Taylum and His Innocence [BL]

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Chapter 7

[Dae Ryeon’s POV]

“Ah, ah, fuck Taylum, slow down,” I squeeze out. The uncomfortable yet pleasure-filled feeling of him pounding into my core is overwhelming not to mention the squishing sound of my wet juices and his pre-cum mixing together with his loud grunts and his balls slapping against my cheeks.

My balls tighten as I feel my orgasm nearing and his thick shaft throbbing inside me and the vein on his shaft sliding against my walls makes me go crazy wanting release as soon as possible.

I reach down, caressing his chest with my right hand and pumping my left hand over my swollen purple member. I stroke myself to the rhythm of his thrusts; his head snaps back as I feel his warm seeds coat my inner walls and I cum at the same time.

Taylum plops down limply on my stomach breathing heavily. Reaching my hands over, I turn his head to face me and kiss his lips. His eyes are watery but look sated and satisfied. He smiles up at me, “You like Dae?” he asks and I nod.

“Mn, but it was my first time and you were rough baby,” I say and he frowns.

“Sorry Dae,” he says and I kiss his forehead. I try to lift him up only to realise that he is still inside me. His face blushes red and he sits up. Moving his hips back, he pops out of me and the feeling of his seeds seeping out of me makes my body tremble.

He lays down beside me and pats his stomach. I chuckle then lay my head on his stomach after turning on my stomach. My back aches and the pain shoots through my body. Rough sex on my first try was a bad idea but I couldn’t help it.

Taylum said he wanted to be the top and I didn’t mind but then his hips kept snapping and it became rough. I tried to stop him but he didn’t listen.

“Sleep,” he says to me and I nod my head. Closing my eyes I listen to his heartbeat and the black dots of sleep take me with them.


I picked Taylum up since he wanted to go out before his birthday. Its tomorrow and I don’t mind. I already asked for four days off from my grandfather and he agreed. I picked Taylum up and he started squealing. He loved that I got my hair cut shorter and wanted to cut his hair too.

He complained about not wanting anyone to cut his hair so I took him to my mother. With me holding his hand, he let her cut it and this crazy woman went all out by dying his hair blue. It’s good though. The dark black hair with the blue highlights suit him and he looks sexier.

We went out to eat and that’s when he told me that he wanted to have sex now and not wait for tomorrow. He said that his family was planning a party for him and that we wouldn’t have time together since the rich people were going over.

Right now, we’re in a hotel that I booked for us and I thought that I would be the top but he surprised me. Since we were already here and he was the stubborn type, I reluctantly let him top me and he did his duty magnificently well.

We went for three rounds, him screwing me, me riding him and him back on top of him. It was painful but worth it. I never thought that I’d feel this great after sex but yes it was worth it.

It’s been five hours since we started its almost time for him to go home but I can’t feel my legs.

*End of Flashback*

Opening my eyes, I’m faced with Taylum looking into my eyes with droopy eyes. He raises his hand placing it on my cheek and caresses my cheek with his thumb. I force a smile and he immediately smiles back at me.

He leans over and places a kiss on my lips that soon deepens and I frown slightly because our mouths taste bad but don’t move away. His kisses are sloppy but that’s okay it’s not as if I am an expert.

I move my left foot and instantly regret it because pain shoots through my body making me hiss. Taylum pulls back and looks at me with worry in his eyes.

“Dae?” He calls to me and I can only force a smile. My throat is so dry from moaning and screaming that it feels like I was eating something bloody. Closing my eyes I force myself to slowly get up and sit on the edge of the bed but it hurts so fucking much.

I feel a pair of hands slide up my back and drape over my shoulders. He peppers kisses up the back of my neck and against my ear which makes my body crumble under him and I involuntarily let out a moan.

I open my eyes that I didn’t know I had closed and meet his beautiful eyes again, “Did I hurt you?” He asks me with concern on his face and in his voice. I nod my head and kiss his lips reassuring him that I’m okay although I am not.

“We need to get you home but I don’t think I can drive,” I say and he looks down at my legs. I feel a blush creep up my neck and rest on my cheeks which make me suck in my bottom lip and close my eyes.

“Was I good?” He asks me hesitantly; I don’t open my eyes and just hum while nodding my head. Just thinking about what we were doing and all the positions I was in is turning me on but we don’t have time for this.

I open my eyes and look over at the nightstand, “Can you get my phone for me please?” I ask him and he wastes no time in getting off the bed and bring back my phone to me. I scroll through my numbers and dial my mothers’ number.

After it rings three times she answers, “Yes my love, what can I do for you?”

I close my eyes due to being tired and lean into the hand that’s massaging my head comforting me, “Ma, I need your help.”

