Cherry Wine

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Chapter 9

Smut warning: have fun. Remember, I never said I was an expert at smut. But I’m not “he stuck it in and I came” writer IG...? Uhm...I guess I write more erotic style? Also, ‘dick, vagina, pussy’ whatever, I don’t use that a TON. (Wand is never used) also remember. I’m a girl...talking from a mans POV...

Liam’s POV:

I looked into the mirror and tried to choose between a tie or a bow for my photoshoot today, which seemed to be almost as hard as a girl trying to choose a dress for a party. I heard Tessa, who was currently in my sweats and a shirt, walk in with a smile and wrap her arms around me from behind before laying her head in between the bottom of my shoulder blades.

Today was both the day of the photoshoot I had been trying to convince Tessa to join and the night of the gala. I quickly went shopping with her and even though she tried to refuse and said she could get an old one because she didn’t want to “waste money.” I finally got her to say yes to a dress she felt comfortable but unusual in, I wouldn’t want her to wear something that she would sink herself into all night. Her dress was a deep red base with small jewels sprinkled on it, it had a low v neck and had sleeves that stopped at her forearms; she seemed particularly happy that it had pockets, which apparently excited woman a lot and put them in a good mood.

Princess chose a periwinkle shade dress that also had jewels but she had much more and it was placed as a design on her top. The dress stopped just below her knees and this one also...wait for it...had pockets. What is it with woman and pockets? I never truly understood it, but it made them look adorable and if they were happy then so was I.

Tessa was hesitant about the shoot because she didn’t want to put herself out there. After a few weeks she realized she hadn’t even heard from Harry nor her relatives since she left, she also knew she was safe and nothing would touch her while I was around. Whether I myself was around or not, she at least had a bodyguard that wouldn’t let her out of their sight, except the bathroom of course privacy was needed. She agreed and I let my photographer know and let me tell ya, that girl was happy as can be to meet the apparently “mystery girl.”

“Good morning.” I felt Tessa kiss my earlobe and grin, making me smile.

“Good morning, Maravillosa. Tell me, darling. Which is better, bow or tie?” I looked at her from the mirror and she thought about it, taking the two garments from me and switching between the two.

“Tie. Makes you look more professional.” I gazed at her and pecked her lips with a thank you before glancing at the clock.

“We got an hour an a half before we have to be there, I say we find something to kill the time.” I pulled her to me by her waist and felt her body against mine. She looked up at me and took her bottom lip in between her teeth, causing me to react in a way I knew I’d get exactly what I meant.

“Like what?” She pretended to play dumb as she ran her hand up and down my chest, fiddling with the jacket. I didn’t say anything as I lifted her up and smirked at her soft squeal before I covered it up with a passionate kiss.

She kissed back as she rolled her hips to meet mine and her core crashed to the place I needed her most. I let out a soft groan and laid her on the bed and took her wrist gently, putting them over her head as I kissed down her jawline and to her neck.

I looked at her after leaving a few marks, satisfied with myself as I took off her top and she helped me slip out of my jacket.

I pressed my lips to her sternum and kissed my way down her body, keeping eye contact with her as she fought to keep her eyes on mine and not fall shut. I just smirked and got to her v-line before I went back up and exposed her breasts to the somewhat chilly breeze as I unlatched the back of her bra.

She let out a small responsive gasp and I got to work on seeing how responsive she truly was. I held her wrists with one hand and brushed the pad of my thumb to her nipple and felt it soon become erect so I did the other one to match one another. I removed my thumb and kissed her neck once again until I found her sweet spot, to which I nibbled and left a dark hickey.

She tried her best not to squirm and whimper at how much I was teasing her, which I found adorable. She did in fact squeeze hee thighs together to add friction to her clit, I made my knee sit between her legs and thats when she let out a whimper/whine.

I got to her earlobe and spoke softly, “are you sure you want this? We can always stop at any time.” I reassured her and she nodded before whimpering out a ‘please.’

