Taylum and His Innocence [BL]

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Chapter 3

[Dae Ryeon’s POV]

Fuck, I need to take a piss! Rushing through the crowd, I make it to the toilet. Taking myself out, I empty my bladder with a heavy sigh.

Flushing the urinal, I head to the sink and wash my hands. Looking into the mirror, I scrunch my nose since I’ve been trying to block out the stench of this smelly place.

Walking out of the toilet, I put my hands in my pockets and pull out the folded paper and my car keys while heading to my car and swinging my car keys around my middle finger.

Opening the doors, I spot Taylum from across the parking lot over the heads of the student, but why is he just standing there?

Making my way to my car, I stop and look at him. I smirk at his bobbing head, it looks like he’s fighting with himself. His hair is really long though, but it suits him well.

Unlocking my car, I get in and sit down. Switching the car on, I roll the windows down slightly since it’s hot in here and I need air. I’ll wait for him to leave, then head out.

Unfolding the paper, I open the glove compartment and switch my phone on. When it switches on and refreshes, I unlock the screen and click on the contacts icon. Looking at Taylum’s number, I type it in and save it.

Dialing the number, it goes straight to voice mail, well then, maybe he left it at home, I hope it’s not the wrong number.

After twenty minutes pass, the parking lot is empty and he is still standing there. Ever since I held him in my arms, I feel like I want to hug him more.

Although it was just for a few seconds, I could feel my heart beating fast. The last time I felt like this was when I fell in love with the Admiral’s son. I had to let go of my feelings since he had his girlfriend and there was no way he saw me in the same light I saw him.

Taking in a deep breath, I get out of the car and lock it behind me, while sliding my phone in my back pocket and jog over to him. Stopping in front of him, I lift up his face so he’s looking at me and his eyes suddenly widen as he just stares up at me.

His eyes are a beautiful hazel colour. The sun behind us is shining in his eyes, making them appear gold and it’s making my heart race uncontrollably. Under his right eye is a beauty mark that compliments his pretty face.

His nose is perfect and his thin lips are not that thin but slightly plump, suckable, ah fuck!

“Why are you just waiting here?” I ask him.

He swallows loudly while looking into my eyes with a slight struggle, “I – I wait for Tarryin.”

Brushing his hair out of his face, I brush it until its behind his ear, “Who is Tarryin,” I ask, hoping that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

“M-my twin,” he answers back, making me hum. I let go of his chin and I can see the frown tug at his lips. Smiling down at him, I brush the rest of his hair that’s hanging loosely over his face behind his right ear like I did to his left.

“Oh, so you have a twin sister, is she as pretty as you?” I ask him and instantly regret it because that wasn’t meant to come out.

I watch him for a few seconds and see that he is fighting with himself internally. His eyes begin to water while his breathing picks up, “Taylum calm down,” I say gently while rubbing his shoulders since he seems to be okay with me touching him.

He raises his head to look up at me and I’m slightly taken aback because I heard that he firstly freaks out and has a panic attack when you touch him and doesn’t make eye contact

“Why you ask she pretty?” he asks me and I frown because I really don’t give a fuck how she looks.

“Well, it was an indirect compliment towards you, I don’t really care if she’s pretty,” I say, trying to fix my words. I honestly don’t care and I can’t believe that he doesn’t understand my compliment.

“You think I pretty?” he asks me and I suddenly don’t know what the fuck to say. Sighing, I step back from him and nod. I see his head lower and raise it to look at me. I don’t like it when he doesn’t look at me, but I guess it’s just how he is, withdrawn and all.

“Yes, I think you are pretty Taylum,” I answer him and he instantly smiles at me. He has such a beautiful smile, I want to see more of it.

“Then you take me on date?” He asks me and I can’t help but feel stunned. This person is pretty straight forward, I can’t believe he took my compliment and turned it into those words!

I nod my head and he smiles again making my heart flutter, fuck he’s too innocent. “I can take you out, but you need permission from your guardian Taylum, I can’t just take you without their permission or else they will call the police and I can get arrested, do you understand?” I ask him and his eyes soften then become sad. His smile turns to a frown and his eyes become unfocused. His head lowers and we go into an awkward silence.

I really want to take him out even though I wasn’t planning it, but he has a disability so I can’t just take him.

Sighing, I crouch down instead of lifting his head to look at me. Pulling his books away from him, I place it on the ground and grab his hands in mine and rub my thumbs over his lifelines.

His unfocused eyes drift to my thumbs that are circling over his wrists making him smile slightly. His eyes connect with mine making me smile, “Taylum, listen to me, okay, I can take you out on a date this Saturday and we can spend the whole day together if you want, but you first need to ask for permission from your parents, okay Angle?” I ask and he tilts his head slightly while looking at me.

After a while he nods his head and I stand up while looking at him. His head rises with me still looking into my eyes while I let go of his hands.

I lean back against the car while holding his books for him. “I’ll phone you tonight at seven, are you going to pick up?” I ask him.