“What happened?” she asks and I don’t want to tell her. We’re not really family and she’s a gay fangirl.

“Well… I gave Taylum his birthday present a day before and now I can’t walk, I need you to drive the two of us home,” I say and there’s a long pause before she squeals into the phone.

“Dae Ryeon!! I can’t believe this… ok ok ok I’m coming, you’re at that hotel, right? I’ll get your father to drop me off there and I’ll take you both home, wait for me downstairs okay?” she says and I hum.

After ending the call, Taylum helps me up and we start dressing up and slowly walk out of the hotel room with my right arm over his shoulder as support.

Standing in the elevator I look at him through the mirror and say, “I’m in too much pain Taylum.”

“I sorry Dae,” he says and I can hear the sobs already forming.

I force him to look at me and kiss his lips, pulling away I say sternly, “How can you say sorry? I enjoyed myself, Angel, no wait, I can’t call you Angel anymore, you’re not so innocent anymore.”

His eyes widen as he looks up at me and a grin tugs at his lips, “So what you call me Dae?” he asks and I shrug my shoulders. He was pretty dominating in bed and ever since we started dating I’ve become addicted to this person.

Just as I’m thinking about what name I can give him he says, “You call me Daddy from now on.”

My gaze that was wandering about snaps back to him and the door’s bell rings. We step into the foyer and walk out through the doors to my car and stop there but don’t get in. He pushes me against the car and stands in front of me.

His new hair cut looks good on him but his words, Taylum truly isn’t as innocent as he looks. He pushes up against me and rests his chin on my chest while looking up at me, “Call me Daddy Dae,” he says slightly demandingly and narrows his eyes at me.

I can feel my cheeks warming up and I just want to hide under a rock. “Why that nickname?” I ask giving myself a breather.

He grins at me and says, “Because you my baby Dae Ryeon.” I feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach at the sound of my name coming out of his name. This is the first time he called me by my full name and not just Dae like usually.

I feel like crying but sniff back my tears and lean down, wrapping my arms around his waist I hug him to myself and kiss his neck. I turn my head placing my lips near his ear and say, “Then, please treat me well – Daddy.”

His body starts trembling in my hold making me smile. I pull back and look down at him, “But like I was saying before since my body is hurt I won’t be able to go to your party tomorrow, is that alright with you?”

His eyes lose focus and he looks back at me with a hurt look in his eyes. He lowers his head and nods it then says, “Okay but I want still see you.”

I nod my head and hug him, “Okay Daddy, I’ll see if I am feeling well later tomorrow afternoon and make a turn that side, don’t be sad okay.”

He nods his head and my mother soon comes. I officially introduce Taylum to my parents and the moment I get into the back seat my head drops onto his shoulder and the sleep kicks in. I feel lips kiss mine and then on my cheek again with a whisper that I can’t really make out then the next thing I know is that my father is waking me up to get my ass into the house.

I head straight to the bathroom and jump into the shower. After doing my routine, I get to my room and curse under my breath at the five black folders sitting on my bed and waiting for me. The warm water eased some of the tension in my body but it didn’t help my legs because I had to stand.

I pull on black sweat pants and sit down on my bed. Opening the folders I see dates on them and thank God that its only for after my leave but then the last folder I open is a request of protection. Frowning, I get up and head to the kitchen where my parents are with the folder in hand making my way there slowly.

I see my father in the lounge and with my brother and glared at him, “What’s the meaning of this?” I ask and he looks at the folder in my hand that’s contents can’t be seen.

“Dae Ryeon, you know as well as I do that we cannot question the decisions of the Organizations. I know you don’t take protection requests because you specialize in assassination but there is a mole that needs to be taken out and you are more than capable in completing this task befittingly of the Organization. You’ve read the file so do as you please just remember that the body count of the attackers shouldn’t be more than stated in the folder and you need to protect all those children as well not to mention, your brother here will be involved too so you need to be a good role model.”

I sit down beside my brother who is on his phone playing colour switch and say, “I better be paid good.”

“Money isn’t a problem son, as long as you don’t disobey your owner,” he says and I look at him listlessly.

“You do understand that my cover will be blown after this job right, but not only mine, all of ours,” I say and my brother looks up from the phone at my father and I then goes back to playing his game.

My father nods his head and says, “Well it’s not the first time. Everything is in preparation all ready for you to leave the country, you will most likely be sent to Thailand or you’ll end up living with your grandfather.”

I raise an eyebrow at him but don’t comment. If I must move in with my grandfather then that means I’ll be in Russia for who knows how long and after this job I won’t see Taylum – fuck! Now I know why we aren’t supposed to be involved with anyone.

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