Taylum and His Innocence [BL]

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Chapter 8

[Taylum’s POV]

Urgh!! Waking up today is so horrible. I received a phone call from Dae a few nights ago that said he won’t be able to take me to school and bring me back home and that was a week ago. I miss him so much but at least I still get to speak to him over the phone – I just wish that I could see him again and if we could, you know… do it again. I miss being inside of him.

The day of my birthday was the same as it is every year. All my father’s friends and Tarryin’s friends show up with some of my mothers and I’m left alone in the corner. I don’t have friends, I want them but no one wants to be my friend.

I get into Tarryin’s car and we head off to school. It’s early which means that we’ll be longer there.

Greeting my sister goodbye as she leaves me in the class. After twenty minutes the class fills with noise and the bell rings. Mr Harris comes in and starts the lesson on time.

I look to my right and see the empty seat beside me and sigh – I really miss my baby.

As I sit in physics class, I hear loud thundering in the hallway. Raising my head to look up at the door, I see that everyone is focussed and busy on their work.

The door swings open giving everyone a fright. Three men dressed in black from head to toe with their faces covered in something similar to a ski mask. They had guns in their hands.

My classmates immediately start screaming and the loud pitch sends shocks to my brain hurting me.

“SHUT UP!” One man yells and shoots two rounds off up into the ceiling. The class goes quiet and hide behind the desks crouching down. I stay seated in my chair with my hands on my ears and my foot tapping trying to get the ringing away but it’s not working as usual.

“Line up and don’t make a noise,” one of the men says and I hear the class line up with murmurs and whimpers along with Mr Michaels telling everyone to calm down.

“Don’t you have ears?” someone asks with annoyance.

Mr Michaels quickly answers with a shaky voice, “T-tha-t b-boy has a-autism,” he says and I hear footsteps make their way to me.

A strong hand grabs my arm and pulls me up. My eyes widen at the burning sensation that’s brought with the physical contact. My mouth opens and an ear-piercing scream erupts from my throat, “DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Mr Michaels screams and he gets hit over his head by one man and the next thing I know it, is that pain shoots through my head and my world starts spinning.

“Taylum? Taylum wake up,” I hear someone’s voice call me. I lay still listening around and can hear hurried breaths and the sound of something ripping.

I move my body slowly and instantly my body fills with pain from my head to my toes. I feel my eyes start to burn as the tears swimming in my eyes.

Opening my eyes the hazy vision disrupts my view. “Taylum, are you away?” says the voice and I nod my head. My mouth is closed with something and I can’t feel my hands and legs.

I feel little hands rub at my eyes and I wince back but don’t move. My vision clears and I see that I’m sitting between alot of people that are too close to me. My arms are tied behind my back and I’m lying down. Looking down I notice that my legs are tied at the ankles too.

“Taylum?” the voice calls again and I look up to see that it’s Derek, my bully.

I suddenly frown looking at him. He looks down at me with a glare and I notice the panic in his eyes and the worried look also the red which indicates he was crying.

“Get up,” he says to me in a whisper. I stare at him for a moment and notice that he and everyone around us is tied up.

Slowly but surely I get up and manage to sit up straight facing Derek. Not long after I’m up, I get pulled to my feet and dragged to another spot and thrown on the floor. I hear screams the minute I’m pulled away and look in that direction to see that it’s my classmates, Tarryin and her friends and the teachers.

A shot goes off into the air making everyone whimper including myself. “If you all don’t keep it down I’m going to start killing you off. Number 10 hurry and tape their mouths,” this man orders.

He picks me up again and I’m shoved into the principal who breaks my fall. I’m then forced to sit properly and my legs get retied by the man.

I don’t know what’s happening. These men, there’s many of them and they all look scary.

All of this goes on for who knows how long and the panic in all of us just rise. The men in black take a few children out of the main hall we’re all in to I don’t know where and the men looking after us just stand there with their guns looking left and right every now and then.

It’s been a few hours now since all of us were brought here and still we don’t know what’s going on. Suddenly we hear, “Who the fuck is this? Why isn’t he tied up with the rest of them?”

The halls doors swing open and in walks three guys. Two of the men were holding someone in the middle of them and brought him to the hall. Raising my head, I looked up and it was Dae!

My eyes widened seeing that he was in all black too but not like those men. They pushed and shoved my baby who looked as if he was listless. I was sitting on the far end by the principal and a few teachers.

