Taylum and His Innocence [BL]

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Chapter 5

[Dae Ryeon’s POV]

I arrive home and park my car in the driveway.

Getting out, I lock it and walk up the pathway and reach the front door. Turning the handle, I walk into the living room, “Ma, I’m home,” I yell while walking through the house after closing the door behind me.

“I’m in the kitchen sweety, come here and fetch your snack after you put your bag down,” she says and I lean down to kiss my five-year-old sister on the forehead. She giggles and continues to play with the Pomeranian named Teddy.

Reaching my room, I kick off my sneakers and strip down - commando.

Pulling on a grey Nike jogger, I pull off my socks and shove my phone into my pocket. Walking out of my room and head to the kitchen. Sitting down at the breakfast bar I look at the black folder under a bowl of sliced fruit.

My pregnant mother makes her way over to me and kisses my cheek, “How was school sweety?”

“Fun, I met my desk mate,” I tell her and shove a mango slice into my mouth.

She walks over to the fridge and takes out the tub of yoghurt and pours some in a bowl and places it in front of me with a spoon.

I thank her while opening the black folder and take in a mouthful of the strawberry yoghurt.

“The autistic boy?” she asks and I hum. “He’s cute,” I say and she coo’s.

“So I’m getting a son-in-law then?” she asks and I look up from the folder. The look in her eyes and the smile on her face is genuine, which makes me smirk.

“He asked me to be his boyfriend,” I say and she squeals. What I noticed about her when I first moved in was her collection of gay movies and books. She mentioned that it would be nice to have a gay son and when I told her I was gay she went crazy and said I must bring a twink home.

A twink?

Yup, I don’t know why but okay.

“Did you say yes?” she asks and I nod.

“His father might be a problem though,” I say and she frowns.

“Well then I should go introduce myself soon,” she says while I finish up my bowl of strawberry yoghurt and fruit. She takes my dirty dishes to the sink while I head back to my room.

Closing the door behind me, I stop in the middle of my room and kneel down on one leg, and punch the floor.

A slot opens and I slide the tile to the side and punch the code in. It clicks and I pull the handle up. A door opens on the side of my room and I get up to open it.

Pushing the door open, shelves of guns and bullets display themselves before me.

My mother knocks on the door and comes in. She lays my black attire on the bed and smiles at me while leaving.

“I need more pepperoni for my pizza,” I say and she sings, “I’ll let your father know, he should bring us a pizza with extra pepperoni then.”

Closing the case with my sniper gun and bullets, I take it out and shut the trap doors and place the case on my bed. Shutting my door as I make my way to the bathroom.

After my shower is done, I get back to my room and suit up. After my suit is on, I slip into my combat boots and tie the laces.

Picking up the case, I walk out my room and out the side door. Entering the garage, I get into my black Audi A5 after changing the license plate.

I drive out of the house and on my way to my next target.

Getting out of my car, I walk up the back stairs of the building. Reaching the top floor, I walk through the exit and walk over to the edge of the roof, I bend down and start unpacking my rifle’s pieces, I start piecing it together.

Setting the rifle down, I pick up the binoculars and look through them over at the next building.

My targets sitting in her office, just like the file said. Moments later a man walks into the office and the two of them have dinner.

Placing the binoculars down, I pick up my rifle and set it in front of me. Looking through the telescopic optic, I watch them closely and aim.

Once the targets are in place and I’m ready to shoot, my fuckin phone rings.

Sighing I pull it out, “Hello?”

“Hi, who this?” my angel asks making me smile.

“It’s Dae Ryeon Angel,” I answer while looking through the telescopic optic again.

“Hi Dae,” he greets again shyly.

“Hello Angel, what can I do for you?” I ask him and can hear his breathing hitch slightly.

“Nothing,” He answers bluntly making me chuckle.

“Alright, what are you too?” I ask.

“Swing on chair,” he answer and I hum.

“Okay be careful angel, don’t fall off,” I say while switching to my Bluetooth earpiece.

“I no fall Dae. If fall, I land on mama,” he suddenly says making me confused.

“Why would you land on your mama?”

“She softer than floor,” he answers making me frown.

“I see, well, I can’t imagine you falling on your mother, just be careful okay.”


“…” I stay silent while listening to him breathing over the call while I myself calm my breathing as the two start making out.


“Why you no speak Dae?” he asks while I steady myself.

“Well…” I answer with a trail and pull the trigger. I watch as they both drop to the ground in each other’s arms.

“Well…” I reply and I hear him exhale.

