Cherry Wine

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Chapter 6

Quintessa’s POV:

I walked downstairs hearing, whom I’m assuming is Liam’s mother, start yelling again. I hoped they didn’t wake up Reyna but I definitely was not about to tell the second richest man;s mother what to do. I thought I slept in bed last night? Honesty all I remember was fighting to stay away to get to the end of the movie. I was pulled out of my thoughts and worries when...Daniel I think his name was, asked me what I wanted for breakfast.

“Hm? Oh uhm- I can make it, don’t worry.” I chuckled softly.

“Ms. Patterson I’m supposed to do this, it’s my job.” Daniel gave me a soft and kind smile and after a few minutes I gave him and he started pancakes for Reyna and I. I grabbed my phone and looked through my messages I got this morning from Juniper and Griffin.

June: Getting into it? ;) Have fun, use protection! or don’t, your choice.

Griffin: Tell Reyna I said good morning, be careful, both of you. Ignore June.

I chuckled and turned it off and watched the screen go black. I slipped it into my pocket and heard Reyna’s soft tired voice upstairs, clearly confused as to why she was woken up by yelling, I made my way upstairs and sure enough she stood in the doorway with Ms. Harris and Liam looking at her.

“Did you take in a homeless family?! First that unkept of a woman is in your arms now a child?!”

“Mother! You came to speak of business details, not insulting my friend and her daughter.” Liam hissed at her as Reyna soon rushed to me and I picked her up, his mother still didn’t seem happy. I walked downstairs with the small child still in my arms and ate breakfast in silence as they kept going from low to raising their voice. I can see I wasn’t the only one who doesn’t get along with their parents.

“Mom?” I turned my attention towards my daughter, who was halfway done with her food. She seemed to want to chicken out on what she wanted to say but let herself vomit it out, “why don’t I have a dad?” My body froze at the question and I tried to think of an answer other than ‘he’s an abusive piece of shit and I ran from him, also. Your name is actually Reyna Noelle and my name is Quintessa Noelle.’ I couldn’t exactly find anything but for a split second I thought about telling her the truth; I couldn’t keep the secret from her forever, but I could at least wait until she’s old enough to understand I did it for the best.

I was about to speak and muster up a lie until I heard soft footsteps come downstairs and turned my head to see Liam and his mother walking toward the door. Ms. Harris seemed to mumble something and Liam hissed back at her and let her leave, locking the door. Liam rubbed his eyes and his temples and I could tell he was getting angry again, I assumed he would calm down or go to his room but instead he flipped over a table in the living room. I glanced at Reyna and guided her to the back porch to play outside followed by one of our bodyguards, Grant, Liam practically assigned to watch us when he couldn’t.

Grant was two years older, they were close like brothers and Grant chose to take care of Liam since the day his mother left and his father worked more and more. As a 12-year-old he didn’t have much responsibilities but once he started taking care of Liam he became his brother figure, but he knows not to mess with Liam when he’s having an episode especially after speaking to the woman who ruined his life. Grant had jade green eyes and jet black hair, which definitely made his eyes pop.

I got Reyna outside and walked back inside and jumped when I heard glass breaking, I walked faster and saw Liam running his hands through his hair. The chair was flipped over, glass covered most of the floor and Liam’s knuckles were scraped red from both blood and being irritated from the rubbing against the wall; Liam didn’t seem to be done with his irrational movements. I jumped again when he punched the wall with what sounded like a sob, I went to walk to him but the glass poked at the bottom of my bare feet

“Liam, calm down..” I tried helping from afar, which didn’t help. I continued trying to catch his attention and my thoughts kept reeling on what to do and what his mother said that screwed him up so much. I got tired of him destroying the living room so I just walked over to him whether it pained me or not; I took his face in my hands and forced him to look at me, but he didn’t seem to care nor was he on earth currently.

He tried pulling away from me, his eyes glassy and watery from the tears he was trying to contain inside of him. I wasn’t exactly the strongest female against a man who went to the gym daily and was naturally a big guy, so holding him in place wasn’t easy; so I did the one thing I thought I could do and pressed my lips to his.

Liam’s POV:

I slammed my fist into the wall once again, feeling my knuckles break open more. Some days I wish you were six feet under like your damn father. My mothers heartbreaking words rang through my head, what the hell did I do to her?! Nothing, it wasn’t my fault she ruined her life by sleeping with someone else. I wasn’t involved in her mistakes, I wasn’t the one who told her to do it; this was all her fault, not mine and if she thinks she’s going to walk into my house after what she said she’s incredibly wrong.

I soon felt someones hands on my face but my mind was in a different place and I wasn’t down to earth. I tried to pull away from whoever had me in their grip, which I almost did successfully with the person being smaller than me until I felt someones lips on mine. That’s when I got a whiff of cherry and I immediately knew who is was and I kissed her back. I pulled Tessa closer to me, the warmth of her lips and taste of her chapstick seemed addicting. I forced myself to pull back so she could breathe as I set my forehead on hers and looked at her slightly closed eyes and the second she looked up at me I kissed her again this time with more need.

I pulled back again and smiled at her softly, “took you long enough.” I teased, making her smile and I felt that feeling in my body again.

“Had to find something to calm you down...what happened?” Her smile faded when she asked and so did mine but mine popped back up.

“Don’t worry about it, Maravillosa.” I cupped her cheek and kissed her forehead, “come on, I’m sure Princess is eager to play a game.” I spoke and could see her face fall slightly but I couldn’t figure out why, I took her hand and walked with her out back where Princess was playing with Grant. She had the brightest smile as Grant lifted her and they landed on the ground, Grant intentionally acting as if he fell, and she jumped up and down in victory.

“The strong princess defeats the villain!” Grant smiled at her, they acted like they have been best friends forever; that was the great thing about Princess, she bonded with anyone easily without fail. She really was like a princess, her green/brown eyes always shined and shimmered much like her mothers, her giggle was enough to get anyone to immediately want to be her friend, her smile was never faked and it was constantly on her face. I have never seen that girl cry and frankly I never want to, my heart would break into a million pieces.

“I’m just a regular girl, a strong one though.” The little girl again denied what we saw as she helped Grant sit up, her eyes met mine and she ran into my arms. “Morning, Lee!”

“Good morning, Princess.” I hugged her and relaxed even more since mine and Tessa’s...moment. Maybe things won’t be as bad as I make it out to be, I don’t need my mother to make me happy when I have two amazing girls not to mention Grant. I pulled back from Princess when her weak small voice warned me I was killing her, I apologized and after a while of conversating the girls left to continue packing at home.

I sat on the couch on the second floor living room with my now wrapped hands holding a glass of scotch. The first floor was a mess but my head was pounding and I was far too tired already to worry about it, how did she not hurt herself walking on that glass? That’s what my biggest thought was at the moment. I was pulled out of my questions that she could be a fricken wizard when I heard someone come in and sit in the chair. “So are you gonna talk about it?” I glanced at Grant, not catching on. He rolled his eyes and continued, “you kissed her you dipshit, what’s going on now?”

“I don’t know...I don’t date, especially after Samantha. It’s a waste of time.” I sighed, taking a drink.

“But you know she’s different, Liam. She isn’t here for the money, she’s here because she cares.”

“She did it to ’bring me down to earth” that’s all it was, G.” I tried lying to him, but he didn’t fall for it. I set my glass on the table and rubbed my temples to soothe the headache that was forming.

“You should talk to her, Liam. You’ll be surprised at what speaking can do.” He finished and took my now empty glass and left the floor, leaving me with my thoughts and tornadoes of emotions.

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