He’s no more looking up at me, but nods his head, “Mn, k,” is his answer and I nod even though he can’t see me.

Fifteen minutes went by and, I guess, this girl that walks up to the car and glares at me is his sister, since she is dressed in the cheerleading outfit.

She stops in front of us and looks between Taylum and me. I raise a brow at her and she fakes a smile, “Transfer student, I didn’t get your name.”

“You never asked!” I counter.

Her eyes shoot daggers at me, “Well, I’m sorry for that, where are my manners, oh yes, I left them at home.” She says with a sneer.

“Tarryin no be rude!” he says in his soft voice making her glare at him too.

“Taylum, how can you stand up for him, you don’t even know him,” she shoots back and his grip around his books tightens.

“I know him, he my classmate, he sits next to me,” he says without looking at her and I can hear the anger in his voice although it’s soft.

Her glare returns to me and she stomps her foot, “Oh well, let me start over, I am Tarryin Rayleigh, Taylum’s twin sister, who are you?”

“Kang Dae Ryeon,” I answer blandly. She frowns and shakes her head and looks at her brother. Her eyes soften as she looks at him and I notice the distance that she puts between them, “You ready to go Taytay?” she asks him and he shakes his head.

We both frown, looking at him and I curl my finger under his chin, raising his face to look up at me. Narrowing my eyes at him, I ask, “Why don’t you want to go home?”

His body tenses and he looks about ready to cry, “I go home with you?” he asks making me frown. Turning my head, I look at his sister and she’s staring at me with wide eyes.

Looking back at Taylum, “No you can’t go home with me, we don’t live in the same house,” I say and he shakes his head.

“No, you take me home,” he says and I suddenly understand what he asked.

Looking down at him I say, “I see, but I can only take you home if your sister allows it.”

His head tilts to the side while he asks, “Tarryin, he take me home? You show him?” he says and I’m assuming that he means that she must show me the way home by driving in front of us.

I turn to look at her and she’s staring at me with wide eyes still. Narrowing my eyes at her I say, “He’s speaking to you.”

She snaps out of her stunned state swallowing her saliva, “ I’m sorry Taytay, what was that?”

He doesn’t hesitate to answer, “He take me home, you lead way, k,” he says and doesn’t give her a chance to refute before he grabs my hand and tries to drag me away which I let him do.

We stop in front of my gray-silver Audi A5 and he asks, “This you car?”

I take out my car keys and unlock the car, “Yes, how do you know?” I ask him while opening the passenger door for him to get in.

“You no sit in car before you come talk with me?” he says and I smile with a nod. I didn’t know he noticed, but that’s good, at least he is aware of what happens around him.

I close his door and jog to the other side. When I get in he asks, “Tarryin still standing outside?”

I look through the windshield and frown. Sitting back in the seat, I pull my seat belt over and he does the same. Switching on my car, I hoot and Taylum pulls his legs onto the seat while covering his ears, “No, no loud, it hurt!” he says.

“Fuck!” I curse and unclip both our seat belts. Pulling him into my arms, I hug him, “Sorry, Taylum, I didn’t mean to, I was telling Tarryin to get into her car, look, she’s in her car now and starting the engine up.” He shakes his head and we just sit there while trembling.

I rub my hand up and down his back while watching his sister drive out of the school parking lot. Sighing, I raise the seats leaver with the back of my foot while slowly moving it back, making space between the steering wheel and Taylum’s back.

I shift him slightly so that he is straddling me and his hands drape over my shoulders. I chuckle slightly while he makes himself comfortable while I pull the seat belt over both of us and clip it in.

I start the car and lower the hand-brake. We drive off very slowly and I’m happy to see that his sister didn’t race off, leaving us behind – at least she’s responsible.

We hit traffic and I stop behind Tarryin’s car. Taylum calmed down not too long ago, but hasn’t said anything. He moved his head into the crook of my neck and I’m struggling so badly to keep my erection down.

“Taylum?” I call out. The feeling of his breath against my neck is a bit too much and the smell of his hair is intoxicating too.

“Mn?” he answers me.

“It’s time for you to sit in your own seat,” I say and he shakes his head.

“I no want to,” he says making me take in a deep breath.

“Why not Angel?” I ask and he smiles against my neck.

“You smell nice,” he says and the butterflies in my stomach start going crazy.

“Dae, you heart fast, you okay?” he says and then asks making my racing heart beat faster. Taking in a deep breath I nod, “Well Taylum, you’ve been making my heart race since this morning when I first held you.”

“K,” he says and asks again after a moment of silence, “Dae, why you hold me but no burn but other hold me, touch me I burn?”

I frown first because I don’t know the reason, “You don’t like being touched by others because it burns your skin?” I ask and he nods.

“I don’t know, but maybe it’s because we’re supposed to be together,” I joke and his head shoots up. Luckily we’re out of the traffic and driving in the suburbs, but also because I have a firm grip on the steering wheel, that and because I’m driving fucking slow.