“Okay angel I’m all yours now, what would you like to talk about?” I ask as I start packing up

“I no know,” he answers making me smile as I walk down the steps.

“Alright, did you ask your parents for permission?” I ask reaching the last set of steps.

“Mn, papa and mama say yes. Papa make Tarryin no ask questions and write list for me. Papa say he speak with you before you take me away whole day and one uncle going to follow us.”

“Ah I see, why is your sister writing a list?” I ask getting into my car and start the engine up.

“I no know where to go. You say we do what I want and she write all things down.”

“That’s a good idea since we’ll be spending the whole day together, won’t you get tired?”

“I no know,” he answers as I reach the highway.

“We’ll deal with it then, did you do your homework?”

“Later, you?”

“I already did, Angel,” I lie, maybe I shouldn’t lie to him.

“Mn, k, you still phone later?” he asks me which makes me laugh. “Why you laugh?” He asks.

“Do you like speaking to me?” I ask while looking into the rearview mirror.


“Then I’ll phone you always,” I say while opening my wallet and taking out a stick of strawberry mint gum.


“When I have the time, yes, just not when I’m on the toilet or asleep Angel,” I say as the police speed past me.

“EW Dae.”

“I know, I know.”

“You come visit now?”



“I can’t Angel, I’m currently running an errand for my mother and father but I can go pick you up tomorrow for school?”

“Mn, k.”

“What time?”

“You come at seven.”

“Okay Angel. I have to end the call now but I’ll still phone you later okay, I won’t phone to early or too late.”

“Bye, bye Dae.”

“Bye Angel.”

I wish the call didn’t end but the sound of my phone going off as the money gets transferred into my account irritates me.

I pull into our driveway an hour later and get out. My father is seated on the porch with my little sister on his lap. Getting out of the car, I lock it and walk towards the porch.

“Evening pa,” I greet him and he smiles with a nod.

“Evening love, did you deliver the chocolate cake to your aunt?” he asks and I nod.

“Yes, she was very excited when she saw me pull up to her house. Both her and her boyfriend enjoyed the cake ma made for them, she says she can’t wait for the next cake and she said next time the whole family should go up to see her.”

He rolls his eyes, “I don’t really like her so I don’t think I’ll visit her any time soon.”

I nod my head agreeing with him, “Pizza?”

“I left it in your room love, make sure you don’t leave any under your bed,” he says and I nod.

“Your mother also told me about your boyfriend, when can we meet him?” he asks while I sit down on the swing bench.

“It’s too soon, and he isn’t one to just meet everyone,” I say and he tickles my sister’s sides.

“Your grandfather called to say that it’s okay for you to date since its normal for teenagers to date,” he says and I nod.

Returning to my room, I sigh seeing the new suit and the black folder on top of it. Stripping down, I put on my Nike track pants and head to the kitchen. We sit around the table and eat dinner while having idle talk. My father goes on about how the new company offered him a large sum of money to do their finances and my mother started rambling on about her son-in-law and how she can wait to meet him.

Finishing the delicious lasagne, I get up and walk over to the kitchen. Placing my dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I close it and walk over to my mother. Leaning down, I give her a kiss on the cheek and thank her for making supper.

I kiss my baby sisters cheek and ruffle my fourteen-year-old brother’s hair and he grumbles making us all laugh. After tapping my father’s shoulder I head to the bathroom and do my hygiene routine.

Getting out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel from my waist down, I shut the door behind me and sit down on the edge of my bed and open the folder. Looking through the contents I nod then suit up.

Pulling on my combat boots, I grab the silver case under my bed and head to the trap door. Opening it, I pick up my pistol and its silencer then place it in the silver case. Putting on my mask, I head out and make my way to the garage.

My father hands me the key, “Tomorrow you get a new car,” he says and I raise a brow. “Which one?” I ask and he shrugs, “I saw them clean a VW so maybe it’s yours,” he says making me frown.

“I told them I wanted Audi’s only,” I say and he chuckles.

“Son, you have expensive taste, don’t worry about the burner cars, your Audi outside is more beautiful, even I want to take it for a spin,” he says making me glare at him.

“You already do!” I say as I get in and close the door. He waves me goodbye as I drive off and make my way to my next target.


Walking through the hotel’s back entrance, I make my way to the room while clicking the button on the jamming remote. It buzzes and I open the exit door on the floor my target is on.

Stopping in front of room B102, I knock.

“I’m coming,” says the man on the other side.

He opens the door and his eyes widen.