As they were pulling him along, I saw that Dae’s head was changing its direction. His eyes finally landed on me and our eyes met. I am so happy to finally see Dae after so long, he still is as handsome as ever.

Dae stopped walking as he looked over at me with a frown on his face. “What the fuck, MOVE!!!” yelled one of the men beside Dae. Dae’s gaze left me and set on the man who yelled.

“K,” was his reply and he forced them over to my end making one of the men trip. “I’m sitting that side,” he said and walked off towards me.

Dae sat down beside me and looked over my face. Cupping my face in his hands he asked, “What happened, who did this to you?”

I couldn’t answer him because my mouth was closed. “Who the fuck do you think you are kid? I don’t think you are aware of the situation you all are in yet. Should we teach him a lesson?” the man who spoke asked his friend.

Dae turned his attention to those men and asked in a terrifyingly calm tone, “Who hit him?”

The men stopped and stared at Dae. One of the men started laughing and stepped out, “I did, what are you going to do about it?” he asked and Dae turned to look at me.

“Close your eyes Angel and block your ears,” he says to me gently while undoing the ropes and taking the duct tape off my mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing?” says one of the men as he grabs Dae’s shoulder and the minute his hand touched my Dae, Dae turned around and grabbed the gun in his hoister. Cocks the gun and shoots the man in the head.

He turns to the man that hit me and says, “Kill you,” and then multiple gun shots are heard. I close my eyes but don’t get to close my ears in time before I hear Dae’s voice yell, “Get the fuck up and help me!”

I thought he was speaking to me but when I open my eyes I see Dae’s brother run towards him and throw a gun at him that he picked up from a dead body and there is so much blood on the floor.

The people around me are all frighten, I think even more than me since they don’t know who Dae is. Men in black come running into the hall one after the other and get shot down until no one comes into the hall.

It’s quiet for some time and I along with everyone else stare at Dae’s back while the guns in his hands drop to the floor. The silence is broken when Dae turns around and scans the room. His brother suddenly speaks, “Do you know how many more we have to take down?”

Dae doesn’t answer and just shakes his head. His brother searches the men that are dead and he pulls out ammunition cases and refills the guns then hands it to his brother and who is wearing black gloves that I am only noticing now.

The doors fly open and a man in a black suit, similar to those of the men that are dead, walks in with his hands raised in the air. He looks around and smiles. His gaze stops on Dae and he starts clapping his hands. He takes off his mask and throws it to the side then stares at Dae with pride in his eyes.

“Wow, to think that someone as talented as you just arrived. What is your name young man?” the man asks as he crosses his arms across his chest. Dae doesn’t answer him and points the gun at the man who holds his hands up in surrender again.

“Look, I’m not looking for trouble here, I just want to know your name,” he says and still wears that smile on his face – unbelievable!

“How is knowing my name going to help you?” Dae asks.

“Well, maybe you and I can come to an agreement,” the man says making me frown along with many.

“You don’t need to know my name and I doubt there’s anything you could say that would make me side with you,” Dae answers making my heart race.

A second man walks in with his hands raised and whispers something into the other man’s ears that makes him grit his teeth and glare at Dae.

“We have five hostages in the other room, put the gun down and we can negotiate something,” he says making Dae’s brother scoff. The man looks over at Dae’s brother and frowns, “To think a little bastard is not afraid of a gun. Who sent the two of you?” he asks but then his eyes suddenly light up.

“No wait! The two of you don’t need to answer that question because I already know who sent you… there’s only one agency in this world that trains children into warriors of death and it seems like the two of you are from there…” the man looks like he is about to say something else when Dae pulls the trigger and the gunman standing next to the man falls to the ground giving us all a fright.

My gaze lands on Dae Ryeon and I can’t believe he just did that. He killed a defenceless man who surrendered to him – why?

“You can stop speaking because I didn’t come here to listen to you mumble nonsense,” he says and the man’s smile that dropped beams.

“Then what is it that you want?” he asks Dae and Dae shakes his head.

“You and all your men aren’t leaving here alive today unless you kill me,” he says and the gun goes off again. This time Dae and his brother go on a shooting rampage as they leave the hall in silence with only the gun shots echoing throughout the building.

My body stiffens as it becomes eerily quiet. Rushed footsteps come barging into the hall and its Dae’s brother. He rushes towards me and smiles but then he bends down and unties the principal near me. After he is done he does the same to a few teachers then comes over to me and slips something into my pocket then undoes the bindings on my hand.

He grabs my head and quickly whispers, “Dae Ryeon says he loves you and that he is sorry.” He gets up as I look at him confused and after he does a quick sweep of the hall then jogs out with many eyes on him.

