The Boy Next Door

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I watched her move her hips from side to side. I went up to her and pressed my body into hers as she started twerking. My blood run south. I can see pieces of her butt peaking out as she did and I cannot stop staring. She turned around and said "Michael" with a shocked expression on her face.

Romance / Drama
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Moving in


I just took a dna test turns out I'm 100% that b even when I'm crying crazy yeah I got boy problems that's the h-

I slammed my hand down on my phone trying to turn off the alarm. Ughhhh school. I rubbed my eyes trying to see clearly. My phone read 7:30 and my school starts at nine.

I got out of bed putting on my slippers and then making my way to my bathroom. Looking in the mirror you could see my 5'8 height, tan skin, blue eyes, and long messy blonde hair that looks like it haven't been brushed in days. I took off my pj's and head in the shower.

Ten minutes later I came out the bathroom teeth brushed and a robe around my body and picked out my clothes putting on a red tank top and denim shorts with white slip on vans. I decided to leave my hair wet since I'm too lazy to actually comb it. I grabbed my phone and backpack making my way downstairs.

I walk into the the kitchen to see my mom with a mug in her hand. "Morning mom" I said kissing her cheek and giving her a hug. Her blonde hair was gelled backed into a low pointail and her business atire fit her body like a glove looking very professional. Her brown eyes unlike my blue ones which I got from my dad, were focused on something outside through the living room window.

My mom and dad got a divorce about five years ago when I was twelve and I haven't seen him or heard of him since. He probably has a new wife and family but what do I care. He made his choice and left us. Months after the divorce my mom was a mess. Balling her eyes out every single day. It was painful for me to watch her everyday like this and I blamed my dad for it.

Over the past few years she has been using work as a distraction and I almost never see her at home so I stayed over my friends house most of the time. She's so wrapped up in work that she can't see that I was also in her life too.

"What's that beeping noise" I asked opening the pantry.

"Those are our new neighbours" mom said putting the cup in the sink. I took out honey bunches of oats cereal and put it in a bowl along with some milk and took a seat down around the big island and took out my phone. Going on snapchat I took a photo of myself and sent it to my bestfriend Tina with a S for streaks.

"Come on I don't want you to be late for your first day of senior year and work" mom said going into the garage. Well that's a suprise she never bother to care about my life until what she said just now.

I put the bowl in the sink and followed her.

Putting on my seatbelt, my mom drove out the garage and onto the road. I saw a boy about my age carrying boxes but could only see his back frame because he was walking up the driveway from the moving truck towards the house. He has a lean body but very muscular. As if knowing I was looking at him, he turned around revealing his face. What a beauty and what a beautiful face you have. Too bad I couldn't stare any longer because his face was out of sight as my mom sped down the road.

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