I look at him and his unfocused eyes are looking at me, “Does that mean Dae my boyfriend, my husband?”

Turning my attention back to the road, I take in a deep breath and exhale with a heavy heart. He hits me with his fist against my chest when I don’t answer him. His strength is weak.

I turn to look at him and he’s staring straight at me. His eyes are no longer unfocused and I can see that hopeful gaze of his.

“I don’t know Taylum, do you want me to be your boyfriend,” I ask and he nods his head once.

Looking at his face, I can see the honesty and innocence on his face, making my heart melt. “If you really want to then sure, I’ll be your boyfriend, but why do you want to be mine?”

“Dae handsome, Dae smell nice, Dae protect me from bully, Dae save me and Dae no burn me. Dae hold me now and Dae no problem with me?” he says and asks at the end.

I shake my head, “No, I have no problem with you, but you don’t know me so how can you want me to be your boyfriend, I just don’t understand.”

I turn back to the road and see his sister turning a corner, just after we make the turn I hear him sob. My eyes shoot over to him and he’s rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands, “Taylum, why are you crying?” I ask because he honestly shouldn’t be.

“Dae no want to be my boyfriend cause I slow, I stupid and I no girl,” he says and my hands tighten around the steering wheel.

“When did I say I wasn’t going to be your boyfriend, didn’t I already say yes and why the hell are you calling yourself stupid?” I ask with a growl and my voice deepened with anger.

His body freezes and his hands lower, he looks at me and I stare straight at him, “You aren’t stupid and I don’t give a fuck if you aren’t a girl. Fuck it, I don’t even like women, I like you and only you!” I say and he laughs while wiping his eyes.

He leans his head against my shoulder and asks, “So Dae my boyfriend?”

“Yes Taylum, Dae’s your boyfriend,” I say and he laughs like an angel again. Everything about him is perfect and I love it. Fuck! Who knew that I’d fall in love at first sight, but who would have guessed that he’d force me into being his boyfriend?

Leaning down when we stop in front of a mansion where Tarryin drives up in the drive way, I kiss his cheek, “Angel, we’re here,” I say and he sits up. He looks at me with a conflicting gaze and I raise a brow.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him and he shakes his head.

“I no want leave you Dae,” he says making me smirk.

Unbuckling the seat belt, I hold his cheeks and pull him closer to me. Kissing his forehead, “I’ll see you tomorrow at school and we’ll go on a date on Saturday remember? But you must ask them okay,” I say and he nods, but still doesn’t move.

The car is still locked and I see two men in black suits walk up to the car with a man wearing a blue suit and a woman. Looking at the man and woman, I can see the resemblance and I’m sure that Tarryin must have contacted them because they look about ready to rip my car door open.

The windows are tinted so they can’t see what’s happening inside and I’m slightly glad, not because I’m scared since I can take them all on, but so that it won’t affect Taylum.

Reaching over to the back seat, I grab my baseball jacket, it’s not one from a team, but one that was bought in the shop. Its red and grey; I put it over his shoulders and he pushes his arms in the sleeves. I swallow my laugh because it’s very big for him.

The man in the blue suit knocks on my window, grabbing our attention, “Open the door now!” he demands and I feel Taylum sag. He has his hands around my shoulders again while leaning against me, “I no want you go Dae.”

“I’ll phone you tonight Angel. The sooner you get out, the sooner we can find out if you can go on a date with me,” I say and he reluctantly nods and climbs into his seat.

Once his seated, I switch the car back on and wind the window down. His father leans down and looks into the car at his son, then glares at me, “Hello Mr Rayleigh,” I greet and his eyes shoot to Taylum who opens the car’s door and slowly gets out with his books against his chest.

I get out making his father step back and close the door behind me. I smile at Mrs Rayleigh and greet her too, then just look at the two men who look like CPO’s.

Taylum stops beside me and bumps his head against my arm. I frown, looking down at him.

He raises his head, then looks behind me and says, “Bye, bye Dae, see you tomorrow.”

I nod my head, “Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

He thin’s his lips and nods, then walks through his parents who quickly get out of his way so they don’t touch him.

His parents turn back to me when he is inside and Mr Rayleigh’s eyes turn to glare at me. He grabs me by my shirt and shoves me back, “Who are you and what do you want with my son?” he asks.

“I’m Kang Dae Ryeon sir, I just transferred to the school last week and started on Monday. I just want to be friends with your son and he doesn’t seem to mind it,” I say with my hands raised in surrender.

I can see him scan my face to see if I’m lying and after being held for some time he lets go of me. Glaring at me one last time he huffs and walks up the pathway and into the house.

Getting back into the car, I look up and see Taylum standing by the window on the top left corner. His eyes are trained on my car, but he can’t see me. He’s been standing there for quite some time and watched the whole thing.

I roll my window down and wave at him. I smile as he waves back at me and start the engine then drive off after hooting.

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