Shades of the CEO

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Emerson Hemsworth. Billionaire. CEO of Hemsworth Industries.Player. Ruthless and the most feared man of the States. And of course. Dangerous. Jennifer Winget. Personal Assistant of Hemsworths CEO. Loving. Kind. and what not. both were living their normal lives untill their fates decided to collide

Romance / Action
Sherrinford 221
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Chapter 1




“Ughh!! Who the hell invented these alarm clocks... I wish I could throw this on his face ”

I woke up to the irritating sound of the alarm clock and rubbed my eyes to get my vision back which I lose almost every time I get up.

“Jenny!!!.. get up or you'll be late.”

Sophia was yelling downstairs.

I looked at the time

“Crap!! I'm late I'm late I'm late!!”

I rushed to the washroom for my morning routines and ran downstairs after getting ready.

“Good Morning!” I said to Sophia who was busy on her laptop preparing her presentation..

“Good Morning Ms I AM LATE ALWAYS.”

She laughed.

“Will you please stop calling me that?” I said stuffing the pancakes in my mouth which she made for me.

After finishing my breakfast. I got ready to leave for work.

“Ummm.. Sophia .. My car's broke.. can you drop me to at work please?” I asked making a puppy face which I know she can't resist.

“Yeah Sure. Even I have to leave early for work. Let's go” she said and we went towards her car and left.

I was lost in my thoughts while she was driving.

I am working as the Personal assistant of Mr Hemsworth who is the CEO of Hemsworth industrial corp. For the last two years. I have loved my work. Mr Hemsworth is the most down to earth person I've ever met. He respects all his employees and he always calls me his favourite. He treats me as his daughter and even I respect him a lot.

Sophia is my highschool best friend. We bought an apartment here and are living together for four years. She is the only family I have. I lost my parents a few years back. They were murdered.. don't know by whom. The only thing I know is that the culprits were powerful enough and got rid of any kind of punishment.

Even thinking of this brings tears to my eyes. But I have a man who is always there to wipe my tears

My man.. the person I love with all my heart and life.. My Edward..

Edward and I have been dating since high school. We were the most loved couple in our school. Everyone wanted us to get married and I wanted this always. He is a sweetheart. He has no flaws. None.

“My life couldn't be any better.” I thought and smiled.

“We are here Jenny..” Sophia said waking me from my Dreamland..

“See you.. ” I said moving out.

She waved and left.

I entered the building and was greeted by the other employees with a genuine smile on their faces.

“Good Morning Benny!!” I said to Brenda. She's the receptionist and is a good friend of mine.

“Good Morning Jenny. How are you today?” she said with a smiling face.

“Happy... Like always..” we chuckled and I was about to leave for my office.

“Jenny wait.. Mr Hemsworth wants to meet you in his office.”

She said.

I nodded to her and left.

I knocked on the door of his office and heard “Come in” from him.

“Good morning Mr Hemsworth,” I said with a huge smile on my face.

“Morning Ms Winget,” he said smiling and gestured me to sit on the chair opposite to him.

“Brenda said you wanted to meet me.” I asked him and he nodded.

“Yup... I wanted to tell you something I'll be announcing this for everyone soon but I think you should know this first as you are my secretary.”

He said in a calm tone and me? I was confused.

“What do you mean Mr Hemsworth?”

I asked politely.

He rested his head back to the chair and was looking at the ceiling.

“Ms Winget... I am giving up this position of the CEO.”

“What?” I said with a shocked expression all over my face.

“Yes. I guess it's time for me to retire.” he said softly

“No Sir.. I mean we all need you. You are the best CEO one can ever work under. You are the Pillar of the Hemsworths and we all respect you a lot.”

“I know Jenny.. but this old man needs to get some rest now” he chuckled

“You are not old sir.” I said and he smiled.

“I know I am still handsome ..” he winked and I just smiled.

“But it's time for me to step down now.” he said and I can't argue much. Once he has made up his mind.. no one can change his decision.

“Then who are you planning to pass it to?” I asked curiously. Though I enjoyed working under him still I was curious to know who will be my new Boss.

“My son ” he smiled. “Emerson” he said and I smiled back at him.

“If that's what you have decided.. ” I said giving a half-smile.

“I will do my best for my new boss.”

He smiled.

“I know you will .. You'll get to meet him the next day.. he will start from tomorrow.” he said and I nodded to him.

