An event in rain.

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It is a test of time, it is a war inside a person, it is the moment of absolute ruin. She wouldn't leave cause she did not abandon... He could only stay if he didn't care enough... Yet the truth could only stay in the closet for so much more years... The sky was as grey as the day could turn the light into, the pouring rain created unrest the evening needed... the horns were blaring in the long arrangement of the vehicles standing haywire... It was a perfect view of revelation, of lies unfolding... of breaking through the bundled threads their lives lived in.

Romance / Poetry
Namrata Maiwala
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

When each thread of a colour varied,

connects... indulges... intertwines...

Two existences live in love and respect,

to form a tie...

a connection that astonishes even divine.

Love... is a lesser word...

it is a surrender to the other...

nothing else but merely lasting through

each other's breaths...

and a heart that beats for both...

cause it is a knot, a complication...

the colors formed a third but in an only tint.

The bus was honking and so were her ears...

Playing with the cable attached to the phone...

She hummed the song unknown of the crowd watching,

her mild voice and the song,

that perhaps, was destined

for the others to listen to too...

She removed a earpiece and

realised her very insipid behaviour...

her embarrassment made her look anywhere

but the few who were entertained.

A glance just outside the window...

was the moment a minute too long...

Yet the downpour made certain

she remembered their parting...

She looked a string that has fallen apart...

The spectacle was a stage awaiting...

it wonders now how does

the other strand keep living...

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