The principal ran to the box where they placed all our phones and grabbed a random one who luckily didn’t have a password on it. He dialled for the cops and spoke quickly. The hall became noisy but the teachers quickly quiet them down.

The sports coaches went to look what happened outside the hall and the female coach squealed. One of the men threw up and they all returned back to the hall. The teachers spoke to the side and I guess they were talking about what it looked like outside.

More rushed steps and screaming was heard as the ones who were taken away came rushing in with tears in their eyes. One of the guys that ran in he said, “T-the n-new k-kid i-is killing them!” The teachers went to them trying to get the story out of them of what was happening.

What I noticed was that those who were taken were the ones who I knew, or well knew when I was little. We were all friends, maybe if we were still, I would have been taken too but I’m glad I wasn’t, or well my Dae wouldn’t have let them.

We sat in the hall for some time rushed steps were heard yet again and the police started speaking. The teachers went out to get them and we were soon told that we could leave but everyone needed to be questioned.

The school was shut down for who knows how long and my parents were frantic. I sat in my room trying to call Dae Ryeon the entire time but the machine said his number no longer exists.

The police paid me a visit today. My parents and siblings were here. The kids at school told them that Dae Ryeon went crazy after noticing that I was beaten up. They also mentioned that Dae and I are together, or well that’s what they assume since were quite close.

Sitting in front of me, I can see the irritation on the officer’s face, I’m not speaking but he needs the answers. “Mr Rayleigh, I need you to answer my questions. Do you or do you not know Kang Dae Ryeon?”

Taking in a deep breath I ask, “Papa, can I no go to room?”

“Tatum please just answer the man. The sooner we get this done the sooner he will leave you alone,” my father pleads.

I nod my head but don’t say anything as I look behind the officer.

“Were the two of you in a relationship?” he asks and I nod my head again.

“Has he shown you this side of him before? Violence that is?” he asks and I pause remembering the incident at the carnival. I nod my head slowly.

“According to one of the kids at your school, Dae Ryeon took you to the carnival and he threw one of the workers over the counter for being homophobic, is that true?” he asks and I nod remembering that there was that guy with the red hair.

“Has he ever hurt you?” the officer asks making me frown. I shake my head and he hums.

“Mr Rayleigh, the Kang’s are missing, your boyfriend, his siblings and his parents. Do you perhaps know where they are?” he asks and I shake my head.

“Is there any secret places you two would meet to be alone?” he asks and ii shake my head with a frown.

My eyes start to sting as the burning sensation fills me. I miss Dae and all these questions are just making me miss him more.

I feel the tears welling up and quickly wipe them away. I love him and I wish he was here. I stand up and walk away ignoring the yelling from everyone.

Getting to my room I bury my face in my pillow. They were speaking earlier on about Dae being an assassin and something about an organization. I’m not stupid, I know he is strong and I watched as he killed those people. I watch movies too and I could see he was trained.

Dae and I haven’t been long together and yet now, he is gone!

Standing in front of a desk with his hands behind his back, Cha Dae Ryeon looked over at the window looking past into the distance. It’s been five days since his last job. The man sitting in the chair filling in a form on a clipboard.

An hour went by then two hours. Dae Ryeon stood there in silence as the thoughts of him and Taylum never being together ever again ran through his mind. He loved Taylum, he was his first and thought he would be his last.

“Cha Dae Ryeon,” called his grandfather.

“Yes grandfather?” he answered.

“You do understand why things are the way they are?” the elderly man said as he looked up at his grandson.

Dae Ryeon nodded his head, “I understand grandfather, I chose this life and I have to live by my choices.”

“So you have no regrets?” he asked as he closed the drawer to his desk.

“I do, but I will live with it, my heart will stay with him and I will continue on…” he said with a bitter smile.

“You are welcome to say your final goodbyes before I send you away,” his grandfather said.

Dae Ryeon chuckled, “No need. I am ready to leave at your say.”

Dae Ryeon was dismissed and headed back to the room where he was currently sent to stay in. He sat down on his bed and stared at the grey wall. His eyes watered and the more he blinked and finally after holding it in for so long, the tears he’d been keeping in fell.

That night he cried his heart out. Nothing could take away the pain he was feeling and he wished so badly that he’d never fallen in love with Taylum and that he was never a part of this life for something so innocent as his desire to be loved and to love someone was crushed all because of the life he chose for himself – the life of a killer.

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