For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 10: Shocks and Surprises !!!

Lente Johnson POV:

“Mom. I need to talk to you before you listen to anyone” Drake spoke.

Drake never interrupts me when I am in conversation with someone and If he has now interrupted then it must be something serious. I have been noticing Drake giving those death glares to Diana Viceroy. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on .

But I certainly know this is related to Drake’s friend Helena. I have never seen my son taking interest in any girl. I knew his ways which I am not very proud of but I also believe that I have raised him better and he would not do anything that will bring our respect down.

The way he got angry when I asked him to meet Elina and then bringing Helena to introduce to me explains that he likes the girl way too much and he can and will do anything to protect her. Right now he is trying to protect Helena. No doubt Helena is the person he likes , as he hinted me sometime ago.

“Mom, please can we ?’’ he again called pulling me out of my thoughts. I nodded after excusing Diana. After reaching a corner I waited for him to speak.

“Mom. I want you to know that Helena is not a backstabber. She is the most strongest girl I had ever met. She faced everything with a smile on her face and she still continues to do so. Please don’t let the lady’s word change your opinion about Helena.” He said

“I don’t get why is Diana interested in talking about your friend Helena?”

“That’s because Helena’s last name is Viceroy”

Did I just hear it correct? Helena is Helena Viceroy which means

“Helena is the daughter of Mr&Mrs Viceroy. Sister of Steve Viceroy and SIL of Diana Viceroy.”


“I know what you are thinking mom” he rubbed his face in frustration

“Explain Drake!”

“Mom. Viceroys are ….’’ ….. Drake told everything about Helena and her family. I was stunned to learn that one of the most influential people in Belgium have treated their only girl child like a trash all these days. I looked at Helena who was now sitting with Krystal ,Pearl and Bert and was lost in her own thoughts. I could not very clearly understand what she is undergoing but I can certainly feel that she is worried and in turmoil.

“Mom. She really is leaving for NY after 5 months. She has the offer letter. Pearl, Bert and I have seen and read it. Please don’t believe Diana Viceroy. The Viceroy family don’t deserve any trust from us” he sighed

“Drake. Let me handle this my way. Just have trust on me” I said patting his shoulders and he nodded and started leaving towards his friends

“Drake” I called from behind and he turned

“I like your choice. Don’t let her go off. You have certainly found a nice girl for yourself” I winked at him

He grinned, nodded and left from there and seeing my son happy made my heart swell with happiness.

Now its time for me to deal with Viceroys. I had to let them know what they lost. Though its none of my business, but somehow I could accept the way they treated their daughter. Nobody in the influential circle knew about Helena. I didn’t know till Drake told me. They never ever introduced her to anyone till date. That’s wrong. As Drake is proud of her, I am also proud of her after knowing about her.

Taking a deep breath, I walked towards the Viceroys.

“Hello. I hope you are enjoying the evening” I spoke

“Ohh everything is absolutely perfect.” Mr. Viceroy said

“I am glad you are enjoying” I said and started looking for someone whom I specially invited for the event not knowing he would be the one to make Viceroys realise what they lost.

“Mr. Viceroy, if you don’t mind I want you to meet someone , who has been asking me to introduce you for a long time.”

“Sure Mrs.Johnson” he smiled

I came back with the person I was looking for.

“Mr. Viceroy, please meet Mr.Luc Peetermans , dean University of Ghent.” I introduced

“Nice meeting you Mr.Peetermans” Mr.Viceroy shook his hands with the dean.

“I have been wanting to meet you since long time to congratulate you Mr.Viceroy” Dean said

“Ohh thank you, but what are the congratulations for?’’

“About your daughter Helena Viceroy’s success. I thought you all would be present when she was receiving her triple gold medal in all her majors. But she said you all were busy with something important” dean said

I could see all their faces drop and become pale. As if they had heard news about someone’s death

“Triple Gold medal !!” Mrs.Viceroy spoke clearly trying to cover her shock.

“Yes, Mrs. Viceroy, Helena is way too intelligent for her age. She had performed exceedingly well and that’s why its no surprise that she will be joining the most prestigious investment banking group in 5 months”

“Really?” it was now a question from Steve

“Off course, hadn’t she informed you?’’

“I think , she might had wanted it to be a surprise” I spoke looking straight at Diana Viceroy

“Ohh. I am so sorry for spilling it out. I didn’t know you weren’t informed. But yes its true, she is joining Goldman Investment Banking group and would be moving to NY” Dean apologised

“its ..its okay. We ..we are actually surprised” Mr. Viceroy stuttered for the first time I suppose since I ever met him

“I am sure you must be surprised Mr. Viceroy. She is such a brilliant girl. She sure would have inherited all your skills. Also I am thankful to you for letting her work in our office. She is such a hardworking person. I don’t till now understand how is she handling two jobs. In our office during day time and in night college as a tutor in the evenings. In total she is amazing. I am sure you all are as proud of her as we all are” I added

“she works in your office?’’ Diana gasped

“Ohh yes, I thought you all know. Did you not?’’ I asked her back

They were all silent and were looking around to spot Helena. Dean excused himself and I turned towards them

“But what surprised me most is why didn’t you introduce your daughter to anyone till now Mr. Viceroy? I mean she is such a beautiful and talented girl. I must say beauty with brains is a rare combo. We have met so many times but never did anyone of you speak about your daughter. I am sure she is so precious that you are hiding her from the whole wide world?’’ I asked as innocently as possible

’’ nothing like that. She… she is a shy girl and was never interested in parties or coming out with all of us. So we didn’t force her and let her be how she wanted. In that way we didn’t ever get opportunity to introduce her to anyone” Rose tried to cover up the situation and I gave a fake smile.

