The Day That Changed My Life

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Events of the day when Nia arrives

I woke up at 5, did my morning routine and went to the gym.

I bathed then went to my office and immersed myself into the pack work. In the absence of Luna, I also have to do her side of work.

At Two O clock, the alpha of the neighbourhood pack arrived.

"Glad to meet you Alpha Kane" I extended my hand for the handshake.

"The pleasure is all mine Alpha Lucifer" We shook hands. I can feel his kind aura.

"So what was it that you wanted to talk about Alpha Kane?" I asked straight to the point.

He smiled. "I wanted to ask for your help. Recently, rouges are creating problems. It's like they are not attacking to take over the pack. They just try to injure as many warriors they can"

"I see. Looks like someone is behind all these attacks. I will look into the matter. Have you caught a rouge from the group?"

"No Alpha. They just attack in a group then run away. We did kill some though"

"Until we find the culprit. I will send some warriors from my pack to help you"

"I am grateful for your help Alpha. You are such a great Alpha although you are so young"

"Thank you, Alpha Kane. It was a pleasure meeting you" We both stood up, shook hands. I mind linked, my gamma.

A knock sounded.

"Alpha you called?"

"Yes. Please escort Alpha Kane to the border" I said to her.

"Yes Alpha" Both of them went away.

It's three-thirty already. I just sat down when my Beta mind linked me.

"Alpha a group rouges have attacked the southern territory. There are at least fifty. Please come fast." My wolf became furious.

I got out of the packhouse, stripped my clothes and shifted. When I reached the sight, I saw a rouge attacking a female warrior.

I quickly charged towards him and bit on his leg. He whimpered in pain. Then I bit his neck and took out a chunk of flesh. He died.

Then I quickly lunged on other rouges. After 10 minutes of fighting, we killed almost all the rouges, only 4 were left.

"Take the remaining rouges to the cell and those pack warriors who are injured, go to the pack doctor." I mind linked all of them.

"Yes Alpha" they replied in unison

I went back to the packhouse. I shifted back and wore shorts.

"What do you think about this attack sam??"

"Those pussies might have attacked to get killed" he replied jokingly.

"I am serious sam"

"Ok ok, I am sorry. I think this should be a planned attack just like Alpha Kane told us about. I don't think those pussies dare to challenge you. It might be to divert your attention."

" I think this can be the case. But from what?? Leave it. Let's go to the cell to play our favourite game."

"Interrogation. Yay" he replied excitedly.

I reached the first cell. The rouge was glaring at me. Sam becomes furious.
"I am alpha, nobody disrespects me. How dare you glare at me?" I said in my alpha tone & ripped his head from his body.
Then, I went into the second one. He was nervous
"So tell me who sent you here??" I asked.
"Fuck you" he said.
"Wrong answer. Now face the consequences" I said. I mind linked my beta to give me a silver knife.
"You should have told the truth." I said. Firstly, I made cuts on his both arms slowly. He let out painful screams. Then, I slowly stabbed him in the heart.
I went to the next cell." Now will you tell me or you also wanna die?" he was really scared but still said no.
"No, okay. Your life, your choice." I said and signalled my beta. He brought a box of silver nails and a hammer. Then I signalled him to hold his hand still on the table. I slowly hammered nails in his hands while he was trying his best to free his hands from the hold my beta.
His screams made me feel satisfied. Then I slit his throat with a knife.
The last rouge was terrified.
"I-I will tell you everything bu-but please just don't kill m-me" he stuttered.
"Good. Now start speaking" I said.
"We are sent by an alpha. I don't know his name nor I have seen him. I and others were paid for this. They have made an army with many like us. They wanted to take over your territory. Now, I have told you everything pleas let me go." I chuckled darkly at his words. He gulped.
"Now, as you have told me everything, you are of no use but as you have told me everything, I will give you a quick death. So happy death day." I laughed while fastly sliting his throat.
"Go & burn them" I said to my beta & he nodded.
"I just don't understand why you care for these rouges' dead bodies. Why don't you just throw them away and let them rot."
"I am heartless but not that much that I will play with their dead body."
"Okay- okay, I understand."
"It is already ten. Ahh! because of those rouges I have missed dinner with my sister." I said sighing. Now tomorrow I have to hear her scolding.
"Gosh, you are stinking. Go take a bath Alpha. I will take care of the bodies" John said while covering his nose.
"Oh come on, it is just blood. It is normal right? Come on why don't you give me a hug to congratulate me for getting info from that rouge?" I said, teasing him and walking towards him with a smug look.
His eyes widened and he said,
"N..No Alpha don't come near me. I just took a bath before coming here" he said backing away.
"No I am going" he yelled while running away.
I laughed hard. Such a child. Who will believe that he is the beta of the worlds biggest pack. I shook my head.
I went back to the packhouse, took a bath and wore my sweatpants. I jumped onto the bed.
"I am tired as hell. Good night sam."
"Good night."
Little did I know that tomorrow will be the best day of my life.
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