For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 15: Prank and Warning !!!

The rest of the day went by we resting and just meeting during dinner. I had a long chat with Pearl and then went to sleep and didn’t bother much as to what Drake was doing. I had to stay away from him and his thoughts too as much as possible. But would it be possible?

It was first day to office and I was quick enough to rise and get ready. I checked the time and looked towards the stairs waiting for Drake to come down for breakfast. We had to be in an hour in the office and there was no sign of Drake yet. Setting up the table with Pancakes , maple syrup , eggs and bacon I climbed the stairs and reached the door of his bedroom. Taking a moment, I gently knocked the door calling his name.

I could hear no reply, twice, thrice and four times I knocked the door yet no response, irritated I tried to push the door and not knowing the door was unlocked and the force applied, I pushed myself right onto the happily sleeping Drake .

The commotion definitely made Drake to wake up and he smiled holding me through my waist while my eyes widened with shock and cheeks heated with embarrassment.

“if you are to wake me up everyday like this, I sure would love to sleep till you wake me up”

“So..Sorry..I …”

“don’t be Hele. You being so near me is what …” he didn’t complete as I narrowed my eyes.

“Drake, can you please let me stand”

“No I feel better with you in this position”




“Fine” he left his grip on my waist and I stood up adjusting my skirt.

“We are getting late, we have around 45 minutes to reach office. Can you please get ready fast”

He smiled and removed the quilt and that was when I realised he is already ready

“What the”

He was laughing holding his stomach seeing my reaction

“You are terrible Drake” I yelled, he looked at me for a second and continued laughing. I was angry yet seeing him laugh like that was making me feel happy, the feelings I want to keep away were flowing within me.

“I am going down and you better come down so that we can go” I stomped and left from there faking anger yet smiling within.

After that little prank he pulled he rushed down and since we weren’t left with much time, I packed the breakfast as Drake was ready with his car right near the driveway.

Once in car he still had that amused face.

“Stop laughing it wasn’t funny”

“Really. I thought it was funny”

“Because of you I couldn’t have breakfast on time and I would be grumpy the whole day” I huffed

He went silent as if some button was switched on, I looked at him and could see he was feeling guilty

“I..I am sorry Hele…I shouldn’t have pranked ..” before he could complete

“Yeah…..You shouldn’t have” I turned towards the window and smirked

“Let me complete Hele” he said as I looked at him questioningly

“I was saying I am sorry Hele, I shouldn’t have pranked in the morning, I should have done during the dinner time” he winked and broke into laughter, while I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

This man is crazy and I am loving his craziness and easy going way. So much for trying to keep away.

As he pulled the car in the parking space and I was about to get down, he held my hand. His simple touch was making me comfortably nervous

“Jokes apart Hele. I am sorry. You couldn’t have breakfast because of me” he spoke gently

“Its okay Drake. I enjoyed the prank, except for “ I bit my lips

“except for what? Hele”

“Nothing. We should go now”

He shook his head and left my hand as we both went inside the building. It was a 20 storey building and our office was on the 12th floor. De Riveria Bar and restaurant was pretty near to the building. However we would work from the office here and need not often visit it except if necessary.

Soon after getting acquainted with the newly joined staff, we dispersed to our Cabin. “OUR CABIN” that’s right. Drake and I were to work in the same cabin. The major attraction is the floor to ceiling window giving a beautiful view of the canals of Amsterdam. The greenery, the cycle tracks and the highway. Right before the window stood a large mahogany table with 2 chairs opposite to each other, obviously for us. Laptops right infront of the chairs on the table and drawers with keys on both sides of the chair in the table. At the right side of our table room stood another table which would allow any other persons entering our cabin to have a conversation or deal. The left side had a wooden rack to store the files, next to it a sofa and Tea table and right opposite to where we sat is the door to enter the room. The whole cabin was in shades of blue and white, giving it a nice feel and most importantly spacious which doesn’t make it look clumsy by any means.

Before we settled in , I placed the breakfast and he was surprised and mouthing a thank you, he stuffed himself. Right after that we dived into work which was primarily to invest in right ways that would benefit the newly opened De Riveria. Drake though was playful and crazy, but when it comes to work he was as serious as possible and indulged himself completely to achieve what he was here for. No breaks, no disturbances and it was peaceful atmosphere, our conversations flowed easily only about work and nothing else. Finally when it was time for lunch, he closed his and my laptop without notice making me yell at him .

“Relax Hele. Its time for lunch and since we are working in shared environment, I have already saved your work. So don’t panic”

“God Drake, you know what I was just appreciating for your dedication but you can be handful most times”

“hey I am not a kid to be handful”

“well for what you have done now, you are a kid”

“ohh…Ohh…do you want me to prove I am not a kid” he winked making me shocked and blush at same time.

“You are blushing Hele”

“i…I am not”

“ohh wait” he clicked a pic and coming near to me , he whispered “look at this. Your cheeks are representing strawberries. Would you deny even now?”

“Drake” I almost moaned, thankfully it came out as a whisper.

“yes Hele”

“Can you put some space between us. It’s …Its..”

“its what?”

I shook my head and turned to look at him, he raised his eyebrows while smirking …”It doesn’t look good I someone sees us like this. I mean”

“You are terrible liar Hele. You know no one enters the room without knocking. So either let me know real reason of putting some space between us or let me be near you” he bent over me , making me bend on to the chair, with my back hitting it. He pulled me making him and me stand properly and held my hand walking towards the door.

“where are we going?”

“Lunch Hele. I am hungry for “ he looked at me and as I looked at him , he rubbed his neck and said “food” making me laugh and bringing a smile on to his lips.

Once we made our way through the hall way, I could see staff looking at me and then at our linked hands. I tried to pull my hand but Drake held it much tight.

“Drake, you need to leave my hand”

He stopped looked at me and asked “Why?”

“Can we talk somewhere else? We are in the mid of the hallway and people are looking at us” I whispered. He looked around and I could see people looking at us. Not just looking staring. While the woman staff showed jealous, then men had altogether different looks.

“No” he said


“I said we cannot talk somewhere else. If you want I will talk to you right here and in an audible range to everyone looking at you” he said

I was stunned , He left my hand for a second and clapped gaining attention of the staff who started to surround us. He held my hands in a gentle but firm grip, and looked around in satisfaction and then clearing his throat spoke

“I am Drake Johnson. I know you all know me as to who I am. Why I wanted to have your attention is what you need to know now.”

Everyone went silent and were attentive.

“well dear staff, this woman next to me is my colleague and a dear friend. So before you make any assumptions and gossip about us, I wanted to make it clear to all of you, that she is very special to me. We share the same house as roommates, share the same cabin as colleagues and we are very close to each other. She is here to help me on a special request from my mom, your CEO. So think twice before you make her feel uncomfortable. I don’t need any deviations and disturbances in my work place which would affect my peace in the place where I stay. If anyone of you have any questions about us , please feel free to ask me right away because next time I see such stares, I have to take some decisions which you and I wouldn’t like much.

He spoke and waited and as no one spoke, he asked everyone to disperse , held my hand and took me out of the building for lunch.

What the f happened right now ?

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