For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 11: It’s Over!!!

Helena POV:

I knew it was time to face some music and play some music too. I looked at my friends and then at Drake who was still holding my hand.

“I will manage” I assured when I saw concern and worry on each one of their faces.

Drake held my hand much tighter as if he was asking me to allow him to accompany me. I turned and shook my hand making him loosen his grip.

“Hele, we are right here, just give a call and we would be in a second in the room.” Pearl said to which I nodded and took strides to finally talk to my not so called family.

Once I entered the room along the hallway, Diana closed the door. I could see my father gritting his teeth in anger and my mother irritated. Steve was as usual calm and Diana was smirking.

“You called me to talk father” I said wanting to end this meeting as soon as possible

“Talk? No its not talking its more about questioning you” my father replied


“You don’t really know or are you acting innocent?’’

“I don’t know about what you want to question. But please make it fast, I want to go back to my home”

“Your home? Where are you living?”

“In the same city father”

“Helena Viceroy, don’t act smart”

“I am not. But I really don’t want to welcome anyone of you to my place.”

“We aren’t either interested to come to your miniature home”

“Thank you”

“You know, I can just break your pride and attitude within few minutes”

“No, I don’t and even if I know, I wouldn’t allow you to”

“Don’t you try to push me”

“What do you want Mr.Viceroy”

“You to leave whatever you are doing right now and marry Ken Dortmund.”

“It will not happen , not until I am alive”


“Because I have a career and I want to pursue it and live my life on my own terms. For God sake you asked me to leave everything and get out of your lives, I did so. Now why are you behind me. Why don’t you live peacefully and let me live peacefully. I need nothing from you all. I can make my own living, so just let me go”

“So that, you can whore around isn’t it Helena?” Diana spoke

Hearing to her words brought the anger I tried to put to rest.

“Listen Diana Viceroy and listen good. I am not a bloody whore to earn my living. I had worked my ass off to earn my degrees and with my degrees I have got the job. If whoring is the only way you think others can make living then I would suggest you to get out of such low thoughts. Also next time you make the same comment, I would not step back to raise my hand on you. I am sure you wouldn’t like that.” I said in a dangerously calm voice making her stunned as rest others

I turned towards my family who stood shocked

“Now about you all. I am done with you for all the good. I wouldn’t want to meet you anytime in my life, whether my situation is good , bad or worse. You asked me to leave, I left. I might even remind you, that I haven’t taken anything that you bought me or gave me. So you cant claim to give my life to a rogue like Ken Dortmund. You don’t have right to ask me to do so. I don’t know what wrong I have done for being kept away from being loved by you all, but now I don’t crave your affection or love anymore. If you keep commanding, threatening or calling me names, then I would have to take an extreme step to bring your true selves in the public which you might not like.”

“Helena. Watch what you are speaking?” my mom yelled

“Stop it Mother. What happened to your voice when Diana was calling me Whore? Why didn’t you ask her to do the same?’’

“So you have come to threatening us?’’

“Do think whatever you want to think father. If required I wouldn’t step back to call for a press conference and let them know what sort of parents you are and were”

“If that’s what you have decided then let me tell you, you are flying high only because you have my name attached with you. Do you even realise if that is taken away you would be nothing?’’ my father almost screamed to which I smiled and shook my head

“Father, I never said anyone I am a Viceroy, more precisely the great business tycoon Mr&Mrs Viceroy’s daughter. I have lived a life much normal than the maids of your house. You know how pathetic you as parents were? I will tell you today.

You have every damn time forgotten that there was me in the house who needs food, while you enjoyed yourselves in some restaurant or at a party. To top that you used to give day off to the maids and butler. Did you even realise what and how I had eaten while you did so? I was small and I had to call granny to let me instruct how to turn on the stove till how to make a soup or a sauce for the salad.

I used to excel in studies but till date you don’t know what and how I have performed in academics?

You used to instruct me to stay inside a room whenever there were guests or there was a party arranged in your villa. For what? Because you didn’t want anyone to know you had a daughter.

Did you ever buy me anything after the age of 14, to that matter even my clothes? Apparently Mr.Viceroy “No”. But did you ever know how I kept my modesty and your honour? I worked in a book store in the city and earned money to buy myself the basics.

My books, my necessities, my savings everything related to me had been taken care solely by me. So tell me how is me being your daughter benefited me in any way?

My job in Goldman Investment is not because I used your name, that’s because of the thesis that I wrote that landed me this job. It has nothing to do with your name attached. The house I am living in or the mobile I am using or the dress I am wearing is because I do two jobs, again this has nothing to do with me being your daughter.

None of the people in city, knows I am your daughter , a Viceroy till today.

I controlled my tears, I didn’t want to give any sort of satisfaction to them of being broken or affected. I took a look at the people standing before me, I could see they had no emotion except disgust and anger except for Steve, who was showing guilt but trying to mask it. I shook my head taking a deep sigh

“Mr. Viceroy, if you are concerned about me using your surname, I would go to the stad and get my surname removed. I would no longer want to be called a Viceroy, if that gives you the peace. You have already threatened to disown me. I would ask you to do that for your own good. Disown me and keep no relation.”

“Helena” this time my brother spoke “Do you realise what you are saying?” he was the only one who spoke softly for the first time

“I am glad you said a word Steve. But as an answer to what you asked, yes I realise and am in complete conscious when I said what I said. I want your father to disown me.”


“No Steve. Its too late, the relation between them and me never existed, not even for name sake. What would I do with keeping their name attached. I never took advantage of it, and I have no plans to take advantage of it in future. If they disown they can atleast put a blame on me as to not worthy of being their daughter and maintain the respect. If I take a step, then there will be fingers pointing towards you all. For what is worth , I owe this much to you all for keeping a roof till I have become independent.”

“Fine then Helena. I disown you from this moment. You are and never will be called as daughter of me” My father shouted

I nodded and turned towards the door saying nothing and leaving everything behind, this time for good. I have no attachments left with them, I have no family to call my own. I am technically an orphan now despite not being one. Every string attached with them has broken and I knew for sure that the string can never be repaired or joined. Its over !!!

I walked out of the room and was surrounded by Drake, Pearl, Bert and Krystle. But I was hugged by Mrs. Lente Johnson. I broke into tears. Tears that I was withholding all the while when I was infront of them. Mrs. Lente probably has shushed my friends as they didn’t ask even a single question. Few minutes after when I calmed down

“Helena, I don’t know what happened in the room, but let me tell you, you are always welcome to our home. Even if my son and you are not friends anymore or you need a mother figure to guide you. Don’t think and just barge in or give me a call. “ Mrs. Johnson wiped my tears and kissed me gently on my forehead.

I thanked her and hugged her feeling the warmth. The warmth that I craved from my mother but never got and the warmth that I felt for the first time in my life.

I realised that my life has taken a turn where I have no choice except to move forward, with or without Plan B. But I knew all these people around me would be there to encourage me and back me.

“Dear life, I am ready to start my new chapter from now on” !!!

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