The Day That Changed My Life

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Unknown's pov
I got up from the ground drenched in sweat and I walked towards my beta." Tomorrow the pups will go hunting with me." I said.
"Yes alpha, I will inform them." he said. I walked out of the training centre.
Sometimes training pups is more difficult than training warriors.
"Sometimes you are right." mocked my wolf, Sam.
"Sometimes" I scoffed "No, I am always right" I said.
"Yeah-Yeah the greatest alpha of all time is always right" he replies. (Note the sarcasm)
I blocked him. Sometimes he is such a pain in the ass.
I walked towards the main packhouse.
Every passing member bowed their head as they saw me not because of fear but respect.
In my pack, we have ten packhouses. Each contains four to five hundred pack members. All the pack house's are modern style. The main packhouse contains teenagers.
I got into my room & quickly took a shower. After changing into shorts, I went to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast After that, I got dressed for the day. Since exams ended four days ago. I don't have to worry about school and studying.
I picked my breakfast, exited packhouse and went to the eating ground. This ground has many tables. It has been the rule for ages in my pack that everybody eats together and luna takes the first bite.
When I reached there everybody was already present there, waiting for me.
Since its a rule that luna takes the first bite but I yet have to find my mate so, in my pack, everyone starts eating after me. It is a joyful part of the day.
After breakfast, I went to my office and started working.
I was talking to another alpha on call when my beta John enters. He sat down and waited for me to end the call. "Why are you here?" I asked.
"I was just wondering that in two days we are going to pass high school. What are you planning to do next??"
In the whole pack, only my friends can talk to me like that & that is also when we are alone not in front of everyone. Nobody disrespects me.
"I am thinking about joining college & then starting my own business." I told him. "Which college are you planning to join?" He asked. "The Dreamland" I replied.
"Since you are joining we will do the same" He said. Of course, how can they leave me?? We all love each other.
"Now if you have got all your answers, go and do some pack work." I shooed him away. He laughed and got up from the seat.
"Close the door while leaving" I said in a serious tone.
"Yes Alpha" he said in a taunting tone and closed the door. He is still a child.
I started working on pack matters, after an hour or so I got up & was about to leave the room as I glanced at my parent's picture.
In pictures, my father & mother was hugging each other lovingly when mom was pregnant with me. It is a very beautiful picture.
I inherited my looks & qualities from my father. He was handsome & was a great alpha. But my height is a bit more than him.
I am 6'3 feet in height, have messy brown hairs, green eyes, tan body, & a lots of tattoos. I don't have tattoos for fun they are earned by me. Every time I won a battle with other packs I got one. That's why even at the age of 19 I am the alpha of the biggest pack in the whole world still some fools try to challenge me for my position and when they lose, they can't accept it.
I was intently looking at the picture that's when I was pulled in past.
"Come on luci you have to run fast" said my dad. I tried my best & finally beat him in the hunt. "I am so proud of you my son, you did well this time." He said ride shone in his eyes. I thanked him. " Let's go, dad, if we got one more minute late she will tear us apart" I said playfully ." I agree, let's go son" he said laughing.
We reached our own home. My father always likes to have a bit extra privacy so we lived in here instead of the packhouse. As we entered, I heard my mom singing her favourite song while cooking. " It smells so good" he said as we were sitting on the stools. "Finally you are here I thought we have to cancel the trip because of that training you love to give your son" mom said in a pissed tone. " Mom are you jealous that dad loves something other than you?" I said smirking and wriggling my eyebrows. "Mr Lucifer Kray watch your tongue or I will chop it off." she said glaring at me. " Sofia honey he is still a child please forgive him " dad said in a pleading tone. My dad may be dangerous & feared alpha but my mother she fears nobody & other than dad no one could handle mom.
My & my beta's parents were going on a vacation. But then their ship sank & both of our parents died in that accident. I was only 16 at that time but I took over my title as alpha and john took his position as my beta. Alpha's of other packs took this opportunity to attack us but I killed each & every one of them who tried it & slowly I became the alpha of the biggest pack in the whole world.
That day changed my life. I came to my senses when I felt something wet on my cheek, that's when I know I was crying. I quickly wiped my cheeks. I will not cry, I will make others cry. I smirked and laughed at my thoughts.
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