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Taylum and His Innocence [BL]

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Taylum Rayleigh born into an elite family had autism all his life and because he had special needs he was treated as a baby until a handsome Korean boy sits down beside him in class and saves him from a bully and feels that he could be safe with this person. Gathering as much courage as he could Taylum asks him to be his boyfriend and flustered by the sudden question he accepts but just what does this autistic boy have planned for him? Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Thriller
Vanessa Nicole
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Chapter 1

[Dae Ryeon’s POV]

Taking in a deep breath I crouch down lowly and aim. Closing my left eye to get a better view, I exhale and pull the trigger.

The bullet slices through the red bull’s eye, hitting the wall behind the paper. Standing up from my crouched position, I crack the knot in my neck and hit the red button with my fist against the wall. The buzzer sounds and the image moves slowly towards me with an irritation buzz that I can hear through the head muffs.

The image stops in front of me and I roll my eyes. Reaching to unclip in, I pull it towards me and scan it. A strong hand grips my right shoulder and I’m hugged to someone’s side. Looking over at the person who’s beaming at me, I raise a brow making him let go off me.

“What did I say about touching me?” I ask him and he holds his hands up in mock surrender with a grin on his face.

“Cha Dae Ryeon, you bastard, how do you manage to hit the bullseye with every bullet?” he asks and I just shake my head.

“Practice makes perfect, Seok Man,” I say and pull the muffs off my head. My ears get cold after being squashed by the muffs for an hour and the noise suddenly gets louder from all the talking and bullets being shot.

Placing the gun back in its holder, I take the holster off and head back to the soldier behind the counter, handing it to him. I turn around and see Seok Man aiming and the bullets go off. From here I can already see where he is wrong and can guess where the bullets hit the outline.

“Cha Dae Ryeon,” my name gets called drawing my attention. I look over and see one of the commanders walking towards me. I raise my hand and salute him. He does the same and we both smile at each other after relaxing our postures.

“What can I do for you today, commander?” I ask him and he takes the paper from my hands that I folded A2 to the size of an i.d photo.

After unfolding it with a frown his eyes sparkle making me mentally sigh. “As always, you’re a perfect shot,” he says and I shake my head.

His voice lowers to a sound only I can hear as he mumbles, “You’re needed by the Admiral.”

Holding out my hand with a nod, he hands me the page back and I fold it after saluting him. Walking back to Seok Man, I let him know I’m going to the toilet. He nods his head and I leave the training room after closing the door behind me.

On my way to the Admiral’s office, I greet and salute who I must and fold the paper and slip it into my pocket. Knocking on the door I stop in front of, I wait.

“Come in,” he says from the other side and I nod my head. Turning the doorknob, I step in and shut the door behind me. Scanning the heads in the room, I straighten my posture and salute them.

“At ease, special agent,” the general states and I do as told. Looking at the Admiral. I smile slightly with a nod when I’m motioned over to sit opposite the Admiral in between the General and Lieutenant.

They are quite for a moment while Admiral Han opens a box on his desk. Looking at me with a pile of papers in his hand he says, “Special agent, you’re being transferred to America by the organization.”

I look at him blankly and take the pile from his hand. Looking at it I see a passport, I.D card, license, bank card and money. Flipping the passport open, I see my details that are usually the same just my surname that is different.

Raising a brow, I look at the character for ‘Kang’ but don’t comment. Looking up at the Admiral who’s smiling, he says, “You’ll be living under the name Kang Dae Ryeon, when you get to America. You’ll be put in a school and the people you will live with are from the organization too. Your mother, father, sister and brother. You will receive your targets through your father as direct contact to the organization.”

I nod and press my lips together, “When do I leave?” I ask him and he sits back in his chair with a sigh. “They wanted you to leave this morning but I told them it’s too soon since we were just notified last night. You’ll be leaving this afternoon as it takes a bit over twelve hours.”

I nod my head and look at the flight ticket and sigh inwardly. “Will I still be doing targets from other countries too?” I ask and I see him nod.

Standing up I salute them and turn to leave. Closing the door behind me, I slip the bundle into my pockets and swing my hands behind my back.

Reaching the room, I walk over to the double bunk myself and Seok Man share and start packing what I need. I don’t need much since all I have is my dog tags and the teddy bear I was given by a little girl in France after I saved her life.

Seok Man walks into the room and pauses. I look at him and he sighs. Sitting on my bed, he looks at me, “Leaving?”

“Yup!” I say and wince thinking of how I just sounded.

He yawns and nods, “Coming back?”

“Never heard a thing,” I say and he kicks his shoes off and lays himself down on my bed, looking up at the mattress he sleeps on. I see his eyes closed and I mentally roll my eyes and take in a deep breath.

Taking out my toiletries, I head to the bathroom and strip out of my clothes. Stepping into the stall I flip up the hot water handle and lower my head, watching the water drip down my arms and toned body. Washing my head out and scrubbing my body down. Rinsing the soap off me,

I switch off the water when it’s done and step out, wrapping the towel around my waist.

Stopping in front of the mirror, I take out my toothbrush and brush my teeth. Spitting out the paste I rinse my mouth out and tilt my head back. Fiddle my fingers through my eyes and take out the contact lenses. Throwing them in the trash, I look at myself in the mirror again and my brows knit.

I never liked my greenish-blue eyes but whatever, since my I.D this time has these eyes, I have no choice.
Getting in the car, I sit back in the seat as I look at the Admiral drive. We don’t talk and I don’t care. He was only there for instructions not to get familiar with.

We get to the airport and I board an Emirates plane. Seated down, I look out the window and I see the Admiral wave at me. I wave back and he smiles knowingly.

I close my eyes as the plane lifts off and force myself to fall asleep.

“Excuse me, sir, the plane has landed, you need to get up,” says the woman whose been attending to everyone.

I open my eyes slowly and sigh. Nodding my head, I get up and follow her out, noting that I’m the last one to get off the plane.

Walking down the steps, I make my way over to the terminal and walk through it. Getting past the doors, I enter a noisy place making me wince. Looking around there are so many people getting on and off also walking around the airport.

I walk slowly, minding not to hit or touch people in my way. My eyes scan over everyone, landing on the faces of a couple that smile at me.

The woman waves her hand at me. She opens her mouth and yells, “BABY OVER HERE!!”

The people surrounding them turn to look at her. Sighing, I walk over with a smile. Stopping in front of the caucasian woman and oriental man who smile back at me. The woman crashes into my open arms and starts balling her eyes out, “My baby, you’re finally home!” she says and I close my arms hugging her back.

The man walks over and gives us both a big hug. “It’s good to have you, home son,” my father says and I nod.

My mother pulls back and looks at me with watery eyes, “Come, come, we need to get you home and rested, I also need to feed you.”

She runs off, dragging me behind her and my father laughs at us heartily. A smile tugs at my lips, this is going to be an interesting experience.

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