Emerson's POV

“Umm Babe.. you gave me the best night of my life.” she said kissing my neck.

“Yeah.. you too” I said caressing her bareback with my right hand. I opened my eyes and she was smiling and playing with my hair.

“Good morning babe.” she said giving me a peck on my lips.

“Morning Sweetheart!!” I winked at her.

She started trailing butterfly kisses from my jawline and neck and down to the chest.

I heard my phone ringing and answered it.

“Hey Buddy. ” he said.

“What do you want Sam. ” I said in my sleepy voice.

Though Sam is my best friend I hate him sometimes .. especially when he calls me early morning..

“Easy there Tiger.. I heard you agreed to become the CEO ”

“I wasn't agreed I was forced to” I said kissing her in between.

“Typical you” he laughed.

“By the way what are you doing?” he asked.

“Having fun” I smirked pulling her closer to me.

“Ooohhhh !! Sorry to disturb you.. you carry on with your fun and meet me later. Bye” he said and cut the call.

“You were so well last night Bella” I said smirking.

“Bella? Who is Bella?” She asked.

“You are.” I replied.

“I'm not Bella ” she shouted

“Then who are you?” I asked getting up.

“You spent the whole night with me and you forgot my name?” she asked shouting again.

“Umm.. no.. Selena?”

“No” she said

“Any?” I asked again

“No idiot .. I'm Stella” she said throwing the pillow on my face.

“Yeah whatever... Now leave.”

I said... Moreover ordered

“What? You said you love me?”

I started laughing.

“My beautiful babe.. I don't even remember your name and you want me to love you?.. ” I laughed..

She got up angry. Wore here clothes giving me an angry look and I was just smiling at her making her more irritated.

“Bye Gella” I waved my hand to her when she was leaving.

“It's Stella you Moron” she snapped back and left.

And I couldn't control my laughter.

This is me and I enjoy my life like this. I don't believe in love. The only theory I live by is“Do and leave”.

I got ready to meet Sam. I wonder why he wanted to meet me.

“My Baby brother” he said hugging me

“Leave me, woman.” I said pushing him away and he pouted. That's why I call him a woman. We decided to meet at our regular place. We have been coming to this cafe since we were kids. We both love this place a lot and it's more like a home for both of us.

“So? Who kept you busy last night? ” he asked with a smirk.

“Some Hella” I said sipping my coffee..

“Hella? What kinda name is this?” he said and I shrugged.

“Why did you wanted to meet me?” I asked him.

“First of all.. congratulations Mr CEO” he chuckled and I hit his arm.

“Ouchh sorry!” he said acting as if I had broken his bone.

“Tell me ” I said and he kept his coffee down at the table and sighed.

“We were attacked” he said softly..

“What??” I was shocked.

“Where?” I asked.

“The warehouse ..,” he whispered..

“Any names? Who was behind the attack ?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Let's go then” I said and we both got up.

He was driving as we were going to our warehouse.

My phone rang and I picked it up.

“Dad. ”

“Is it true son?”

“Yes..” I said.

“Where were our men when the attack happened?” he asked.. he too was furious.

“Going there only for answers.. Sam has got the names.” I replied.

“Great.. Find them and report to me later.. I have a meeting.. and yes.. you have to start tomorrow. Please be on time here. It's your first day as the CEO”

“Yes Dad.. ” I said and hung up.

“We are here Boss..” Sam said and we got out of the car.

“Call a meeting. I want to meet all the men.” I said and he left.

I entered the warehouse and greeted by the guards.

I went towards the safe room which was ajar as the door was broken

“Those sons of a bi-” I cursed under my breath and went inside to have a look ..

I go through all the weapon supplies which were kept there.. all were untouched.. I went through some other things and realised that all were untouched.

“What the heck. They attacked us but didn't take anything.. All the supplies and weapons areas it is.. then why did they attack us?”

“All are here Boss ” I was busy thinking that I didn't even notice Sam talking to me.

I nodded and we left.

All the men were present here.

“What the f*ck were you all doing when this attack took place? Were you all sleeping? Do you have any idea what could have happened if they had taken these weapon supplies with them? Do you all f*ckers know the value of those?” they all were looking down and none answered.

“Who did this?” I asked Sam.

“You won't like it.” he said looking down.

“Of course.. now tell me who are they?”

“The Skulls” he said.

“I am gonna kill those bastards.”

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