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When Lada, a first-tier actress finds herself prematurely dying due to an accident and then reincarnating 30 years in the past in the body of an heiress, Rissaya, who looks exactly like her — she takes this opportunity to live her new life to the fullest.

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Below are some things I would like to make clear and be transparent about before you begin the novel:


This story will have shorter chapters in word count, but more chapters in number. This is to cater to my busy school life because Dental School hates me.

One chapter per week | Saturday 12AM

TRIGGER WARNING is applied in the prologue due to the female protagonist committing suicide.

The backbone of this story is reincarnation. The initial main character, Rissaya, killed herself and then got reborn as Lada. Lada then died in her own timeline, around 30 years in the future... however, for some reason her soul reincarnated in the past, back as Rissaya, instead of in the future.

One can also say that this movement of soul is transmigration. For those of you who are not aware, transmigration is the movement of a soul into another body after one’s death.

Reincarnation and transmigration can therefore be said to be related to each other —as should you believe in the concept of reincarnation, you may find it easier to understand the concept of transmigration.

The female character is not a soft, lovable, innocent sweet girl. She was an acting empress as Lada and is vain. She is strong-minded and goes after her goals. What she has an interest in, such as people (aka Davin) she wishes to possess and monopolise. Overall, you can say that she is somewhat of a red flag.

With her, I am attempting the reverse red flag theme where this time the female protagonist is even more of a demanding (if not just as much) character when compared to the male protagonist. .

Secondly, I also want to make it clear that this book is purely fictional. While I may be inspired by a country or a culture — you may imagine it as you wish because I am not going to write locations, structures, and/or individuals with 100% accuracy to reality.

Likewise, while in the essence of it all — this novel may impart some moral values, please do not expect my characters to be morally and/or politically correct individuals. Nor extend that towards the relationships within this novel. I have full trust and faith in you all to be able to read my novels while retaining the ability to perceive what is correct to do or tolerate in real life and what is not. I am not hoping to impart life lessons and virtuous knowledge upon you people — I am hoping to just write a spicy story that will keep some of you entertained.

You have been warned. If you want to read perfect novels where everything is politically and morally correct and people who do wrong/ make mistakes never get forgiven and get shoved into jail — this is where you stop, my loves. Please save your time reading this novel only to get annoyed and send me hate mail/comments. Thank you pew pew <3

Finally, I use British English and this is my first draft. Do not expect this novel to be grammatically perfect and wonderfully edited —I’m a writer who does not major in creative writing or literature. I’m a science/medical student, guys.

That is all. If you’re still reading then I hope you enjoy it! P.S. I write happy endings.

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