Cherry Wine

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Chapter 7

Third Person POV:

Saturday finally came around, Liam and Micah seemed to both be stressed out of their minds but luckily they had the girls’ support to ease their nerves. Once the boys left and ranted about what they would say over and over in their heads, the girls spoke without a breath in between once they got the conversation rolling. The kids seemed to like one another, although Jereth felt off about it due to being the only male in the house of now four girls not to mention their female english cream golden retriever dog named Freya.

Reyna seemed skittish around her at first, since she never got the chance to ever see a dog face to face, but she soon became incredibly kind with her and Freya seemed to enjoy her company. Marielle and Reyna hit it off right away, both ending up in fits of laughter and giggles while making a joke or watching a show that played on the TV. Jereth stayed on his phone as if he was 15 and annoyed by two girls fangirling over something, his dark almost black eyes seemed to strike the young Patterson and the way his hair curled a little. Marielle had green eyes, which confused Reyna, and wavy dark hair and a bright smile of course.

“Did you ever watch TV in your house?” Marielle looked at her new best friend with curiosity, her purple fingered hands in her lap and sitting up straighter than a board.

“Hm? Oh. Not really, only at the library when they played cartoons. We didn’t have enough money to pay bills for TV.”

“So you just rarely watched TV?” The girl asked with wide eyes, Reyna nodded in response. “I don’t know what I’d do without TV!”

“Votre cerveau ne pourrirait pas, soeur(Your brain wouldn’t rot, sister.).” Jereth insulted, leaving Reyna confused and Marielle offended as she hissed back.

“Au moins je suis l’enfant préféré(At least I’m the favorite child/kid).”

“Pour votre information, Micah m’aime. J’hériterai de son entreprise, il m’aime comme son propre fils.(For your information, Micah loves me. I will inherit his business, he loves me like his own son).”

“Jusqu’à ce qu’il ait un fils biologique et oublie tout du petit Jere-(Not Exact Until he has a birth son and forgets all about little Jere-)

“Marielle! Respectez votre frère et rappelez-vous que vous avez un invité qui ne parle pas français, je vous le rappelle.(Marielle! Respect your brother and remember that you have a guest who does not speak French, I remind you)” The three kids heard Tallulah speak from the sitting room where her and Tessa were speaking.

“Sorry, Telly!” The twins spoke in an innocent voice but stuck their tongues at one another, which were both blue from the suckers they had just had. Reyna declined a sucker when Marielle offered, honestly afraid she had poisoned it.

Reyna got along with people easily, but at first she always had the fear they’d be a bad person. She didn’t remember her dad but she had a strong feeling he wasn’t a great guy since when she asked about him to Tessa, her body response was immediately negative and she seemed on edge a little; Reyna felt bad afterwords and promised herself she’d never ask nor speak of him again, she was curious but if it hurt her mom then she’d rather stay curious. When Reyna first met the twins in person she was afraid they’d be spoiled rich kids who’d feel bad for her and be friends because of that, but Marielle genuinely seems like she could use a friend that doesn’t have money stuck up her butt and can easily get daddy to get her anything she wants; Reyna could definitely wrap Grant and Liam around her finger and have that power, but she doesn’t know that nor would she be the type to ever to do that, she’d use it wisely if she ever truly needed it though.

Marielle turned to Reyna and apologized for her behavior, “I’m not sorry.” Jereth arched a brow and looked at Reyna, “sorry, did I upset you, Princess?” He got off the chair and looked at Reyna, who now shifted uncomfortably in her seat on the couch. Marielle’s gaze on her brother intensified and could possibly shoot daggers if she could physically do it.

“No. There’s no reason to be sorry in the first place, you’re twins and twins argue. I was just confused since I don’t speak French.” The young girl stared at her hands, hating the powerful look Jereth had set on her. She played with her fingers as she heard Marielle shift in her spot and Jereth turning his walking route.

“Maybe you should learn, Renoncule. Elle can’t you two go to your room? I wanted to invite Caspian over but I wasn’t allowed with her here.” Jereth hissed, causing Reyna to tense up and make something up from her mind.

“I was just leaving anyways, I need to...clean my room.” Reyna made up a lie as she got off the couch with a little hop and went to the sitting room. “M-Mom? Can we go home, I’m a little tired.” She made up another lie, which this girl was not good at whatsoever.

“Of course we can, honey.” Tessa looked at Tallulah and said their goodbyes with a hug before Reyna was picked up and taken home. “So, did you have fun?”

“Yeah...a little.” Reyna spoke as she took of her shoes and her outdoor layers.

“What do you mean, honey?” Tessa asked as she did the same thing, checking the house to see if Liam had come home.

“Jereth is mean...I don’t think he likes me.”

“I’m sure he’s just a little uneven with all the girls around the house and no one to really share his interests with while everyone’s there.” The mother gave her input that wasn’t ‘he just likes you.’ because she absolutely hated when parents taught their kids that, it could put them in danger in the future or into a toxic relationship because their mindset was ‘they like me, that’s why they are mean,’ but that was just her opinion and worry, especially being in one herself.

Quintessa and Liam spoke of their kiss the day after it happened, they both said they were hesitant about a relationship when in reality they were ready to do anything with one another. Tessa knew she had fallen for the man practically the day she met him, and Liam the same way. They both just needed words from Grant and Juniper, which both were gladly going to do the next time they spoke.

“Or...maybe he just doesn’t like me, Mom.”

“Or...maybe he’ll get to know you and grow to wanna be your friend. Go take a nap, I’ll wake you up when dinners ready.” Tessa kissed her daughters forehead and watched her walk up the stairs and sighed, running her hand through her hair and leaving to the kitchen to make tea.

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Kinda short chapter, it’s late and i’m tired lol

I do not speak fluent French, I know bits and pieces and I cheat using Google Translate so for the people who do know it fluently, don’t come after me. and yes I translate it to what I mean, not the exact translation but I put that in the translation. (Hence the ′ Not exact ’)

Why do you think Jereth seems to dislike Reyna?

Renoncule - Buttercup

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