The Day That Changed My Life

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She is beautiful girl with a kind heart. He is a ruthless wolf with a greek god like body. I entered the classroom & saw him first time. My breath stopped. Our eyes met. He inhaled sharply & his eyes colour changed. His eyes colour changed! Really can someone do that. I was shocked.

Romance / Fantasy
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I kissed his head then slowly got out of the room. The living room is deadly silent. I got out of the house leaving behind the love of my life.
I started the engine of my car. As I was about to drive, the door of the house swung open. I put my leg on accelerator. He ran towards my car.
"Please stop, please stop" he was yelling. I had tears in my eyes but I can't stop. I don't want to be a burden on anyone. I can't let him know about my past, not now.
"You can't run away from me sugar. I will definitely find you, just wait" he said but I didn't stop and suddenly I dropped.
I opened my eyes and realized I had the same dream again. My head hurt because I fell on the ground. "These dreams will be the death of me" I said to myself.
I slowly got up from the ground and went bathroom.
Today will be the last day of my high school and I will finally go to Florida to study further in my favourite college.'The Dreamland'.
In every way, it is my dreamland. I quickly brushed my teeth and took a shower. I wrapped a towel around me and got out of my bathroom.
I dropped the towel, now I stood stark naked in front of the mirror. I am 5'2 feet in height, have a beautiful curvy tan body, pink lips, light brown eyes, long eyelashes. Most of the girls in my class are jealous of me for my body.
"Nia have you got up yet??" my mom yelled from downstairs. "Yes mom" I replied.
I quickly wore my school dress and as always luck is not on my side as I am unable to find my tie. At last, I found my tie under the bed.
Well everyone thinks that as I am a top student that means I keep everything neat and clean.
If I say yes, it will be a big fat lie. I am a lazy ass and cleaning is on the last on my list.
I glanced at the clock. It is already eight-thirty.
"I have to hurry or I will be late for my graduation" I almost yelled.
I ran downstairs and told my mom to give me breakfast while catching breathe. I drank the glass of water in one breathe. I choked on water and coughed hard.
"You are going to pass high school today and you still act like a child" my mom said to me while serving sandwich.
"You know mom I hate sandwich the most and you still made this for breakfast." I said to my mom.
"The more I do for all of you, the more you will point out things. Nothing is enough for all of you....." she said with teary eyes. Here it goes again.
Every time if someone tells her, her mistakes she just starts crying. I mean it is not wrong. Everyone deserves respect for their work but every time she cries on these small things, like really. Nobody can be this much sensitive.
My whole family is a real drama. I mean we belong to the lower middle class. We have enough money to only complete our needs, we have to sacrifice our wishes to complete our needs but there is an exception in my family and that great person is my Dad. Yay. (Note the sarcasm)
My dad, he is an alcoholic, so he uses the money to buy alcohol not even thinking a lil bit about us. I mean the position of a father in a family is considered as a family bearer and here my dad he is just like a burden on us. When I was fourteen years old, he was a mild drinker but slowly this drinking changed into a habit and he became an alcoholic. Sometimes he even beats mom and the next day they both act as nothing happened.
Now my mother, I just don't understand why is she still in this marriage?? She hates dad and works her ass off with dad in his shop as well do all the works at home but still living with this man. I just don't understand her concepts and principles at all. One day I asked her why haven't she divorced dad?? She simply said " I fear society" and that was all she said & told me to never ask about this again. Well, it still doesn't change the truth that she is wasting her life with a horrible man.
Then there is my brother who went abroad for studies but failed in the first year of college not one time but three times. I think he didn't study there at all and now here he is doing no job, uses mobile phone all day and does nothing. In short, he is unemployed and doesn't even have the intention to find a job.
The last but not the least me, I am the topper of my class, talk nicely with everyone. Teachers are impressed with me, boys and even some girls fawn over me. I am the president of the student council. In short, I am perfect in everyone's eyes but no one knows about real me. I am the.....
" Nia, Nia, Nia" my mom said, "What are you thinking about so deeply??"
"Ye-Yeah, sorry I was thinking about today's function" which is a lie " and what will my friends be wearing??" I said.
"If you will not go now, I think you won't be graduated this year at all." She said and I sent her a confused look.
She pointed at the clock. I glanced at the clock, It was showing eight fifty.
Shit! Now I only have five minutes to reach the bus stop.
I took that darn sandwich in my hand, picked my bag and said bye to mom and ran towards the bus stop.
Finally, today I will take one more step towards my goal.

To be continued.....

A/N- Hi everyone. This is my first book. I have done my best. I hope you all will like it.

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