The Secret's I keep

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How would you feel when everything you have to tell everyone has to be a Lie, Kate Long just started at High school North, she is set on keeping a low profile and just finishing her last school year without getting any attention Simon Brink has other plans, he is the high school New paper writer and always on the hunt for new stories and Kate Long seems to be that new story.

Romance / Mystery
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First Day.... Shit

Kate POV

It's only a new school. It's only a new building and a bunch of new people, it's only my first day of school... Shit

"Kate! Get your ass down here, we are going to be late for school" my brother Leam yelled at me from the kitchen down stairs. I took one last look at myself in the mirror, I was wearing a pair of black jeans with a white crop top and a comfortable navy sweater and my hair I left to hang loose in it's natural brown waves. Anything to not attract attention to myself. My whole goal this year was to stay under the radar long enough to graduate high school and it was my senior year after all so just one year and all of this will be over. "KAAAATE!!" Oh shit.... COMING!!!!

I ran down stairs and grabbed an apple from the counter top. "Kate remember your lunch!" My mother yelled at me, I ran to her and gave her a kiss in the cheek. "Thanks mamma, bye pappa, have a nice day" I say as I gave my dad a peck on the cheek. "Goodbye sweetheart and remember don't draw attention and go under the radar but don't let anyone push you around" my father says. I won't Pappa, I yell back as I dash out of the front door towards my brother who is already honking and waiting for me in the car.

"If you are going to take that long every morning I'm going to leave your lil' ass right here and you can walk to school or take the bus" Leam say's to me. "You would never do that, you love me too much" I reply and give him a big loud kiss on the cheek. "Mmmmm yeah right come on we're gonna be late". Yea I just can't wait to get to school, I reply sarcasticly and roll my eyes. "Hey, don't stress it won't be like last time and if anyone bothers you just call me and I'll sort them out okay?" Yeah okay I reply with a slight smile. After last year when somehow me and my brother's real identity got out I was tortured at school and my brother was the one who helped me and made sure that nobody comes near me after a girl hit me in the face with her locker and a guy, who I thought cared for me, offered to take me to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up, but instead tried to kiss me and if not for my brother maybe ever worse. No matter what, I always know that my bro and I will have each other's backs, we are twin's after all.

"Okay kitty kat let's get this show on the road" Leam says, starting his car and pulling into the street, leading me to hell.


We arrived at school way too quickly for my liking. The bell had just rung and my brother and I made a b-line for the administration office. We both got our schedules and locker numbers and headed for home room. "See you after school. I'll meet you at the car and if anyone looking for trouble, call me immediately" Leam say's as he gives me a quick hug and heads to one of his classes. Even though we are both twins and born together and know each other's in's and outs we definitely have different talents when it comes to school. My brother is scary good at anything mechanical and or anything with formulas and his hands to do like cars and physics and chemistry as well as Math's. I, on the other hand, am one for words, history and numbers. So as my brother was headed for his advance chemistry, for first period, I was headed towards English class. YAY my favourite!!!

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