Cherry Wine

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Chapter 4

Liam’s POV:

I fixed up my suit as I sat down in my office, having Harper go get me my morning coffee and hopes the line was long again. I sent her during the busiest time and told her not to worry about taking a while, mainly because that’s when Tessa dropped off Reyna to talk to Juniper and Griffin to wake them up and came to visit me before her shift started. I heard sometimes woman don’t get along so I chose to keep them apart, plus Harper seems to show interest in me which isn’t very great on her side since I do not feel the same.

“Mr. Harris, Ms. Patterson is here to see you.” Clara spoke through the phone and I could hear the smile on her lips and heard Quintessa chuckle as Clara told her to come to my office. Tessa seemed to be more comfortable around me nowadays and honestly, I enjoyed seeing her smile every morning whenever she saw me.

I looked up from my files when I heard the door open and instantly smiled. Today she wore a plain white t-shirt, black jeans that fit the perfect places...and a light pink headband on the top of her head. She sat down and we started talking about many random things.

“All I’m saying is bananas are gross.” She playfully glared at me.

“All I’m saying is you are wrong!” I did the same and we stared at one another like that until she broke and laughed to which I laughed to as well, her smile gave me that weird feeling I had again. “Incorrect.” Was all I said before Tessa practically tackled me, making me fall out of my chair. I placed my hands on her sides and tickled her mercilessly until I was on top of Tessa and she was in fits of laughter begging me to stop. I pulled back and helped her up before she tripped a little on her heels over my horrible carpet that needed redone and I caught her before she broke an ankle or something. Her hands on my chest to catch herself, our bodies practically sharing the same heat. I looked into those beautiful goddess looking eyes and felt myself getting a bit too close to her but I didn’t pull back...and neither did she...

I could feel her lips graze mine before my door opened and we both jumped away from one another. “Mr. Harris, the line was short today so here’s your” Harper slowed herself down to a stop as she looked at Tessa, I made the guess that they knew each other; looking at Tessa’s gaze the relationship wasn’t very...kind. “Sir what is she doing here?” Harper seemed to try to keep her calm. I suddenly wanted to see how this played out, however.

“Do you two know each other?” I looked between the two and took my coffee from Harper’s hands before she burned Tessa with it. “How’d you two meet?” I sat on my desk and took a sip of my coffee, seeing Tessa’s gaze intensify and she interrupted Harp before she could get even a noise out of her mouth.

“She went to work at the library, and I kicked her out for thinking I hit my daughter. ” Okay..that was a valid reason, especially with her past...I sighed and looked at Harper as she rubbed her sweaty palms on her pencil skirt and realized her bun was starting to fall out so she messed with the blonde strings of her air.

“Harp. Is this true?” She seemed guilty until she sat down in a chair dangerously close to me then made a face that not only slightly enraged me, but clearly pissed off Tessa.

“Maybe. But it’s okay...I didn’t mean it.” Harper ran her slim small hands on my knees and I immediately stood up and her smile faded as she realized that I do not do women who try to seduce their way out of trouble. “The poor girl seemed like she was being hurt. Come on, Liam..”

“DON’T!” I boomed uncontrollably. “Don’t you dare Liam me. I want you out of my office by twelve or I throw you in the streets, now.” I watched her run off in a fit and I took a deep breath before looking at Tessa who stayed silent in the corner. I held out my hand and she took it before being startled by me pulling her to my lap in one swift motion.

“You are a weird guy, Liam.” She chuckled before looking at me with something I couldn’t quite place in her eyes, “thank you.” She said barely above a whisper and I wrapped my arms around her semi-small figure and suddenly remembered the situation she was facing that June told me. I pulled back and looked at her.

“So you’re getting kicked out because you couldn’t pay rent?” I stroked a baby hair of hers behind her ear and her smile faded, “Juniper told me.” I answered her internal question and I thought to myself.

Okay Liam...make the right decision. Either pay her rent for her and help her out, or just have her come live with you. I knew what the Right decision was but when I spoke to tell her the right decision, of course the wrong one came out.

“Move in with me, you and Princess.”

She let out a small laugh before stopping and seeing my serious face, “wait, seriously? I can’t do that, Liam.”

“But you can, Maravillosa. It would be fun, don’t you agree? You can have your own room and Princess can have her’ll be interesting and a new experience. Hm?” I smiled a little and soon she did as well before kissing my cheek.

“As long as we aren’t a bother.”

“You’ll never be a bother.” I kissed her cheek back.

Harper’s POV:

I cussed under my breath as I called a taxi, my box of stuff feeling a bit heavy in my small arms as I waited impatiently. One finally came up and I got in as I called the only number on my phone, it rang three times before his voice finally picked up.

“Harper? What have you found?”

“Well one...I got fired, but they definitely have something. They weren’t even an inch apart when I walked in!” I yelled out with rage and jealousy, I glance at the driver and saw his amused face, I glared at him yet he continued his eyes on the road. “We need to act now, finish this mission!” I hissed into the phone.

“Calm down, mi amor. We’ll act soon enough, we need them both vulnerable before we can go in. Meaning...they need to be closer, they haven’t even kissed yet and they would have if you didn’t walk in!” The man on the other line started softly then got more and more angry as he spoke, “now you are fired and probably banned from the building! Meaning I have to do everything myself, again!” and with that, he hung up on me. I growled in frustration and threw my cash at the driver before getting out of the car with my box and getting inside my apartment.

The place was just a couch, a TV, a dresser, a shower curtain with some things, and a bed. The microwave, oven, and fridge came with the building. My bed was in one of the two rooms in the house and that was it other than my dresser which had nothing on it. I didn’t feel the need to decorate when I was always on the run, finding new missions for money and new people to kill. It was how I made a living.

I got into the shower and washed my hair and body before coming out in just a towel and getting dressed and blow-drying my hair. I was about to finally relax and sit on my couch when someone knocked on my door. I groaned and got up in a sluggish movement before making my way over to the door and opening it to see the man I just so happened to be on the phone with.

“Harper..” He greeted me, I arched a brow at him before smirking along with him.

“Harry Noelle, why don’t you come in.”

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

Now drama starts lol.

Did you expect Harry and Harper?

Yes I can feel it going too fast, I just know some people hate it when they get touchy and friendly too soon. So I did some time skips. The next few chapters will be more insights on the friendship.

Don’t forget to comment and vote and I’ll see you in the next chapter!

~ Brook ❤

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