Cherry Wine

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Chapter 8

Quintessa’s POV:

Two months after the ‘playdate’, Marielle and Reyna became close friends and did almost everything together which made Jereth happy since Marielle came over to our house so Caspian could come over to play. I noticed Jereth’s mood whenever Reyna walked through the door, he seemed to genuinely just want his boy time. Micah isn’t around all the time to spend time with him, but he does when he is around.

Liam and I didn’t speak about never came up, Juniper tried convincing me to talk to him but we both didn’t need to. Although I have no idea where we I wasn’t big on relationships; Harry asked me on a date, I said yes, three months later he proposed. I pushed him out of my thoughts and continued working.

“Mom! Telly and Micah are here!” I heard Reyna’s cheery voice inform me, which confused me. I looked at the door and sure enough the two walked in without Marielle and Jereth this time. Reyna ran up to Tallulah and hugged her. Tallulah was again wearing a blouse, pencil skirt and heels. She was really well kept and it somewhat made me jealous that she could walk on those fricken sticks under her feet and make it look like the easiest thing in the world!

“Hey, Rey!” The girl smiled and returned the embrace as Micah walked over to me and I froze, Micah and I didn’t talk much due to his “war” between him and Liam but I didn’t hate him. Whenever he did speak to me he usually tried to joke about me giving him a secret formula of Liam’s plans as if it was an episode of Spongebob.

“Hey, Tavia.” Micah spoke, pulling me out of my thoughts. “I didn’t think Liam would care to listen nor read an invitation so I am speaking with the caring Harris.” His last sentence made me choke on my coffee and I could hear June snicker in the fiction section and Griffin stiffle a laugh in the teen drama section. Micah seemed to notice and fight back a grin as he continued, “I’m having a gala tonight and I’d like to invite you, Liam, and Peaches if you’d like to join.” I wasn’t one who did these things, I always said yes since I didn’t want to be rude; I told myself to say no, that Liam wouldn’t enjoy himself but sure enough, the opposite answer came out.


“And you said no, right? Maravillosa please tell me you said no.” Liam looked at me with pleading eyes as I delivered the news of what happened today. I spoke in a soft tiny voice, hoping if I sound small and submissive then he’d go easy on me and not throw a bomb in my face.

“If I say yes, will you be mad..?” I looked in his eyes and his gaze said anything but happy, but he took a breath and calmed himself before his expression completely changed. He seemed to have an idea, which wasn’t really ever good, and he seemed...amused with himself.

“You need to go to a business gala anyways, it’ll be fun.”

“Liam I don’t even know how to walk in heels.” I gaped at him.

“Guess June’s gonna be a teacher then huh? Come on, it would be fun!” I disliked his idea of fun, knowing he’d try to ruin it maybe. I tried to think of something that would make him mad or see how much of a good mood he was in.

“He called me the caring Harris.” Liam paused before responding, making me think I got through to him.

“It has a ring to it, don’t you think. Quintessa Harris.” He smirked and my jaw continued to drop. Liam Harris, happy about a business event, hosted by his business enemy. I rubbed my temples and soon mustered up the balls to ask him a question that had been on my mind for months now, I looked at Liam when he sat down beside me.

“Where are we, Liam..?”

“In the living room?” He looked around confused as hell, he nodded and looked back at me. “Yeah, the living room.”

“No dingus. In whatever this,” I gestured with my hands pointing back and forth between the two of us, “is.” He seemed to have to think about what I was talking about before it clicked in his head.

“Oh! uhm- well...what do you want?” Liam became serious and looked me in the eyes.

“I-I don’t know. You know I’m not, huge on relationships, Lee.”

“I know, Maravillosa, I know. That’s all up to you, if you want to move, we’ll move. If you want baby steps, we’ll do baby steps.” I didn’t notice he came closer until I felt his breath on my lips and his hand brush my hair behind my ear before he cupped my cheek with his hand. “If you want to take a big jump...we’ll take a big jump.”

“Here’s a jump we should take. What the hell does Maravillosa mean.” I brought humor into the situation I was currently extremely anxious about, making Liam grin and me get annoyed at the fact he would not tell me once again.

“That’s for me to know, and for you to never find out because your obsessive curiosity about it is adorable.” He chuckled lowly and before I could control myself I pressed my lips to his, enjoying that warmth once again. I felt Liam pull me closer and I ran my hands through his hair, he pulled me onto his lap and set his hands on my hips. I let out a soft barely audible content groan and pulled back for air before we both filled the space in between us again. We were too caught up in the moment we didn’t hear the young child come into the room.

“Mom?” I jumped off of Liam and looked at Reyna and went to speak when she smiled her cheeky smile, “Grant you owe me 5 bucks!” She rushed downstairs and I could hear Grant groaning.

I felt Liam put his chin on my shoulder and his deep voice sent chills throughout my body again. “So, I’m taking that as a small jump?” I looked at him to see he also had a cheeky smile.

“Hold your horses and I’ll let you know how far I wanna jump later.” I told him and thought for a moment, I want this but...part of me worries he’ll turn out to be someone completely different the second I confirm it. I knew he wouldn’t but it was just that one part of me.

“I’ll be here and listen to your every direction. Don’t feel forced or rushed, my dear.”

I snapped my head to face him, “is that was Maravillosa means?!” I said excitedly and groaned in frustration when he shook his head, “damn it...” I pouted, earning me a peck on the lips which led to more kissing.

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