“Are you the one she sent?” he asks me. Walking into the room I nod and take off my cap and zip down my jacket and shrug it off revealing my naked torso.

He licks his lips and pulls me closer slamming his lips against mine while rubbing his hands down from my neck, to my chest and over my cock. Closing my eyes, I let him do as he pleases.

My eyes roll to the back of my head as they dilate while he bites at my cock through my pants. Standing up, he licks up my chest and kisses my neck.

Grabbing my hand and he pulls me to the bed and throws me on it. I stare at him while he stares back at me with lust-filled eyes. He takes off his bathrobe, revealing his muscular body, that sexy v line going down to his pubes, oh and that cock standing at attention, my mouth waters knowing that its hard for me.

A bitter taste enters my mouth as the image of Taylum enters my mind.

Taking in a deep breath, I get up and pull the pistol out of the back of my pants and point it at him. His eyes widen then narrow, “Who sent you?” he asks me and I pull the trigger.

His blood splatters all over the room and luckily none on me. Getting up, I walk over to my jacket and cap. Shrugging on my jacket, I zip it up and put my cap on my head.

Opening the door, I walk out and close it behind me.

Exiting the hotel, I get into the car and toss the pistol on the back seat. Driving the car back home, I yawn, today’s been a busy day.

Dialling Taylum’s number through the Bluetooth earpiece. The phone rings and he picks up.

“Hi,” and just the sound of his voice make my body tremble. I take in a deep breath.

“I miss you Angel,” I admit.

“Boyfriend come over?” He asks and my hands tighten on the steering wheel. It would be nice, especially now that I have a boner.

“No, I can’t,” I say with a sigh.

“Why no?”

“Well firstly, we haven’t officially gone on a date. Secondly, I doubt your parents will like it if I come over without permission.”

“K, I be back,” He says and I can no longer hear his breathing.

I wonder what the hell happened now.

I suddenly hear stumbling over the phone after a long silence and my heart tightens.

What happened?

What’s going on?

I suddenly hear shouting over the phone and I can barely make out what is being said.

I hear something drop and scream into the phone, “TAYLUM!”

Concentrating my hearing, I slow down the car and can hear thumping. Ending the call, I step on the gas and quickly make my way through the traffic.

I reach the house twenty minutes later and switch it off. Getting up, I walk into the house and see my father reading a book in the living room. He looks up from the book, “Where’d you go to son, did you finish your homework since you were out late?”

“Yup,” I say and throw him the car keys as he gets up and I walk to my room.

My mother comes rushing in, “Love, what happened, you look like you’re about to explode?”

“I don’t know, I was speaking to Taylum over the phone and heard banging and screaming after he stopped talking. He wanted me to go over and sleep there but stopped speaking then the sounds came. Is it okay if I head out?” I tell her then ask while stripping down and heading to the shower.

I don’t need their permission but its best I ask. She steps out of the way and smiles, “Just no sex okay love.”

“Ma~” I complain and she starts laughing. I hear the engine start outside and the car drives off.

I quickly get in and out of the shower. Jog back to my room and pull on my Nike sweats. Pulling on socks and stepping into my sneakers, I put on my dog tags and head out.

When I reach the living room, my mother is seated with my brother beside her and sister on her lap while she rubs her stomach.

Grabbing my keys, I head to the garage and open the door. Climbing into my car, I pull out and press the button for the door to close while I speed off to Taylum’s place.


Reaching Taylum’s home I see the door is wide open and an ambulance van outside. My blood suddenly starts boiling as I hear screaming coming from a familiar voice upstairs.

Running up the pathway, I enter the house and come face to face with a maid? She looks at me with wide eyes about to say something, but I dart past her running up a staircase, following the scream.

I see the paramedics standing in front of a door and push past them. My eyes widen seeing the scene in front of me.

Taylum’s father is holding him down on the bed while another man is holding a syringe ready to poke him with it but Taylum’s thrashing about on the bed. While the two CPO’s stand on either side of the room. Taylum’s mother has tears in her eyes and so does Tarryin and some younger-looking version of Mr Rayleigh.

“What the fuck are you all doing?” I ask minding not to yell.

Their heads snap to look at me and Taylum’s eyes shoot open. I stalk over to the bed and rip Mr Rayleigh from holding his son down and push the other man out of the way.

Sitting down on the bed, I look down at Taylum who seems to be struggling to breathe while his body is trembling.

