Claiming her again

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Elena Dubrinsky,a normal girl with normal life but what happened when she left the king of mafia Aeron De la Cruz. Aeron De la Cruz, the king of mafia who fell in love with an angel but what happen when his love leave him. What happens when they meet after 5 years. Will he succeed making her his forever?? Or lose again!?!!? Read to know what happen.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

My name is Elena Dubrinsky. I live with my parents, basically I have a normal life with a happy family and I don't have a boyfriend. Because once I fell for someone but he didn't turn out to be who he looks like so I ran away but even after knowing the truth I can't help myself allowing someone else in my life because I gave my heart to him and I can't just give it to somebody else

Today, as usual I'm getting ready for my work. I'm work in a Cafe called " SWEET PATISSERIE". I have been working there for almost 2 years. My bestie from college also work there. Her name is Sasha. She has a boyfriend, his name is Jake. He regard me as his little sister and as I don't have a brother he's like my brother. Reaching the Cafe, I change into my uniform and start taking the costumer's orders. After working for 9 hours I am finally leaving the Cafe. It's already 11:30P.M. Its really late so I thought of taking the shortcut so I can reach home as soon as I can. I was walking when suddenly I heard a gunshot then I was shocked then I saw a man walking he was on the telephone maybe because he was talking. I hid behind one of the big dustbins then I heard him saying. ???:Boss we got him. What should we do?

???2:throw his body somewhere

I was shocked and I left a scream I realized what I did and was going to hide then I felt someone grabbing my hair by force

???:boss theres a girl she was hiding behind the dustbin, what should we do about her?

???2:bring her to the mansion

I was going to scream but suddenly that man put something on my mouth and the next I know is that I blacked out....

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