The Secret's I keep

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Oh dear Shakespeare help me please.

Kate POV

I found my classroom and knocked on the door, "Come in" I opened the door and entered the early quiet class. I could feel the whole class watching me and already giving me the once over with there eyes and deciding if I'm interesting enough or cool or sexy or even worth a second glance... I hoped I was not... As all the thoughts raced through my mind the teacher had started talking about to me "Good morning miss but what is it that you are here for...?" "Sorry" I apologize, "I'm Kate Long ma'am", oh yes Kate Long the new student, just take a seat and take notes for this lesson but from Tommorow I want you to have read the first two chapters of the book." I replied with a yes ma'am and took the open seat at the back of the class next to a guy with a grey beanie on his head.

I sat down and took out my favourite note book and started taking notes. Just as I was about half way through one part of the notes I was busy writing, I felt something poke me on my arm from the side. I looked over to my left to see a note next to me: *hi* it read. I looked over at the boy next to me. He was pretty good looking with his long, dark brown hair and is dorky, goofball smile and his hazel eyes. Maybe in another life I would talk to him and we would become friends.... Maybe.... But it wasn't a different life, this is the only one I have right know and I just can't take the risk so I put my finger on the note and push it back to him without a response and carried on with the notes on the Shakespeare sonnet that the teacher was doing all the while feeling the boy's eyes staring holes into me.

.. Oh dear Shakespeare help me please....

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