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Chapter - 13: Decision made !!!

Drake POV:

I had to get out from there as soon as possible. I couldn’t control myself after I had a moment with Helena. I didn’t know what was stopping her from becoming something more than friend with me. As far as I remembered I have not asked for any commitment with me, I just wanted her to be with me as long as she can. I know that means a sort of commitment but God how can I put stop to my emotions and feelings, not to mention the way my body reacts to her touch. A small gesture from her makes my manhood hard. I need to try hard to change her perception about being only friends. I don’t want to take advantage of her nor am I looking for a one night stand with her. If ever a time comes where she wants me to commit to her for a lifetime, I would not step back or think even for a moment to agree to make her mine. All I have known is :I need her. She does something to me which I have never ever experienced from any other girl in my life.

I stepped into my home and went straight to the washroom to have cold shower to control my raging hormones. I started jerking off thinking about Hele and things I would do to her when we are together as more than friends. I came over hard spilling my sperm all over and controlled my breathe and cleaned off.

After putting on sweatpants I climbed on to the bed pulling over the quilt to call it a day. However sleep was not something that was invading me but thoughts about what would be Hele’s answer to going with me to Amsterdam was unsettling me. I was hoping she would come with me so that we can spend sometime and also work together. May be, just may be spending time with me would make her see me in a different way.

My alarm buzzed irritating me to the max and I shut it off , lingering in the bed for some more time before walking to get freshened up and get ready to office.

Helena Pov:

I had not a good sleep yesterday night yet I was ready to office and start my week. I know once I reach office Drake, Krystle and Mrs. Johnson would want to know my answer regarding the announcement made. After lot of thinking I came to a conclusion and am ready with my answer.

I got ready and had Cereals for my breakfast and quickly walked out of my apartment to take the bus. As I was waiting for the bus , I saw Bert pulling his car to stop right infront of me.

“Helena , come get in”

“Bert, what are you doing here?”

“I just dropped Pearl and am on my way to my office. I suppose you are also on your way to office, so let me drop you”

“Are you sure”

“Pretty much”

I didn’t waste time and got in as Bert drove right away. There was comfortable silence in the car and Bert and I didn’t have anything much to discuss.

“So, have you decided what you are gonna do ?”


“Moving to Amsterdam”

“mmm… I think I kind of came to a decision. But before letting know, I want to rethink just to make sure I wouldn’t regret anything”

“Just do what you feel right Helena. If something doesn’t go your way, Pearl and I will always be there to back you”

I smiled as my heart warmed up with his words. When did I get so lucky to have such good souls around me.

“Thank you Bert. Your words means a lot”

“Ohh No. I have to thank you. Before you ask for what let me tell you, its because had it been not you then I would have never met Pearl. The way you handled her, let her pursue her career and brought her along with you wherever you went speaks high about you. She is the way she is today only because of you. If she had not been so, I would have never fell in love with her. So thank you Helena.”

I didn’t speak a word just nodded while he continued driving. Few minutes later he pulled his car in the parking lot of my office. While I was getting down

“Helena, I never voiced out, but I have always seen you as my sister. So if you need anything anytime in your life, just tell me or talk to me. I mean it Helena.”

Tears pooled in my eyes, while I smiled as I nodded. He pressed my hands firmly and mouthed take care as I got down and entered the office, while he drove away. I was expecting the employees to treat me differently after what had happened , but to my surprise everyone was the same way as they had been with me earlier making me feel better.

Once I reached my desk , I started off with my work. An hour later, Steve’s PA came to meet me. I asked him to follow me to a meeting room and once we entered he handed me an envelope stating that Steve has asked him to personally handover it to me. I thanked him and asked him to inform Steve to expect my call in the evening. He nodded and left from there. I opened and saw the villa papers of my grandmother and keys of the villa.. I glanced it and left for my work only not see Drake waiting for me.


“Hele, You okay?”

“Yeah. Did you have something to talk to me?”

“Yes, if you can come along with me to the meeting room”

“Meeting room?” I frowned

“Yes. But nothing to worry. Its just You, Mom, Krystle and I”

“Ok. Just give me a second”

He nodded and waited while I put the envelope in my bag and walked back to him. We both kept quiet and I now knew what this meeting is all about. The moment we both entered, Mrs. Johnson smiled looking at me calming my nerves.

“Helena” Krystle almost lunged towards me

“Calm down woman. Its office” Drake taunted

“My office Draky. Now shut up and sit down” she countered making me amused

“Whatever” he rolled his eyes and took his seat

“Helena, please take your seat and Krystle you too. You both can have your girl time if you want after office hours. Lets be professional now” Mrs. Johnson finally spoke

We both took our seats and all three of us went silent waiting for Mrs.Johnson to continue.

