The Day That Changed My Life

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I settle down on my seat. I am nervous as hell. It is my first time on a plane. I have all the negative thoughts possible running in my mind.

'What if the plane crashed or a group of terrorist attacked. No, no, no none of this will happen. Calm down Nia'.

'Breathe in'

'Breathe out'

'Breathe in'

'Breathe out'

Finally feeling better.

The air hostess came and gave all the instructions. I fastened my seatbelt.

Omg-Omg plane is starting, Omg. I will be safe, nothing will happen. I kept chanting the same thing. I closed my eyes out of fear. After some time, the plane started flying.

I sigh in relief. I looked out of the window. It is beautiful. In my panic, I haven't checked who my seatmate is??

It is an old woman who is sleeping peacefully. I was happy that she is my seatmate, not some annoying person.

Now I am craving some hot chocolate. I pressed the button in the seat. After a minute, a hostess appeared.

"Yes mam" she asked

"I was wondering if we have hot chocolate available?" I asked her politely.

"Yes mam, we have. If you want, I can bring you one." she said

"Of course. Thank you" I said and she went back and appeared after some time with hot chocolate.

"Here mam. Enjoy" She said and I replied a thank you.

I took a sip and it was tasty. I thought that it would not be that good.

After finishing it. I opened my bag and pulled out my novel. I started reading it. After some time, my eyelids got heavy, so I placed the novel back and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up when someone was slightly shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw that old woman." Darling, we have landed." she said with a beautiful smile.

I can't believe I slept throughout the flight. I thanked her and got up from my seat. Finally, I am in Florida. I collected my luggage and got out.

I took a taxi, gave the driver the address. After an hour, I reached the destination. The dorm was really beautiful.

As I entered the dorm, I went straight to the dorm's office. There I met Mrs Pearson. She is a kind lady, in her thirties. She did the formalities and gave me the room keys. We talked a bit and then I bidded my goodbye.

I reached my room and knocked. I have a room partner. I was told that her name is Ellie. As the door opened, there stands a beautiful girl in a yellow dress.

She has blue eyes, blonde hair, a slim figure and height same as me. She hugged me with excitement. "Hi, I am Ellie Kray, your room partner. Come in." she said with a smile.

The room is really beautiful. It has royal blue walls and a white ceiling. There are two beds, with white bedsheets, that looks really comfortable. The tables are beside the bed and next to that stands a bookshelf. The wardrobe is also white. All in all, it looks cosy and comfortable.

"That one is your bed and that is the wardrobe and table. Now you can unpack your luggage. Later we can go to the college cafeteria for dinner." she said with excitement.

She facepalmed herself. I looked at her in confusion. " Where are my manners?? I didn't even ask your name yet." she said with an embarrassed face.

"It's okay, my name is Nia Carlson." I said while giving her a polite smile. She nodded. I started unpacking my luggage.

After an hour, I and Ellie finished unpacking while doing some chit chat. We got to know many things about each other. After that, we went to the cafeteria. It is almost full. Everybody was chatting and minding their business.

Ellie waved at someone. I looked in the direction and saw a pair of twins. They look so similar yet so different. We walked in their direction. They did their greetings then their gaze shifted towards me.

"Who is she?" One of them asked. "Oh, she is Nia Carlson. She is my room partner"

I greeted them hello

"So Nia this is Tina Black" pointing at the one with short red hairs, "and this is Mint Black" pointing at the one with long hairs with some blonde highlights.

After that, we joined the queue to buy dinner. We talked about many things. I bought white sauce pasta and a pastry for dessert.

We continued talking while eating. From what I observed that Mint have a bubbly personality while Tina is the quiet type but the thing that I liked the most that even she talks less, Ellie and Mint includes her in their conversation. It shows how much they love each other.

"So where are the other two?" Ellie asked Mint.

"They had some work. You know how hard it is to manage studies and work at the same time." Mint said.

"Who are you talking about?" I asked while stuffing my mouth with pasta. Ellie laughed looking at me and said, "Adorable".

"I am not adorable" I said with a pout. She laughed and pulled my cheeks.

"You are adorable and we are talking about my brother and boyfriend. You will meet them tomorrow" She said and I nodded.

"Oh you have a boyfriend" I said in a teasing tone and she blushed.

"Oh you stop teasing me and focus on your food" She said with a playful glare and I giggled.

After dinner, we went back to the dorm and bid goodnight to the twins.

As soon as we entered the room, Ellie threw herself on the bed. I chuckled. "Ellie you should shower before sleeping." I said and she groaned in her pillow.

"Nia you go first. I will shower after you." she said and I replied with an ok. I took my clothes and showered, brushed my teeth. I exited the bathroom and saw Ellie sleeping without changing her clothes. I shook her a little.

"Ellie if you don't wanna shower then at least change your clothes"

She changed her clothes sleepily and snuggled back into the blanket.

I also laid down and thought, tomorrow will be the first day of my college. I am so excited.

With that thought, I immediately drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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