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Cover credit goes to @RiddhiRajput07 Anika Singh rajput , A warrior Princess with dark complexion beautifull features forced to sent to Shivay Singh Rathode as his war prize ,A ruthless heartless king with great looks and personality . Her dark skin colour was the reason no Prince showed any interest in princess of Madhavgarh , ignoring the fact that she is a capable warrior with sharp mind and twisted plans . His name was enough to send shiver in the spine of his enemies , he had everything a king need for running his kingdom except the right queen . His eyes fell on the masked girl who was fighting against eight of men all alone without any kind of fear , he immediately knew that she is the right one , His proposal was rejected by the Warrior princess hurting his king pride and he announced the war against Madhavgarh . What will happen when the most eligible handsome king will see the Warrior princess of dark complexion ? will he marry her ? or send her back to her home as her skin colour doesn't stand with the beauty standard of his kingdom . ONE MORE THING, THERE IS COLOUR DISCRIMINATION IN THIS BOOK, IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE ABOUT IT, DO NOT READ.THE BOOK IS BASED ON 18TH CENTURY AND I HOPE EVERYONE HERE KNOWS THAT 'THERE WAS A LOT OF COLOUR DISCRIMINATION AT THAT TIME' I WILL IGNORE EVERYONE WHO WILL COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS, AND IT'S A FICTION DO NOT RELATE IT TOANYTHING

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

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Her hair touched her waist and She pull out her sword and quickly get on defence position as the other fighter sword missed by an inch , She smirked before rolling her head and her wild yet dense hair get wrapped around the wrist of fighter taking him by suprise but before he can make another move she placed her sword on his neck and caged his sword from her free hand.

A look of pride crossed on face of other fighter , he quickly accepted his defeat and sat down at front of her on his knees clearly submitting at front of her , Her dominant ego satisfied and She smiled before making him stand on his feet by holding his shoulder.

"Princesss , Princesss" Loud cheers echoched and the Warrior princess turned towards the king , She kept her sword back inside the sheath and bowed down at front of king .

"Like last five year , this year too our winner is Warrior Princess Anika " King announced proudly and once again the crowd broke in cheerfull applause. but some people's was worried for another things not paying the attention to the announcement at all.

"Huhhh, I am really worried for princess" One of the lady among a group of lady said with a look of pity in her eyes .

"I am too , May be She is best fighter and the one because of whom we are alive but she too need to get marry and have her own children" Another lady said her thought aloud and passed a sorrowful look towards the princess .

"Yep , She is going to turn 25 next month and still she isn't married yet" The previous lady spoke again .

"No Prince is going to marry her anyway" Another lady from the group said "She doesn't reach beauty standard of royals , her dark skin tone will not attract any prince" she sighed and they all continued chattering and gossiping about the Princess .

"Pita Maharaj" The Warrior Princess bowed once again before she took her respective place with royals , She look beside her and find her both sister who is in lower position than her was gossiping about something without paying attention towards the basic tackling skills performed by their army mens for teaching everyone self defence. Her sisters is the most beautifull girl among several kingdoms and on the other hand she has the ugliest look among several kingdoms , Her fighting skill is the reason people submits at front of her because in matter of looks she has none but she isn't sad over her looks she is quite happy because she choosed to be like this , She is the one who itself choosed to be ugly.

As the time passed , few more fights took place , the winners were rewarded and the losers were ordered to try their best next time , The final ceremony was about to took place which was making their warrior Princess as chief of Army they were about to start with ceremony but the sound of protest encoached before that

"A lady can never be the chief" One of the protester shout "Defeating a man in ground is easy but a chief need to fight with many at same time and being a lady I don't think princess Anika can handle more than a man at once" he challenged and it took everything for Anika to not jump from her place and rip the man apart .

"She is the most powerfull one , she defeated many soldiers many times and even won battle against Ratnagarh and Ojhanagar" One of the minister replied , his voice was cold telling the protester to back down .

"So I Challenge the Princes Anika to fight with seven of my man after a week" The man challenged looking straight in Anika's eyes , A loud gasp was heard among people and before anyone can say a word Warrior Princess held her hand up silencing the crowd , Her looks were deadly and her dark skin tone helped to make her look more worse

"I , Anika Singh Rajput accept the challenge of this Young man , I will took my position over the dead body of this Young man" She gritted her teeth angrily and people gasped . The icy cold look crossed her eyes before she shouted " And i will tilak my sword from his blood " .


"Your majesty" The messenger bowed at front of the king , King nodded acknowledging him

"What is the message?" King asked in his hard tone which was enough to make anyone shiver .

"Every kingdom around us is going great , There isn't anything suspicious in other state , In Madhavgarh the elder daughter of Aditya Singh Rajput is challenged by a man over her position as chief army , there is a fight going to took place between princess and seven mens after 4 days" The messenger spilled everything out and King's eyes shined with pleasure as the last news gained his interest.


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