“Helena I will not beat around the bushes to tell you why I have called for the meeting.” I nodded

“Yesterday during the event I made an announcement that Drake and You would be handling major portion of financial dealings of the newly opened De Riveria branch in Amsterdam. I know I haven’t asked you or informed you prior about the same. Just to let you know I made the decision of tagging you along with Drake just before the announcement and it was solely because of the talent you possess. If Goldman Investment Banking group are taking a non-experienced girl like you, then you are different and special by all means. So I want to take this chance. However if you aren’t willing to go, I would respect your decision and let me tell you this will no way affect the current position you are holding in our company. You can still continue for all the time you want to.”

She paused looking at me as if I have any questions. When I kept quiet, she continued

“So Helena, I want to know if you are willing to take this offer and go along with Drake and assist him for the duration you are with the company?”

All three looked at me and I was wiping off the sweat on my skirt that formed due to the intent and expectant stares.

“Mrs. Johnson I will be honest with you. When you made the announcement I decided not to take this offer” I looked at everyone and could see the disappointment

“It’s …”

“But, I realized I have nothing to lose if I take up this offer, instead it would be helping my career. So it’s a YES from my side. I am willing to assist Drake and put my best foot forward till I am with your company”

Drake immediately got up from his seat and hugged me making my insides tingle. I smiled and hugged him back. Krystle and Mrs. Johnson looked so happy and excited too.

“Move yourself away Draky. I need to hug her and thank her” Krystle chirped in making Drake break the hug and I was engulfed in a hug with Krystle followed by Mrs. Johnson.

“Thank you Helena. You don’t have any idea how happy you made me by saying Yes. I was worried to send Drake alone knowing his ways. With you by his side I am sure he would be responsible and manage the business pretty good there” she kissed my forehead

We all settled back and Mrs.Johnson continued

“So, now its decided Drake and Helena will be going to Amsterdam. I would call the branch head there and inform them about your arrival.

Well you both need to move there in 2 days. “

“2 days” I gasped

“Yeah. Do you have any issues Helena”

“Yeah. I mean , I have to pack and inform the landlord of my apartment. I have to settle the rental contract and also inform in my night college about leaving it for good“

“Ohh Don’t you worry. Pearl would be staying in your apartment. Yesterday, we had a discussion about this, like if you agree what are the further steps and that was when Pearl showed interest with staying in your apartment. I guess she would be discussing this with you tonight, once you let her know your decision. As far as I understood from Pearl it is not like you are bound by any contract, so I guess its not a big problem.”

“So that being settled anything else you need to take care of”

“Yeah. Our stay there” I said

“That can be arranged. May be I can get a house for you both”

“Can I say something?’’

“Offcourse Helena” Krystle said

“Can I stay in my Granny’s villa during the whole period. I just got the will and its my own.”

“Absolutely. I will arrange for a car for you to commute. Drake can always look for a apartment or I can buy him one if it is needed”

“I have no issues if he shares the villa with me.” I didn’t know why I said but I realized what I said and everyone were shocked and it was even shocking for me.

Shit what have I said. Drake looked at me stunned

“Are you sure Hele, you have no issues with me sharing the villa with you” Drake asked

“ I mean we will be spending most of the time in office and we would be back to home only to have some food and sleep and its just matter of few months. After I leave Drake can continue to stay there. I really don’t want to sell the property because that’s only thing that will remind me of my granny. By leaving it like that its just gonna be ruined. So if Drake has no issues he can stay with me and all alone later.” I concluded

“I would love to Hele” Drake said showing his dimples.

“Perfect its all decided then. The stay, the work and the transport I assume you both can use Drake's car. Having said that Hele, I can arrange a car for you if you would want one personally. I really don’t mind, just let me know is what I can say”

I shook my head. “Its not needed. If at all I need to go somewhere I can always use public transport. I don’t need any extra facilities Mrs. Johnson. I want to be treated as a normal employee. That’s what is all I ask for. Only extra help I need is someone to clean up my grannys villa before we reach there. If you can suggest someone who can help me with, i would be thankful.”

“Ohh I can do that. Just let me know the address and get me the keys to your home. I will send someone today to take care and they can return the keys by tomorrow after cleaning up everything.” I nodded

“ So lets get back to work for today and you both need not come to this office from tomorrow. Take day off tomorrow for winding off everything in your home and visit us whenever possible or we would visit you often. Either ways it should be okay”

I smiled and we all walked away from the meeting room.

“Hele” Drake called and I turned back

“You sure , you have no issues with me staying with you”

“No. Why do you think so”

“nothing I was just asking”

“I want to go with life Drake. I trust you and I know you would be a good company during the stay. So think it this way : I am using you for my selfish reasons” I smiled

“Ohh use me as you want” he winked while I gasped understanding the multiple meanings in his sentences my cheeks turned warm

“See you later Drake” I smiled and went back to my desk.

Drake and me will be roommates . Will this change anything between us? Can I be able to keep my resolve and not give into my feelings while he will be 24 x 7 around. How difficult will it be or how easy will it be. Only time would tell.

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