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Shades of the CEO

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Chapter 2

***Next day***

Jennifer's POV.

I woke up early today. Call it the excitement to meet my new Boss or anything else but I really couldn't sleep last night.

I got ready soon and left early too.. Thank god my car is in good condition now. I can't always depend on Sophia for my arrivals and departures.

I had some time left so I decided to go to the Cafe near the office building. I didn't have my breakfast today as Sophia was still sleeping because she came home late yesterday from work and I was too lazy to cook.

I went inside and my phone beeped

I looked at it and there was a text from my babe

Edward: Morning babe.. I miss you.

Awww..I almost blushed.. his texts always make me blush.

Me: I miss you too babe.. when are you coming back? :(

Edward: Soon babe very soon. Work here is hectic. I'll come in a day or two. Bye for now I have to go.

Me: I love you.. take care.

Edward: I love you too Sweetheart

I was busy texting him and I didn't notice a man coming right my way and we both collided.

“Ouch!!.. ” I said rubbing my head.

“You idiot are you blind ?” I shouted at the man and looked up at him.

Oh my... Is he a model? The man was wearing an Armani suit. He is so freaking perfect.. those blue eyes. That perfect jawline those silky brown hair. This man is gorgeous.. Stop it, Jenny. You have your man. Stop staring at him.

“Are you listening Dumb woman? Stop checking me out” he said.

I didn't even realise that my mouth was wide open and I was staring at him as if he was candy.

“I-I'm not checking you out. And don't you have eyes? You hurt me. ” I said rubbing my head. I got hurt. Though I just collided with his shoulder as he was too tall and I could barely reach his shoulders.

“Are you nuts.. you were so busy on that phone of yours .. ” he said shouting.

“You are f*cking nuts.. idiot ” I shouted back at him and started moving to leave him behind.

He pulled me back towards him.

“Listen Ms Arrogant. See what you have done. ” he said pointing towards his suit.

Shit.. the coffee spilt on his suit.

“I didn't do this. You were not looking. Please start walking with open eyes from now” I snapped back and pulled myself away from his hold.

“And by the way Mr Rude” I said and handed him tissues from my bag.

“Here. Take this” I smiled at him and he was just fuming with anger.

He left in anger and I went back.

Emerson's POV

“Where are you son. I told you not to get late today.” Dad said.

“I'm on my way Dad. Just got stuck up.” I said and hung up.

Within a few minutes.. I was at the parking at the headquarters of our company.

I entered the building and was greeted by everyone with a huge grin on their faces. Everyone welcomed me nicely and even offered me bouquets.

“I am overwhelmed with the welcome I received. I know you all have been working very hard to keep the name of Hemsworths at the top and I appreciate this. Being the new CEO of this company, I promise you all that I will treat you like my family and will try my best to keep this company at the position in which it is now.” I said smiling and everyone clapped. I asked them to get back to work and they did.

I saw the female employees almost drooling over me and a few even winked at me. Well.. what can I do? I have this effect on women. I smirked and entered the elevator to go to my office.

Jennifer's POV

“He's here.” Mr Hemsworth said. He looked happy today. I got excited and nervous too.

“Dad” I heard a husky voice behind me. His voice was demanding and... Beautiful? Shut up Jennifer Winget.. he is your Boss.

“Son.. here.. meet your PA Ms Winget. And Jennifer he's my son Emerson.” he said smiling and I turned back to face him.

“You!” we both shouted at the same time.

No.. this can't happen he can't be my boss.. no .. the man on whom I spilt the coffee today and .. I don't even remember what words I used on him.. it's a dream .. it's a bad dream, Jenny... I pinched my hand .. it's not a dream.. shit.. I am dead.

“You both know each other?” Mr Hemsworth asked confused.

“Umm.. actually sir we-”

He cut me off “Dad we saw each other in the coffee house today. She fell and I helped her.” he said. What the hell is he talking about.. Bastard. He wants to be good in Infront of his dad.

“My son.. I always knew he's a gentleman.”

Yeah yeah.. idiot son.

And he was smiling as if he was awarded. Mr Rude

Emerson's POV

Ohh Jesus.. why??? Out of all the women in this world why did she had to be my PA.. I hate her.. I f*cking hate her.

I know she was ready to complain to dad about how I behaved with her. But I cut her. What the hell does she think she is.. Dad would have scolded me Infront of her if she would have told the truth.

“Umm .. Dad, I think I should have a few words with Ms Winget. I want to discuss some work with her.” I said and looked at her. Her eyes widened and she bit her bottom lip. That was the first time when I observed her. She is beautiful. Her brown eyes with the same colour as that of her hair which was tied in a loose bun. Her pink lips were asking me to kiss them already .. Shake it off Emerson.. this girl is bad news. Don't you remember the way she talked to you today?. You hate her.

“Of course son.. she's all yours now.” he said and left giving her a side hug..

He likes her.. I have to bear her for Dad's sake.

After he was gone. She looked at me with the most innocent look then started walking faster towards the door.

“Where do you think you are going Ms Winget?” I asked calm and she stopped.

I turned towards her.. she was just a few steps away from the door. She too turned slowly but avoided my eyes and instead stared tat he tiles.

“Nowhere Emerson.” she spoke softly.. almost whispered.. she looked too innocent this way.

I was walking towards her slowly and she stepped back whenever I stepped forward. I reached her and she stopped when her back touched the door behind as she had nowhere to go now.

“Ms. Winget ” I whispered near her ears. She was breathing heavily. “I need my coffee” I said moving back and she sighed and ran out of the office.

I smiled.

Jennifer's POV

I was staring at the wall clock and was waiting to go home. That idiot bastard Mr Rude has been irritating me the whole day. He has been calling me in his office every couple of minutes for useless things as if he loves irritating me.

