which made me chuckle.

As the night went on Marielle and Reyna somehow found a million things to talk about, I was exhausted and Liam was trying not to murder every five seconds. Micah and Tallulah danced a few times but luckily both Liam and I weren’t dancers nor could we even sway for the life of us, which was weird because my daughter was the biggest dance nerd I knew and Liam had started talking about school and dance classes out of nowhere when we all sat there silently.

“I’m just worried she won’t like it...” I explained my hesitation to Liam as I played with my thumbs in my lap.

“The private school has a dance studio so she won’t even have to do it outside of school. Maravillosa this would be an amazing experience for her.” Liam wrapped an arm around my waist to help reassure me and throw away my unwanted thoughts that always stopped me from going out and having fun.

“I agree with Liam, Mari and Jer go there and they have the time of their lives.” Tallulah gave her input. I was silent for a second as I looked over at Reyna, she seemed happy being around the three other kids...maybe school won’t be a disaster. Jereth and Caspian met at school and they seem to be tight have great friends, Reyna always wants to hang with Marielle all the time so maybe this would be a great thing.

“Fine. We can register her when it starts back up again.” I leaned my head on Liam’s shoulder and he kissed the top of my head. It was silent for a second until Tallulah spoke up again.

“Are you two..?” She trailed off as she asked us the question we all knew she meant, I didn’t noticed Reyna looking at us also looking for an answer. Reyna loved Liam, he protected her and he made both of us feel safe. He let me step out of my comfort zones and he held my hand through the whole thing, he never pushed me into things. When I really think about it, I feel a lot happier with him than I did with Harry before he became the asshole he is now. I love him, so I guess his answer to the question would tell me how he felt about me. Plus, he never gave me a reason to hate him.

Other than being an ass the first day we met.

“I guess you could say that.” Liam spoke up and I felt my entire insides turn to mash and butterflies, but they only got worse when he looked down and smiled at me. I felt him lean down and kiss my lips and I kissed back, hearing Reyna and Marielle play gag.

“That’s adorable.” Tallulah smiled innocently at us then she whispered in Micah’s ear and he smirked.

“You did win, my flower; fair is fair.” Micah kissed her knuckles gingerly and I noticed Jereth look at them, looking at Reyna once again before he spoke with the boy beside him. Liam kissed my neck when my gaze was set on the three people who had just walked in the door. One girl had on a wisteria purple dress that stopped at her knees that had laced sleeves, her silky black hair put up in a fancy bun with strands of hair falling down just in front of her ears, her seafoam green eyes popped out with the colors. The man wore a regular suit, his ginger hair kept and honey brown eyes looking around almost in fear or worry.

The last girl caught my attention and made my heart stop, her bright pink dress covered her feet and her hair was also in a bun but hers was a bit more professional. Of course it would be, because I swear that girl was Harper. She turned her back to me and I looked down the second the black haired girl met my eyes.

“Everything alright, Maravillosa?” Liam looked at me confused, I nodded and excused myself from the table. “Be safe.”

“I will be, I just need air. I promise.” I pecked his lips and walked off, feeling eyes on me but mine were set on the door that led outside to the garden. I walked out and stood beside a rose bush, I examined the beautiful flower that came with such dangerous accessories. I’ve fallen into a rose bush before and trust me, thorns are no joke; I still have a scar on my bicep from one of them, the rest healed up nicely.

I took a deep breath and went to turn on my heel to go back inside when I heard a twig snap. I froze for a second before I convinced myself it was probably a deer or a squirrel, maybe even a rabbit. I sighed and took a few steps before someone crashed into me and I feel in the exact same bush I was looking at. I winced in pain as the thorns dug into my skin and I was pulled out of the bush. I went to turn and see the person, thinking they tripped, but a cloth was put over my mouth and a strong hand wrapped around my waist and before the world went black all I remember hearing was a man tell me in my ear, making me shiver.

“I’ve got you know, my little minx.”

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

I will no longer be giving trigger warnings, if there is a graphic trigger scene however I will warn you ahead of time. Only if it’s graphic, as in I don’t skip the scene. (I won’t be doing ANY graphic r*pe scenes EVER in any of my books, as a victim myself I feel incredibly unsafe and triggered even thinking of writing a graphic scene. But if the scene does happen, it will be spoken about.

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