Cherry Wine

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Chapter 12

Third Person POV:

The six at the table waited for Tessa to come back. Reyna got fidgety at not having her mother presence around and Jereth started to notice once Tessa had been got for about 15 minutes. “Y-you alright?” He asked her.

“What? Yeah, just...cold.” She lied and was silent for a second, “She’s taking a while, huh?”

“She seemed to be on edge when she left.” Marielle stepped in. As the kids were talking Liam felt it was his fault, were they not a ‘thing’? Maybe she doesn’t feel the same. Liam’s thoughts soon swirled and Micah quickly noticed.

“It’s nothing you did, mate. She seemed more than happy with your answer, maybe you made her too happy.” Micah chuckled, trying to lift the mood. The man just nodded with a tight face and looked in the direction Tessa was fixed on. Of course now it was three people at a table, the blonde woman that had her back facing Liam was on the phone, glancing around and looking behind her a few times but they couldn’t make out her face. The black haired girl stared at her lap and played with her hands, her breathing irregular. The man was clearly speaking to the anxious girl and the blonde was losing her patience as she hung up with a frustrated growl and she put her head down on the table.

“Liam, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go check on Mom.” Reyna pulled Liam out of his thoughts, making his gaze shift from the table of three to the young girl with pleading eyes.

“I don’t want you going out alone, Princess.” Liam said cautiously, not wanting an 8-year-old going out there, especially since Quintessa was no where to be found inside nor near the outside door.

“I’ll go with her. I’m 10, sir. I also know how to throw a good punch, ask Micah.” Jereth bragged with a proud grin, Micah laughed a little and Liam let them go knowing both his and Micah’s bodyguards would watch the two if something happened. The two left the same path Quintessa took outside. Once the little girl stepped outside she was then cold and shivered a little, Jereth took off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. Reyna gave him a soft smile and they walked around the garden, no sign of the girls mother.

“Maybe she went to the bathroom?” The boy asked before Reyna freaked out, “hey, hey hey. Don’t freak out, I’m sure she’s okay.” Jereth guided her to a bench and rubbed her back. “She’s okay.”

The two were silent and Jereth tried to get her to forget about her anxious thoughts. “What’s your middle name?”

“A-Angelina...yours?” She looked at him as she held the jacket closer to her.

“Reyna Angelina Patterson, beautiful. Bellamy.”

“Jereth Bellamy Sullivan.” She mocked him with a smile but it soon faded as his attempt to take her mind off things failed.

“I don’t know who my dad is, Jereth. Every time I ask my mom she tenses up and suddenly she is terrified but she hides it. I don’t think he’s a good man, and I’m afraid she’s in danger.” Reyna felt Jereth’s hand stop as he listened to her and she was surprised he didn’t tell her to stop being dramatic or something. Jereth always teased her but he genuinely wanted to get to know her, the day they met he was just in a bad mood and Reyna let herself believe that’s who he was as a person. He’s a 10-year-old boy who was raised to respect, he wasn’t someone who would make her life hell.

“I think we should go tell Liam about this...” The boy said softly, suddenly scared something did in fact happen. He didn’t show the fear in his voice so Reyna didn’t freak out even more, she nodded and looked up at him. “Come on, Renoncuel...” He said barely above a whisper as he helped her stand up and she fixed her dress before they started walking.



“What does...Ron...” She tried to say the French word Jereth always called her but sadly, French was not her first language nor was she taught French. Jereth found it amusing and grinned as she continued, letting her try and try but fail every time. The young girl let out a huff and looked at him with a pouty face. Her eyes made Jereth honestly want to stay there for a while, have time without his twin sister steal her from him so he couldn’t even find out her favorite flower or color. Yet his sister knew what time she woke up, her relations to Liam, why she wasn’t allowed to have social media or be on the twins’. His sister knew everything when he knew squat and that slightly angered him, she seems like a good person and the boy just wanted to get to know her.

“Renoncule?” Jereth said it for her and she nodded, her bottom lip still popped out covering her top lip. “It means buttercup, it seemed fitting.” He explained and she felt herself blush a little as they kept walking. Reyna examined a rose bush not far from the bench they were sitting on not long ago, it seemed almost like people had fallen into it. The girl cringed at the thought of falling in that deadly yet beautiful looking flower.

Jereth continued walking and Reyna trailed behind. Once he got back to the table and Micah came over after saying goodbye to most of the guests who were leaving. The rest all seemed on edge, Liam’s eyes were stalking the three people who just left and were sketchy all night and Jereth looked at them confused, “what happened?”

“Jereth where are the girls?” Tallulah stood up as well as the other two. Marielle looked at her brother angrily, thinking he pulled some sick prank and poor Reyna was all alone outside. Micah didn’t think the same but thought he at least ran off so she walked back inside.

“We couldn’t find Octavia but Liam we have to tell you someth- girls? Rey’s right...” The 10-year-old trailed off as his rapid heartbeat suddenly became the only thing he could hear as the girl he was sure was right behind her was gone. Before Jereth could think he sprinted outside and Liam immediately followed, the conversation at the photoshoot when Char spoke of James running through his head and he tried to connect dots but he was also praying they were joking and laughing at the entrance or something.

Marielle started running and Tallulah took off her heels to follow and Micah went to find the three Liam spoke of all night. Micah didn’t invite them nor did they speak to anyone he knew, all he knew was they were behind this and he wasn’t afraid to tackle someone.

Jereth stopped when he looked at his feet and saw his jacket, the young boys heart was too fast to be healthy. “Reyna!” He called out and Marielle started yelling around for both the girls, Tallulah searched the side and inside the building. Micah couldn’t catch the three in time and he cursed himself and he started cussing out his guards for taking their eyes off of them.

Liam looked at the rose bush and noticed the dent in it, along with a red fabric. He went to the other side and saw a wallet, he slowly picked it up and read the note.

Graphic abuse warning, and for those who arent triggered this is disturbing (even for me).

To whomever reads this, hopefully Harris.

I have your girls, girls. The daughter I planned to raise. It’s a shame my dear wife won’t be alive to see it, see the countless times I’ll put her in her place. Watch the blood drip from every belt lash I give her for talking back, watch every tear that falls from her eyes as I scream and torture her. I’mma punish her for her whore mothers actions. Speaking of, Quintessa dies at dawn say...6 am. Don’t bother looking for her, you won’t find her.

I felt sick as I finished the letter and looked at Micah as he walked over, I looked at the ID and my blood boiled in rage as I planned out a few ways to murder someone in my head.

Harry Noelle.

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

This is the end of book one! Book two will be out probably very soon depending on how active this book is.

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