“I have a small announcement to make and I would request you all to please stay back till I make my announcement. I am sure you would be happy listening to it and would celebrate with you daughter” I smiled and excused myself and went to the dais.

“Ladies and Gentleman , may I have your attention please.” As soon as I spoke, everyone went silent and paid their attention towards me.

“I have a small announcement to make.” I looked at the guests and gave a smile to the Viceroy family and winked at Drake.

“As you all know our Amsterdam office has been inaugurated by our guest of honor Mr.Viceroy, I am pleased to announce that, the Amsterdam branch major financial operations would be handled by my son Drake Johnson and his friend Helena Viceroy, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Viceroy” I finally made my announcement.

Viceroys, Drake , Helena got shocked and others cheered and gave their applause.

“Also, I would like to add that Helena has not got this opportunity because she is an Viceroy. Till few minutes back I didn’t know that she is daughter of Mr & Mrs Viceroy. But I for sure know that she is already working in our Ghent office and she had got the job purely on her merit like any other employee in our company. But ever since I have heard about her academics and achievements, I couldn’t stop myself from offering her this, because as you all know, I have always encouraged young talents and my children who are also young have been running this business under my guidance without any prior experience. I trust her on her talents and am giving an opportunity to explore. Helena ..” I looked at her “I am not doing you any favor. I am a business woman and I know how to use opportunities , expertise and talents” I finished

I had already decided to let Drake handle the Amsterdam office and that was the surprise I had kept hidden from him. He kept on asking me to reveal and I never agreed. Now I just changed my plan and added Helena too to accompany Drake , so that both would get the time of their lives. Helena could stay away from all the negativity of her family and live her life the way she wants with nothing to worry about. I know I haven’t asked Helena but I am sure she wouldn’t deny me if she lets me explain why I have taken such decision.

Helena POV:

Being shocked was an understatement with what I heard just now. Did Mrs.Johnson really let the world know who I am ? I looked at my family and could see the shock and may be anger too on their faces. They never wanted the world to know that I am their blood. Now Mrs.Johnson's announcement had made it known. Also, me managing the whole Amsterdam office along with Drake. Is she serious. I mean how can I? I have zero experience. I stood there frozen not knowing how to react.

“I am so happy Hele. Really Happy’’ Pearl hugged me cheering loud and that brought me into reality.

“I.. I don’t know. I just want to leave” I said

“No, you are not Hele” Drake said looking at me and held my hand

“Drake. You know, this…this cant work. I will have to deny your mom. I am sorry but..”

“Trust me Hele. My mom never makes any big decisions without thinking. If she did now, its definitely for your and our benefit. But I am not gonna force you. If you don’t want to come along, you are free to deny her. Yet I would suggest to give a thought before denying her.”

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I am in such a position where I cant decide anything and donno what will happen next. Its true I want to leave this city and my family behind and go anywhere else, at the same time Drake and I both being together with no Pearl and Bert around seemed to be bad idea. Not because I am expecting something from his side, but I am sure being close to him, working with him and seeing him everyday will make my little crush on him turn into something big which I am sure will end in a heartbreak.

I could see Drake was getting congratulated by the guests and I was also being wished good luck by most of them, but I could clearly see the glares I was getting from my family. Drake held my hand after a while and started walking towards my family.

What is with him today holding my hand every now and then?

Pearl, Bert, Krystle also tagged along.

“Drake… No… Don’t do this…It’s not right time” Drake stopped and turned to look at me.

“Hele remember, for once without plan B” Pearl said

“We all are with you Helena. Now, and forever. You need to show them your worth and now is the right time” Bert spoke making me surprised

“I trust my Draky and if he is taking you to them then answer them for all their wrong doings and keep your head high” Krystle encouraged.

Tears formed in my eyes seeing my friends. Krystle Whom I have met few hours ago has embraced me so warmly. She is a successful person yet didn’t treat me odd. Drake was right, his family truly likes me.

I had to do this. I had to answer Diana Viceroy for all the words she said hours back. I had to answer my parents that I am something and can become anything I want. I took a look at all of them and said “Lets do this” and smiled

Drake pressed my hand firmly and we all walked straight to where my parents were standing getting congratulated for whatever reasons.

“Hello Mr. Viceroy” Drake greeted earning an angry glare from my father.

“Helena. I need to talk to you right now. Follow me” he ordered.

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