Cherry Wine

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Chapter 3

Warning: This chapter contains mentions of abuse, r@pe, and things of that nature. If this subject triggers you in anyway, it may be best to stop reading this series all in all since that will pop up a few times including some other triggering situations. This is your only warning, there will no longer be any warnings or signs that this subject is being talked about. Please do not come after me if it hurts you, I have told you and taken my time to let you know. Thank you.

I stared at him in slight fear, “where did you find this...” I let my wall completely fall and break so instead of yelling and beating him to death with the papers, I practically bowed down to his power.

“Relax, Maravillosa, I won’t let anyone else know. I just need to know why.” He spoke again when I stayed silent, part of me not believing him. “Did you get arrested and create a new identity to escape?”

“No!” I shouted and lowered my voice, “no, I have no criminal record.”

“At least you’re done lying. So why did you do it, Maravillosa?” He just stared at me with sincerity in his eyes. His hand took mine and I let out a somewhat content sigh at the protection and warmth. He proved himself this past month, him and Reyna are almost glued at the waist and it was good for her to have someone like that in her life; she seemed a lot more happy now that she wasn’t stuck in a book shelved building all day. If I come out to him now...maybe he can help, if he can find records that haven’t been pulled up in years then maybe he can track that car that keeps somehow following me; I have came to a conclusion that it was no longer coincidental, someone was following me.

“I ran away when Reyna was 10 months old...I grew up in an abusive home and found a man just like my parents. When I married him, it was more of a forced one and the whole relationship was me faking it. Pleasing him seemed to be so difficult, one single fuck up and suddenly every step I took that day deserved a hit. He was abusive, manipulative, sexual harassment was included which is how Reyna was born..but he was happy, so so was I. Of course I became happier later on. Once I had Reyna and I was supposed to stay in the hospital he forced me to go home and he once again slept with me...I took care of Reyna on my own and when we didn’t have food for her anymore and I’d ask, to the basement for me. I was pregnant again a few weeks after her birth. Then one day in an argument he stabbed me and I was sent to the hospital. They did stitches and I spent 5 minutes in the bathroom during my miscarriage and got dressed before I was discharged. I snuck out of the hospital, snuck inside my house, took Reyna and left. I took buses, taxis, ubers, walked the rest of the way to another state. Then I stayed in Michigan for a while, where I got a job and bought a car and got my name legally changed. Then I chose to drive to New York where it would be a bit more difficult to find me due to the population, got a job here, made friends, became Octavia Patterson; Liam if this gets out, he’ll take her away and kill me..”

His entire face softened as I spoke and I didn’t notice I was crying until Liam wiped them away then pulled me into his surrounding embrace where I immediately felt safe. Most people don’t find a bond like this until after 5 months or so, but we seemed to connect quicker than we both imagined we would. I hide my face in his neck and just relaxed, my tense muscles letting go.

“No one will know. I promise.” He spoke softly in my ear before I felt him gingerly kiss the soft spot under my earlobe in a comforting way. I just stayed there in his embrace and relaxed, my tense muscles letting go as I listened to his heartbeat. “Nothing can harm you while I’m here.” I let that be the last thing he said before I swiftly got off of him and noticed my guard was let down.

“I have work to do.” Was all I said before I stood up and walked back to doing my work and speaking with June. I glanced at Liam as he kept his eyes glued onto his files he picked up when he came in as well. Juniper kept sending me strange looks until I dragged her into the back room.

“What is your deal? Are you having a stroke? Your face feel weird? Face tickles? What is it woman?!” I whisper yelled to her as she gave me a confused face until she realized what I meant and let out a laugh which turned into a full blown laughter session that seemed to last for hours. She finally calmed down and looked at me before laughing again. I rolled my eyes and sat down with a cold face, both metaphorically and literally; I was freezing and the heater that connected to the back room was broken for a while so sitting here wasn’t easy.

“I’m sorry.” She wiped the tears out of her eyes and finally calmed down. “I made the faces, that you clearly don’t understand the meanings of, to tell you I know. You clearly don’t know though. Liam likes you darling.”

“I’m very aware, he’s a good friend and good friends like one another. If they didn’t then that would be a fake friendship which you know I don’t deal wi-”

“No! I mean he like likes you!” June spoke, now sounding irritated. I let out a chuckle and shook my head at her ridiculous comment. “He does! How blind are you? Griffin and I both see it clear as day.”

“Griff’s in on this fiasco too?”

“If by fiasco you mean the obvious issue then yes.”

“Whatever, Juniper.” I rolled my eyes and left the room, going back to where it was nice and warm and continued working as June came out and sent me a playful glare before going back to her work.

My heart was still slightly pounding from fear and being that close to him, but I ignored it and tried to listen to people the best I could above all the pounding. Liam Harris, THE Liam Harris liked me?? The thoughts kind of rushed up all at once again, the pounding never stopped even when it should have; nothing was going on, Liam was in his corner still on his files, Reyna was asleep at the desk where I could see her at all times, no assholes came in, the owner of the place didn’t stop by, nothing was wrong. I looked around the place to see if I maybe had that feeling you get when someone is watching you and there it was, outside in the parking lot, rear facing me was the same car that had been following me for weeks but I could see his eyes plastered on me as he looked from the side mirror. The license plate stabbed me in the chest and filled my stomach filled with slight fear.

HN 4751.

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Just to inform you all. These chapters will be about 1000-2000 words. My goal is to always reach at least 1100 before I wrap it up. This book will be 12-13 chapters long, But don’t worry because I plan to write a second book. I am also a writer who’s kind of obsessed with cliffhangers even though I hate them myself. Just remember I update quickly unless I say otherwise so you guys don’t need to worry too much.

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