Dunlap Ranch : Hot Summer

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Welcome to Dunlap Ranch. Where the days are hot, and the men are hotter. Especially one in particular...Riplee (Rip) Statton. Brooding, sexy, loyal, brutal...he is everything in a man than Calleigh Dunlap could ever ask for. When things begin to unfold between them, their summer takes a twist for the steamier side of things. Can they make it together?

Romance / Drama
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Dunlap Ranch : Intro

I couldn’t stop staring at him as his muscles flexed in his arms, his back...his shoulders. He was so strong, tossing the hundred pound bales around like they were nothing.

Since she was sixteen she’d imagined him tossing her around like that...in bed.

Calleigh blushed hard at the dirty thoughts that had entered her mind.

She had it bad for Rip Thorne, her fathers ranch hand of twenty years. He’d watched her grow into a young woman, she thought maybe she would grow out of the crush that she’d formed for the guy, but unfortunately, her summer in Spain had instead increased those feelings ten fold.

She stared a little longer while he tossed the last of the bales off of the trailer and into the stack next to the barn, he wore tight jeans that hugged his powerful thighs, and he wore a ball cap on his head, opposed to his signature black cowboy hat.

It didn’t matter, the man was walking sex.

“Calleigh,” her father called from across the yard, “come on in and help fix lunch!”

She stood from her seated position in one of the lawn chairs by the bunk house, when she glanced in Rip’s direction again, he was watching her with his dark eyes.

He tips his hat to her as she passes, “Calleigh.”

“Hey Rip,” she squeaks out and hustles into the house to help her mom fix lunch for everyone.

“Bout damn time you come in and stop staring at that poor man,” mama chuckles and teases her daughter when her cheeks turn red, “I guess some things never change.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, mama.”

“Oh don’t go telling me that you don’t have it bad for that man.”

“I don’t. He’s close to fifteen years older than me, that’s gross.”

“Your father is ten years older than me,” she counters.

“Ma—drop it,” Calleigh grunts, putting an abrupt end to the conversation when John Dunlap, Calleigh’s father comes in the door.

He’d have a cow if he’d heard that his twenty year old daughter had a major crush on his hired help, no—his main man.

“What’s for lunch, mama?”

“Fresh baked bread for sandwiches and your choice of turkey or roast beef—get your damn dirty hands out of the food, John! Go wash up!”

John kisses his wife’s temple and swats her ass playfully before maneuvering out of the kitchen before she flicks him with her wash cloth.

Rip is the next to come in, his eyes briefly wander over to Calleigh, giving a nod in her direction before he greets Cathy and moves to the kitchen sink to wash his hands.

Calleigh gasps quietly when he brushes past her, his rough calloused hand making contact with the skin on her midriff when he holds her in place as he goes by.

One look at her mama and she knows that she saw the short interaction, Cathy does little to hide the smirk on her face.

The rest of the crew comes piling in through the door, there are five hands in total, Rip being the main man, followed by Buck Vanderford, Gus Johns, Wyatt Atkins, and her own brother JJ Dunlap.

They were like family around here, they’d been together long enough to become family, Rip and Gus being here the longest.

When John came back into the dining room, he didn’t take a seat like normal, instead he cleared his throat loudly, gaining the attention of everyone at the table.

“Ok, gents, we’re getting into the busy season and I’ve decided that it’s time that we hire on one more person...now I know you boys are rough around the edges, and I know this will toss a wrench into things for a while, but hear me out—I’ve know Davie Martin for quite some years and his girl has been looking for a job. I decided we’d give her a try, I want you all to welcome Katie to the ranch.”

Just as he said that, a tall brunette hunkered into the kitchen, she was pretty, sparkling blue eyes, her skin was tanned.

She wasn’t just pretty, she was gorgeous.

One thing was wrong though, and it was the way that Rip eyed the new girl up and down with a hunger in his gaze...that didn’t sit well with Calleigh.


Hey readers!

This is a short introduction, but I just wanted to say hey, and welcome the Dunlap ranch!

Action packed and full of drama, and lots of lovin’ this story will make you want a rough riding cowboy of your own!

This will also be submitted to Patreon, There is no updating schedule thus far.

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