I took off my shirt and undid my belt as I watched her stare eagerly. I couldn’t help but smirk at myself as I took it off and tossed it to the floor with the rest of our clothes; I didn’t want to restrain her in fear it would trigger some things and freaked her out or made her feel unsafe, plus it would torture both of us if she couldn’t touch.

I curled my fingers around her sweats and pulled them down, last her knees and ankles before she bent her legs to help slip them off fully. I looked her up and down and accidentally let out a soft ‘wow’ in amazment. She was beautiful, curves in all the right places, she wasn’t a skinny little stick which I loved. Her hair fell around her head and her lips were parted and swollen from the kissing as her breathing quickened to the amount of teasing I was putting her through.

I decided to keep my teasing antics, even though it was torment for the both of us, and kissed her ankle before kissing up from there, nibbling the inside of there thighs which made her jump a little.

I finally placed a gentle kiss over her clothed clit, making her jump back in surprise again. I did it once again and she laid her head back on the pillow. I continued kissing there and the inside of her thighs until she spoke up.

“Liam, please.” And that was all I needed for me to take off the last piece of clothing; I kissed her again to quiet the noises as I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her folds, lubricating my finger before I rubbed her clit a little.

Tessa bit my bottom lip softly and stretched it out a little before slipping her tongue into our kiss as she got bold. I slipped my finger into her slowly since I doubt an independent mother like her slept with a stranger after her last experience with men.

I felt her grip on my shoulder and let her adjust, which stoos by my theory of not having sex since Harry, before she gave me permission to continue. After a while, and adding another finger along rubbing her clit with my thumb, I felt her undo my pants. Once I got them off she bit her bottom lip and arched her back to meet my chest as she released with a muffled moan.

“Guess someone’s gonna have more than one orgasm.” I grinned and saw her grin as well before she palmed me through my boxers, making me inhale sharply. “God, what the hell are you doing to me, Tessa.”

I removed my fingers from her as she slipped off my boxers, I brought my hand up to her mouth and she almost immediately took my fingers with her release into her mouth with lust and delight in her eyes.

“Kinky little nymph, aren’t you.” I looked into her eyes that said it all for her. I let her lick them clean before I reached into my drawer and pulled out a condom; I slid it on and lined myself up with her and glanced at our hands that were free and we somehow got to hold that sat above her head when she lightly squeezed it.

“We can stop whenever, Maravillosa.” I asked her one more time before we went full out. She only nodded and let out another ‘please.’ I slowly entered her halfway and she hid her face in my neck, I kept our hands together and kissed her sweet spot to help the pain from not doing this in a while.

“O-okay...” She said softly, giving me permission to continue until I got all the way in. She tensed a little but a few moments later she relaxed, I moved around some and she let out a satisfied moan.

With every thrust I hit every spot she responded positively to, she kept her face in my shoulder as she made sure to not let her daughter hear us. I slipped my hand down again as she told me to go faster and rubbed her clit, which sent her over the edge and her walls clenched around me which caused us both to release.

I came into the condom and we rode out our highs before I disposed of the rubber and went farther down the bed. Tessa gave me a confused look and I asked her if she was fine with me continuing. She still seemed confused as she nodded.

I wanted her to feel anything other than an object or a toy, that she wasn’t here for my pleasure and I didn’t keep her around just to satisfy my needs. Only needs on my mind was to keep her safe and happy.

I took the flesh on the bottom of her thighs in my hands carefully and separated her legs and her breathing hitched as she felt the air hit her clit. I only made it worse by blowing on it to make her hips buck up.

I licked a strand up and she became incredibly responsive which made me wonder if she’s ever done this before. I started flicking my tongue and she brought her hand to the sheets and gripped them as I continued to eat her out. After a few she once again came and I quickly covered her mouth to cover her moan; I cleaned her up and laid beside her.

