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Stella A beautiful angle always ready to help was a very strong girl. She always a attitude on her face ya that's what makes her look incredibly sexy. She was the beauty queen no one can take his eyes off once lead on her. She was strong enough to fight with anyone and can get what is want yeah she is the dream girl everyone wants 😍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~••~~••••~~~~~~~~~ Andrew The ruthless and stone hearted boy had the best feature a boy has. He was the most handsome and the sexiest person known till. He was known as heartless person and no one dared to speak to him as he never listned to any one till she came..........❤

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'Good morning beautiful'--I heard my mum's. She is the perfect mixture of love and care. She loved me lot and I am not wrong if I say I did the same❤. Afterall it's mother-daughter's relationship.

'Morning momma' I replied with my soft tone.

She informed me that she is going for a trip with dad for two weeks and I have to take care of the house. I nodded yes and went for bath.

After about 30 minutes we three were on the table for breakfast. I noticed the bags were ready and so was my mom dad.

They had flight at 12:00 noon. We all left for airport and soon the sat in plane and bid them good byes and told them to call me daily and take care.

I sat in my own jeep and came back to home. I was really very tired s

o I just took my blanket and with no time I was in deep sleep.

I slept nearly for 7 hours. Yeah I was the role model for laziest person. I came down to see something to eat but what I found was so boring. I thought to go to market and get me some ingredients to make something interesting for dinner.

I looked in to the mirror. I was known the beauty queen but I never paid attention to that. I wore my blue crop top and black jeans. My outfit was incomplete without my watch. I tide my in a perfect ponytail and finally with my blue sneakers I was on my jeep and drove to market

I completed my shopping within no time so I decided to roam in the mall and buy some clothes yeah I love shopping lot but not more than food.

I came to boys section yeah you all will be thinking why but I loved the boys t-shirts. I was looking for something black but all I found was useless.


Suddenly I bumped into someone.

Absolutely he was man with broad muscles and his chest was so strong that it hurt me. He was taller than me you can say lot. I was holding my head as it was paining and till now I haven't seen who it was.

I was about to yell and scold him like no one would have done to him till now but when I looked at him I skipped my heartbeat. His beauty couldn't be expressed in the words. He is Greek God. He looked so sexy in those black jeans and white shirt I have never thought like this for anyone but yes he was totally different

'Who are you? ' Ohh gosh his sexy voice could melt anyone here but not me. I suddenly came out of my thoughts and said

'Just say sorry and I will leave you ' His face was unreadable he was emotionless too.

'I think you don't know me huh' What did he just say doesn't he know who is standing in front of him!!!!

'I think I should say that' He came closer this time and whispered in my ears

'I am Mr. Andrew Willams for your kind information no one dared to stand in front of me and you Hahaha' -----I can feel the anger in his voice wait what he just told!! He is Mr. William the youngest and the most handsome bachelor who is the richest of all.

'I am Stella Johns and don't you think that I am like others who will bow down to you if you tell yourself King than mind my words I am Queen's With all my strength and courage I said and he was bit surprised but yet his face was unreadable.

To be continued

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By Aayushi

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