Taylum and His Innocence [BL]

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Chapter 9

*Five years later*

The lecture today was a bit too much for me, my headache is killing me.

After high school I joined A.C.E University and I’m studying accounting. I love numbers and all but everyday it’s getting tougher.

Sighing as I walk through the barely filled hallway and make it to my car. It was tough at first but I managed to learn how to drive, thanks to my father’s help in finding a specialist to teach me.

Climbing into my car, I close the door behind me and see that there is a strange envelope in the passenger seat.

Picking it up, I open it and my eyes immediately sting as I read the words on the page I pulled out, “How many years has it been since we last saw each other? Do you still love me? I’ve never stopped thinking about you because you’ve played a big part in helping me grow as a person and you will always have my heart. You were my first and I still hope that you will be my last. If you are willing to meet me, you can find me here #######”

I quickly read over the address and I see that it’s not a place I am familiar with.

Typing it into the GPS, I switch on the engine and follow its directions.

About two hours later, I reach an apartment complex and take the elevator and anxiously wait for it to ding, I can’t help it but cry.

Will it really be him?

I never once forgot about him, I love him too much. He was my first everything and I want to be with him again no matter what!

The doors dinged open and I quickly ran down the hallway looking for room number Z012.

Finding the room, I wipe my hands on my sweater since they are all sweaty. Taking in a deep breath, I raise my hand and start banging on the door.

“Yes, yes! I’m coming,” a woman’s voice calls from the other side making me frown.

She opens the door and stares at me for a good while before she scrunches her face and looks back into the room and says, “Ji Won, it’s for you.”

I raise a confused brow but soon, I widen my eyes in disbelief. Dae Ryeon walks towards me but he looks so different than before. He is suddenly taller, his build was bigger and his hair is so long.

As he walks up to the door, his eyes widen as he looks at me.

“Taylum?” He asks confused.

I nod my head quickly and push past the woman and rush into his arms. I shake my head in disbelief and hear that woman speak, “We’ll I don’t want to be the third wheel so I’ll leave.”

The door shuts behind me and my face is immediately grabbed, our lips are slammed together which make me tremble.

I tug at his waistband and pulled it down while he takes off my pants too. Dae Ryeon and I quickly undress and fall to the bed and start tossing and turning with me on top.

After a heated and passionate few hours, we finally stop and I can’t let go of him. He ends up dragging me to the toilet with him and we both urinate.

Sitting back on the bed, I look at him and ask, “How have you been?”

Dae Ryeon blushes and scratches his nose, looking at me he says, “Lonely.”

I nod in understanding, snaking my arms over his shoulders, I hug my arms around his neck and ask, “Will you leave me again?”

Dae Ryeon smiled and shook his head, looking at me from an awkward position he answered, “I put in a request asking if you and I could be together. They agreed to it as long as you are willing to be announced as dead and work for the organization doing paperwork.”

I frowned, “Dead? Why?”

Dae Ryeon pulls me off him and turns around to look at me. Taking my hands in his he says, “I’m sure you realized that day that I am not your average human. My profession is assassinations and all those times when we spoke on the phone, I was on a job assassinating people.”

I pull my hands away as I ask, “You bad guy?”

Dae Ryeon chuckles and shakes his head, “I don’t know Angel, that is for you to judge. I was raised to kill people and it is what I do. I don’t know who I kill I just do as I am told.”

“But you no seem like bad guy to me so why continue?” I ask him confused.

“I have nothing else to do? Taylum, do you not want to be with me?” he says and asks sadly.

I shake my head and cup his face, “No, I want to be with you. I’ll go but why kill me?”

Dae Ryeon tackles me down and hugs my stomach, I can’t help but chuckle. He continues to explain, “So that no one can chase after you and link the organization to you and hurt you in the process, its all about covering their tracks.”

“And what if I say no?” I ask him even though I already said yes.

Dae Ryeon shrugs, “They would have erased you.”

“Kill me for real?” I ask and he nods.

Sighing I say, “I’m glad I said yes.”

Dae Ryeon raises his head and looks into my eyes, “Well, I knew for a fact that you’d choose to be with me.”

I raise a suspicious brow and ask, “How you know?”

Dae Ryeon starts kissing down my stomach and licks up my manhood making it harden, sinking down on it he answers, “Because you’re my daddy.”

After we went for a few more rounds, the woman returned and she was introduced. Her name is Qing from China and she also works for this organization.

Unfortunately, I have to head home and wait for Dae’s call.


(Three days later)

Sighing, I look at the letter in my hand. I found another letter in my car from Dae Ryeon and I still don’t know how it got here.

I drive to the address and see a black car waiting for. Nervously, I get out of the car and Dae Ryeon steps out of the other.

I smile and run up to him then we get into the car. One of the people that came with him, gets out and takes something out of the trunk but doesn’t get back into the car. Dae Ryeon takes my keys from me and hands it over to that man who heads over to my car and drives away.

I look at Dae Ryeon confused and he kisses my lips, “Don’t worry Angel, its okay, you won’t need your car where we are going.”

I sigh and nod, I feel like I am betraying my family by doing this but Dae is the one I love, I never want part with him again.

Leaning to his hug, I close my eyes and fall asleep.


“Taylum, wake up,” I hear Dae Ryeon’s voice call to me.

Opening my eyes, I see that we are in a room that is unfamiliar to me. Rubbing my eyes he smile weakly, “When did we get here and where are we?”

“At one of the branches of the organization,” he answered and pointed at the television.

He turned the televisions sound on and the news anchor spoke, “On the high way between middle burg and Staturn, a vehicle drove off a bridge due to brake failure. The car is registered to businessman Mr Rayleigh who bought the car for his son. Unfortunately we do not know if the driver was indeed his son but things do not look good according to the police. The driver’s body has been smashed to pieces an…”

Dae switched the television off and looked at me apologetically. Wiping my tears away, I force a smile and sit up, “Don’t worry, I okay, just going to miss them.”

Dae nods his head and says, “There’s someone who wants to talk to you.”

I look at him confused and watch as he switches the television back on and switches the television setting. The sound of ring falls on my ears and suddenly stops.

“Dae Ryeon?” an elderly man’s voice comes through.

“Yes grandfather, it is I. I have Taylum here with me,” Dae answers.

“Hello Dae’s grandfather,” I greet.

A deep belly laugh echo’s through the room followed by the words, “Good evening Taylum, as of today, I am your grandfather too. Taylum, I hope you understand that what has happened to day was an exception because my grandson has done his work accordingly. Following his lead, I hope you can be a good asset to my organization. You will not be working with Dae Ryeon but you will be working in the office, and if possible, you will come into contact with our clients but of cause, you will be going for training on emotional development and such forth, I expect great things from you Taylum, will you let me down?”

I shake my head and answer, “I try… can I ask grandpa something?”

“Please do, there is no need to be reserved,” grandfather answers.

I look at Dae Ryeon and ask, “When you marry me and Dae?”

Grandfather gasps and Dae looks at me shocked. After a moment he answers, “My my, the youth of today. Whenever the two of you decide is the right time, then as your grandfather, I will give you my permission.”

I grin and jump on Dae Ryeon and squeeze him tightly, “Okay~ we marry soon, after training,” I answer and grandfather chuckles.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him, who knows, maybe we’ll have a family of our own.

And with that Taylum’s Innocence has come to an end. I hope you all enjoyed the read as it was enjoyable for me. As I was redoing this book I thought of all ways to extend it and trouble the characters but changed my mind and reunite Taylum and Dae Ryeon because I felt that it was better this way - they’ll be together forever~ Thanks for pushing through and reading this story (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
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