I looked at the time..

“Finally... I can go home now.” I said getting up.

I collected my laptop and my bag and was about to leave when Mr Rude entered my cabin.

“You want something, Sir?” I asked forcing a smile.

“Yeah.. I want you to complete this file now.”

“I am sorry Mr.Ru- I mean Mr Emerson but my working hours are completed and it's time for me to leave.. I said

“You are my PA and I will decide your working hours.. I have a date .. I have to leave. ” he winked at me.

What the hell.. he's going for a date and I have to work for extra hours. Great.

He kept the file on the desk and left.

I hate him.

“Mr Rude ” I said irritated

“I heard that Ms Arrogant.. ” he yelled from outside and I shut my mouth

After a few minutes, the janitor came in with a cup of coffee.

“I didn't order that..” I said.

“Mr Emerson asked to give it to you.” she said smiling and left. There was a note with it.

“Ms. Winget. You can take this file home and work there.

Yours loving Mr Rude.”

Thank god. After working for some time I grabbed my things and left for home.

On my way home I bought some ice cream and Sophia's favourite red velvet cake. We will be chilling and watching Netflix the whole night now.

When I reached home Sophia was on the couch still working on her laptop. I don't know how much she works .. she's always on her laptop.

“You are late” she said with her eyes glued on the screen.

“Yeah.. the new Boss is pa ain in the ass.” I said and jumped on the couch near her putting my bag besides.

She laughed “How is he? Is he hot?” she asked closing the laptop.

“Yeah..-umm no I mean.. leave” she laughed even more now.

“You remember the man I told you bout this morning from the cafe I fought with” I asked her and she nodded.

“Well... He's Emerson Hemsworth.. my new Boss.” I said and her eyes grew bigger and she covered her mouth with both her hands.

“Holy shit God baby how you gonna survive there? ” she burst out laughing.

I shrugged.

Emerson's POV

“What?. The girl you collided with in the coffee shop today? She is your PA.?” Sam was shocked and I nodded.

“She was cute though.” he winked.

“She was until she opened her mouth .. don't you remember what all she called me that time?”

“B-bastard .. idiot.. oh god. ” he was laughing more loudly and I punched him lightly..

“Poor girl.. how will she survive with you?”

I smirked. “That's what we have to see”

Dad entered the room.

“How was your day son?” he asked having a seat on the couch near us.

“It was good Dad.. the employees there are very nice .” I said thinking about that Ms Arrogant. She is hardworking though and obeyed all my useless demands but still.... I HATE HER.

“And Jenny.. how's she?” he asked smiling.

“Who's Jenny?” I asked him.. .

“Your PA. Jennifer Winget.. ?”

He said.

“Oh yeah, she.. she's nice and helping.. I want to know her more .” I said or I must say I lied because she is the last person I want to meet or talk about.

“She's really good and is just perfect for you..” he smiled both me and Sam looked at him.

“I mean as your PA.. ” he said laughing. We both sighed

Is this old man planning something???

Dad got up and was fixing his jacket.

“By the way kids.. what about the Skulls.?”

He asked.

We both stood up.

“We have a location Boss.” Sam said looking at us.

“We'll attack tonight.” I said and they nodded. Get ready for some action.

We got ready. I hid my loaded pistol with more extra bullets.. We left with a few men.. I don't need an army for that..

We reached the Skulls safe house. Yes. the warehouse is where we keep our supplies. SThe safehouse is where the Boss and the men meet to plan their strategies. As the name tells. It the safest place for them but. They have to face us tonight.

“We are here.” he said. Our car was a little far from their entrance gate.

The rest men were following us.

We have a look at the place. There were guards everywhere..

“They are fifty.. I was told that..” he said.

“And we are ten. Great.. ” I smiled.

“So?” he asked.

“So.. we will use this.” I said handing him a box.

He opened it .

“Smoke bomb?.. seriously?” he asked and I nodded.

We moved out of the car slowly without making any noise.

“Cover me” I whispered to my men and they did. We were moving towards the entrance. It was dark and the trees surrounded it. They were unable to see us. When we were a meters distance away from them I pulled out a smoke bomb and gently threw it in the opposite direction.

Soon the place was covered in a cloud of smoke and all the guards ran in the opposite direction.

I laughed They are idiots .. everyone ran they should have left some men here. We went towards the gate and placed our destroyer on it. We moved back and it blasts We then went towards it but the gate didn't destroy it. “F*CK!!”

Those men came back and we hid

“Why didn't the gate destroy?” Sam whispered.

“I don't know... ” I said frustrated.

Think something,Emerson..

I looked at the tree nearby and started climbing it.

“What are you doing?” Sam whispered. I didn't answer and kept climbing.. I've gone through the worst .. I can handle these situations.

I reached the top and smiled.

I unclimbed and came down.

“Why are you smiling?” Sam asked.. he was irritated.

“That..” I said pointing towards the roof.

“Their ceiling is made of glass.”

“What?.. ”he asked..“Are they idiots.. who make roofs of glass?”

“They.. I'll enter through the ceiling.”

I said

“No.. Sorry Boss.. but no.. we don't know how many men would be inside. This can be dangerous.”

He was worried.

“They had the nerves to enter our warehouse.. they wanted to show us how powerful they are. I will show our power. I will enter their safe house which according to them is the safest place. I have to do this and you have to handle the situation outside and I am sure there won't be many men inside.. because guards don't go in.” I said he nodded.

I wore my bulletproof jacket and grabbed a rope from his bag.

I winked at him and he just laughed.. he knows me well.. how much situations like these excite me.

I climbed again and tied one end of the rope to the top hard trunk of the tree and tied the other end to my waist. I took a deep breath looked at Sam down. I nodded and he did the same.





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