Picking him up gently, I seat him on my lap and push his head into the crook of my neck and rub my hand over his back up and down while rocking us. “Shh Angel, calm down, okay, everything is going to be fine,” I say and he grabs fists full’s of my sweater and starts crying.

“D-Dae?” he asks through his sobs.

“Yes Angel it’s me,” I say while moving the hairs out of his face that is stuck there from the sweat on his forehead.

“I – I no no want be here,” he says as he raises his head to look at me. Rubbing his cheek, “Then where do you want to be Angel?” I ask him.

He shakes his head, “No here Dae please.”

I nod my head and hold him tightly against my chest and get up. Stalking out of the room with him in my arms, Mr Rayleigh yells at me and the CPO’s try to stop me but they don’t approach us for the obvious reason being in my arms.

We reach my car and Mr Rayleigh is livid, “Where the fuck are you taking my son?”

I look at him after laying Taylum in the back seat and reassuring him that he’s safe. I shut the door and say, “I don’t know what happened Mr Rayleigh but it’s kind of obvious that it deeply affected Taylum in a wrong way since he wants to leave. I’ll be taking Taylum for a drive first so that he can calm down and fall asleep then I’ll be heading to my home. If you don’t trust me then send one of the CPO’s after us but there is no way I am going to leave him here when he doesn’t feel safe.”

I push past him and get into my car. Locking the doors, I don’t stay and drive away. Driving through the streets of Riverside I hum hoping it will calm him down.

I text my parents letting them know I’ll be home late and as usual, mother says no sex while father says I should be safe and be home before midnight.

After three hours of driving, I stop at the gas station and fill up my tank. I then head to the convenience store. I stop and turn to look at Taylum who’s staring at the roof.

“I’m going to go inside 7eleven, do you want anything?” I ask him and he shakes his head.

“No leave me here?” he asks and I hum. Getting out, I close my door behind me and open the back door. He’s seated up already so I pull him near and turn around, “Climb on,” I say and he does it ever so slowly but gets on anyway.

Hoisting him up, I cup my left hand under his bum and shut the door then locking it. We walk into 7eleven and I can feel Taylum’s nose against the chain of my tags.

We walk through the store and he starts ordering me around as though he wasn’t panicking before. He then jumps off and darts away making me run after him while he grabs one of each packet of chips, chocolate bars and candy.

He stops in front of the counter that has cake on display and starts jumping. He turns around and holds his hands together, “Please I have cake?” he asks and I look down at the trolly filled with shit and nod my head.

The cashier comes over, “Which would you like?” she asks and I watch in awe as his eyes sparkle.

“I want one each and fresh doughnuts, no stale, if no den k,” he says and the woman looks at him with a frown.

“Excuse me?” she asks.

“You no hear?” he asks while pressing his weight on his left foot then right foot.

“He said, one slice of each cake and he wants fresh doughnuts, not stale ones,” I say and she ‘oh’s’ while he shakes his head.

“No forget cupcakes too, everything fresh,” he demands making me smile. I grab his hand and drag him to the fridge.

“No Dae, my cake,” he squeals and jumps onto my back.

“It’ll be there when we get back, you ordered too much so it’ll take her some time. You only got junk food, don’t you want something to eat Angel, you know like bread?” I ask as I grab three bottles of water and milk.

“Cake food no?” he says and I shake my head.

“No, food is food, cake is a treat,” I say and he pulls the chain of my tags into his mouth leaving saliva on my neck.

“Dae smell nice, I eat Dae one day,” he says and I stop in my tracks in front of the plastic cups. Ah fuck, I’ve been turned on since earlier on and now he’s saying this.

“How will you eat me?” I ask just to test the waters.

I feel his tongue swipe across my neck while he tries to get the chain with it and it sends shivers down my spine, fuck and it’s not helping that I’m commando and wearing sweats.

“Like in the movies,” he answers while I grab the forks and paper plates.

“What movies,” I ask and instantly regret it.

“The ones with two naked boys,” he says. My body loses balance but I shake it off and continue walking on and don’t answer him.

“Dae?” he calls making me look at him.

“You shy?” he asks with those innocent eyes of his.

“No why?”

“You lie again, you red and heart beat fast,” he says making me smile.

“You really know how to get me all jittery Angel,” I say and he hums.

“Cause we mates,” he says confusing me.

“Mates?” I ask and he jumps off. He steps in front of me and his eyes lift looking at me. A blush forms on his cheeks while he presses against my chest saying, “You my soulmate no?”

I close my eyes and kiss his head as his words engrave themselves to my heart.

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