“My god...” She panted and closed her eyes as her chest rose and deflated quickly until it became slower. “That was uhm-...I’ve never done that..” I noticed her cheeks turn pink.

“Really??” She nodded in response, “well, you can definitely look forward to that again in the future.”

Tessa looked at me with a small smile then the clock and back at me, “I say we shower together. You know...not waste water.”

“I’m rich, Maravillosa. Water bills are the least of my worries.” I teased and let her pout before I laughed, gently picking her up and bringing her to the bathroom to shower.


We got to the photoshoot and Tessa stayed behind me and kept her hand in mine, I squeezed it to give her silent reassurance as the photographer smiled at me. “Liam!” She rushed over and kissed my cheeks before looking at Tessa and her jaw dropped, “when he said you were gorgeous he was not kidding! Sorry, I’m Charlotte, Liam’s photographer.” Char spoke with a wide smile. Tessa gave her a soft smile as her cheeks turned a shade of red. I couldn’t help but smile at her before Char took my hand and dragged me off as she had one of her assistants tend to Tessa’s needs. Charlotte stopped in front of a mirror and made me sit as she fixed my hair.

“She’s really pretty, Lee, and she looks like she’s a lot better than Samantha.” I tensed at the name I hadn’t thought about in weeks, “sorry, forgot my filter!” Char noticed and apologized before continuing. “Is she your girlfriend? Just a friend, or is it even better. Has Liam Harris settled down?? I heard she had a daughter-”

“Where did you hear that?” I interrupted her, my focus on my biggest worry that hadn’t popped up either.

“This guy takes photos of you, Octavia and the girl, I assume it’s paparazzi.” Char stopped with my hair and took out her phone to show me a picture and sure enough it was us three, Princess in between us as usual. This person knew what they were doing, since Tessa’s head was up at that moment the picture was taken, dark day therefore she didn’t wear sunglasses. Fuck me running.

“I’ll get someone to delete them. Know the name?”

“James Parker, I think.” Char put her phone away and finished my hair before she led me to the room again and Tessa sat on the couch with a water in her hand. Charlotte got me in the positions and Tessa disappeared from my sight, assuming Char’s assistant took her away for clothes to pick out.

“Hey lover boy, eyes on the camera.” I was taken from my thoughts and listened to Char and after a few pictures I had a headache from the lights. I rubbed my temples and sat on the couch to soothe the headache, I was already tired from the day I had with Tessa and I was ready to go back home. Sadly I had to go back to the office to help Micah prepare for the gala.

“Okay, Ms. Patterson...” Char’s voice faded away as I found myself closing my eyes and falling asleep.

Tessa’s POV:

I took a deep breath when we finished the pictures and I got dressed, I looked at Liam who was fast asleep on the couch and walked over to wake him up gently. “Come on, stick man.” I giggled a little as he woke up in confusion.

“Sorry..Must have fell asleep.” He stated the obvious and we both looked at Char as she came over to show us the photos, Liam’s simple and mine a lot more interesting.

“You look so boring.” I laughed a little.

“I’m a boring man, my dear.” Liam looked at me.

“You proved that wrong this morning.” I boldly said in his ear, I don’t know if Char heard or not but if she did she did a great job hiding it. I saw Liam noticed they covered up the love marks he planted all over me and I requested to not stand for most of them, which made Liam chuckle to himself but he earned himself a slap to the arm.

“Alright. I’ll get the photos over to the companies and get back to you, have fun at the gala you two!” Char let us go and we left, Liam took his hand in mine again as we got in the car.

“She’s right by the way, you’re gorgeous.” Liam said in my ear, making me turn a shade of red again and I leaned my head on his shoulder as we headed home to drop me off.

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Okay okay. I know I did not do the best with the smut. I get awkward when I write public smut, yet I can easily write it if I don’t plan to show it. I apologize for the people I disappointing lol

How do you think the gala will go?

Is this James dude someone they should worry about?

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