For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -12: The bond after broken !!

Helena POV:

None of us spoke and just sat back at some corner trying to stuff some food in after such a melodramatic evening. I insisted Pearl and Bert to dance as they planned. Krystle & Mrs. Johnson were talking and greeting with the staff. That makes Drake & I to be the only ones at the table. I didn’t wish to speak anything, it was too much for me at the moment and Drake didn’t ask me anything.

I am thankful that he and his family have supported me so much. I didn’t believe when Drake said that his family would like me, but with what I witnessed I don’t know how to repay their kindness and support.

While I was immersed in thoughts, I heard my name being called , I looked around and so did Drake. Steve was approaching us and Drake instantly held my hand. I stood up to face Steve not knowing why he has come to see me after I breaking all the ties with them.

“Steve, why are you here?” Before I or Steve could say anything Drake hissed

“oww… Young man relax, I am not here to taunt or harm my sister…I just wanted to speak something to her”

“I don’t think ..” I cut Drake off gesturing him with my eyes to let me handle. Drake nodded and excused himself walking away to the other table from where he could keep a tab on us.

“Steve why are you here?”

“Helena” he rubbed his neck

“Your family wouldn’t like to see you talking to me”

“I am sorry sister” he spoke shocking me

“Sorry ??”

“I know you are shocked, but I should have apologized long back, which I couldn’t do”

“It’s ..It’s too …”

“Late” he completed and I nodded

“I know, but you know what they say “better late than never”. I am sorry for how Diana spoke to you. I am sorry for not standing up for you all the years. I am sorry for not supporting you as a brother rightfully should. I never despised you Helena. I didn’t know how to convince mother and father to treat you well and one among the family. Father always wanted to impose his will and wishes on me and I became his toy. Then came the responsibilities and life became a mess. I know I should have done something for you, but I didn’t know how to explain them. I agree being a coward, that’s because I had to take over the business from father for which I worked hard. I had to get out of his clutches. No action of mine justifies why I didn’t do anything for you, no explanation will make you feel better and I totally understand. But Helena, I always silently loved you as my baby sister. I used to inform Granny about the happenings in the home regarding you. That was the least I could do. Granny has left something for you before she died.”

“But ..”

“I know Helena, she did send you certain amount for you to use. I know you refused . I also know you later took the amount to help your friend Pearl”


“Helena as I said I never despised you, I wanted to take care of you. But I couldn’t. When father thought of not letting you go out in fear of you letting everyone know of your identity as Viceroy and their treatment towards you, I decided to stop our father saying I would keep an eye on you. My intention was not to stop you but to let you do what you want. Hence I assured him that I would take care if something goes wrong and till nothing goes wrong you can continue what you were doing. That was only way I could stop him. And I am proud I did stop him, look at you , the achievements you have attained are applause worthy. I was always proud of your achievements but never could congratulate you. I knew you were working in night college and I would wait for you everyday till you reach home. I knew about your accounts and funds and I was happy you were making a living on your own.”

Tears rolled down my eyes listening to what my brother was saying.

“Don’t cry Sister. I am happy you are out of all this crying shit. Live, live the way you want to… but happily “ he wiped my tears and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. I hugged him and he didn’t disappoint me, he hugged me back.

“Helena as I said Granny left you something, would you not want to know what is it?”

I shook my head “I don’t need anything brother. You made me a happy girl today. Thank you for stopping father, thank you for letting me be my own. I wish life would have been different and we could grow as every other normal siblings. That’s only thing I wanted, not any inheritance from anyone”

“No, Helena. Granny kind of anticipated that one day father would stoop so low. This is going to help you when you move to Amsterdam on your new work.”

“I…I haven’t yet decided”

“Go Helena. Take up this offer. I have known Johnsons for a long time. They are real good people, kind and soft. Drake may look like a playboy but he is a good person. Moreover with whatever has happened you would need a place change to spend the next 5 months in peace before you move to NY for good. I am not forcing you but just suggesting you. You are free bird now and can make your own choices.”

I nodded

“If you move to Amsterdam, you can stay in the villa Granny has left for you. She has transferred the villa on your name. You are the owner and are free to do anything with that. Her majority of life she spent there and she loves it, she loved you so she passed it on to you. I will send the papers to your office tomorrow so that you can have the possession.”

I looked at him

“I know you are wondering why I haven’t disclosed it to you till date” I nodded yet again

“Because I got to know about that only a month back. I was waiting for a chance to talk to you in Private but things did take drastic turns and I guess this is the best time to let you know”.

“thank you”

He shook his head and held my hand “I am sorry for everything. Hope one day you would forgive me”

“I never hated you brother I was disappointed and now I am not even disappointed because you had your problems to deal with which I never thought about.”

“Thank you and take care Helena. I will send you the papers tomorrow and good luck for your future. I must leave now” he kissed my forehead and left from there without turning back.

I stared till he disappeared from the event hall and turned to look at my friends who were staring at me as if I have grown two heads.


“What did happen? Steve hugging you and caring for you as a brother! How did this happen?” Pearl almost screamed

“Not now. I want to leave for home. I had too much on my plate today”

“I will drop you home Hele” Drake came forward

“I …”

“Hele, I am leaving with Bert. This was what the original plan was. Drake would drop you home. So lets just stick to it” Pearl smiled

“Drake you sure, you are not needed here to help your family? I can always take a cab and leave” I asked looking at him

“Not happening. I have helped them enough and now I need to leave and no more questions I am gonna take you home” he held my hand and almost dragged me

Few minutes later we were in his car on our way to my apartment. Drake never left my hand even during driving.



“I am okay”


“I am really doing okay”

“Okay. I got it.”

“What I mean to say is you can leave my hand” I smiled

He stared at me and then at our hands for a second and left my hand looking towards the road, a slight blush reaching his face making me feel amused.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to …”

“Its okay” I smiled, but I was missing his warmth all of a sudden. I looked at him and turned my head before he could catch me staring.

Why do I want to stare at him? Why do I want him to hold my hands forever ? Why do I want him never to leave me? What are these feelings? I have no answer or I know the answer but don’t want to get it.

“Here we are” his voice brought me out of my thoughts. I looked around to see we reached my destination. I opened the door and got down and he also got down joining me to where I was standing.

“Thank you for everything Drake and sorry because you had to see all that”

Drake held me by my shoulder sending a tingling sensation through my body “You are strong girl Hele. No need to thank me or say sorry”

I smiled and we both looked at each other, as if none of us want to go apart. Drakes hand involuntarily started sliding down from my shoulders towards my arms until they reached my hands.

He leaned closer making both our foreheads touch, firming his grip on my hands.

“You look beautiful tonight Hele. If I had any chance I would never want to go away from you” he spoke huskily evoking some feelings which I never experienced.

“Drake” I whispered

“I know. You see me as a friend. If that’s what I have to be, just to be around you I would be your friend.” He spoke calmly.

I looked at his eyes which were turning a shade darker. His eyes held the longing as if pleading me to allow him to be something more than friend. But was I ready? Yes, I knew I was ready . Yet I have to stop this right now, because the day I leave for NY it would hurt both of us. I might want to get hurt but I cant see him hurt. So I need to become the bad person and stop anything to get escalated.

“Drake. Its late. You and I both are tired. We should take rest and tomorrow we would meet in office”

He stepped backwards and I could see how hurt he was which hurt me even more. Without saying anything else he got into his car and left from there.

God how pathetic person I am. I am hurting the person I have feelings for. I hope he somehow understands its for our best. I am sort Drake, I am really sorry.

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