For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -16 : Beach camping !! !!

“Drake, what was the need to do that ?”

“Hele, that was needed for the best. People come to office for work not to gossip. I just made it clear, not a big deal. Isn’t it”

I kept quiet and followed him, we went to a small Bistro and had a sandwich to fill and came back to work. The lunch went quiet as we both were to hungry to have a small talk . Once we were back we resumed work till it was the end of the day.

As we reached home both went to our rooms and met after an hour in the kitchen where, Drake started preparing dinner and didn’t allow me to even chop the veggies.

“I cant sit idle Drake, let me help you?”

“Nee mevrouw, ik kan dit. Je kunt een beetje rusten omdat je vanochtend veel hebt gewerkt”

(No ma’am, I can do this. You can rest a bit because you worked a lot this morning)

I smiled listening to him speaking Dutch and I found it cute too with his Belgian accent.

“what’s with you smiling?”

“Its been long I spoke in Dutch with my friends”

“yeah, that’s true. Bert is a proper Belgian and I am born In Belgium though my parents are from UK, yet he prefers to talk to me in English”

“Does he find your Dutch funny?”

“no he wants to improve his English is what he said”

I laughed and he looked at me confused

“What’s the catch?” he raised an eyebrow

“No, I am not gonna tell you anything. You better ask him”

“Hele, are you telling me or …” he took steps towards me…

“Drake don’t you dare”

“As if I would listen to you”

I sprang from my chair and started taking steps towards the backyard while he was after me to catch, I ran outside and since the backyard was huge, I knew he wouldn’t. We were running laughing and calling names when we started smelling something burnt.

Realisation hit me and I yelled “Drake ! Dinner ! Kitchen” and it was too late as the veggies he put on stove were burnt and turned black with smoke alarm ringing. I went to put the stove off while Drake went to open the doors and windows and tried to stop smoke alarm.

Cleaning and sorting the kitchen, took a while and we were tired and in no mood to cook. Drake apologised and I had to literally scream at him to stop apologising after which he agreed and ordered Chinese from a local eat out.

The first day was definitely eventful and I was sure Drake would make my stay lively and happening.

Next few days passed by without much of a change in routine and it was finally the first weekend and we both were waiting for Pearl and Bert to arrive. They would be spending the weekend with us and I couldn’t be anymore happy to have my friend back with me and it was same with Drake.

“I am here Hele” Pearl literally screamed as Drake opened the door for the lovebirds.

“Kitchen Pearl” I replied

I knew she would run to reach me and I stood taking kitchen platform as support waiting for her, while keeping an eye at the breakfast.

“Hele” she pulled me into arms and I had tears swirling in my eyes. “I missed you” I said and I could hear her sniffs

We looked at each other with tears and as it goes burst out laughing for no reason. That was how we used to calm our emotions.

“They are weird” we heard Bert saying Drake while Drake nodded

“We are here Bert” I said

“ohh, it wasn’t about you’’

“Really?” pearl said bringing her hands to her chest and raising an eyebrow.

“Peace out Pearl. Lets have breakfast and put your plan into action. What say?” Drake interfered.

“Plan? What plan?” I asked

“Ohh you will know, I arranged everything for you, all you need is come along with us” Pearl replied meekly

“What are you up to Pearl?”

“Come on Hele. I am hungry. And we are here only till tomorrow afternoon and after a really long time I am in Holland so please agree to whatever I ask. I am excited” she put her puppy eyes on and there it goes, I cant deny when she does that.

I shook my head as we went to the dining area and took our seats while Drake and Bert set the plates and served breakfast. I knew something was definitely cooking up behind my back and none of the three were ready to let me know.

I wanted to go out and live my life and I trust these 3. So why am I overthinking. I should let myself go and enjoy.

Coming to this decision I kept my thoughts back and walked with Pearl towards the driveway of our villa. Bert stopped his Caravan and I was shocked. I knew where we were going then and gave a sharp look towards Pearl to which she shrugged and pulled me into the truck with caravan behind.

“pearl are we going to Texel for Camping and Swimming?” I asked

Her smile grew wider “You remember Hele?”

“off course, I should have guessed it earlier. Ohh no..No…No…I am not coming. Please. You guys go and enjoy. I don’t want to come” I pleaded

“Not happening Hele. We are an hour and half away and no way we would be going back and you are coming. “ Pearl stated

“Hele, you okay?” Drake voice sounded concerned when he heard me pleading

I shook my head but didn’t say anything. I knew what Pearl was doing. I knew why she was doing. She always threatened me and she would be making her threats come true. It would be embarrassing. God where have I signed myself.

So much for thinking of going with flow

“Ohh I am making few things come true” she leaned towards Drake and whispered something making him grin and he winked at me.

2 hours later with Pearl and Bert arguing on what to cook, where to put the tent, When to do what etc etc we reached Texel Island.

Bert and Pearl started setting up the tent leaving me and Drake to put up another tent. The fears were coming true.

I knew Pearl would bring only two tents so that I will have to share it with Drake. No real surprise right.

“Shall we Hele?” Drake asked and we started setting up our tent few meters away from the lovebirds tent to be safe from any unwanted sounds during nights.

“That’s it , we are done. Lets put in the sleeping bags and quilts and we are good to go towards the beach” Drake spoke coming right behind me.

“I..I don’t want to come to beach. I want to rest here in the tent. “

“And why do you think we will agree to you Hele?” he whispered in my ear from my back, raising goosebumps on my body.

I closed my eyes, while his breath continued to fan my neck sending butterflies in my stomach.

“Cant wait to see you in swimwear Hele” he whispered and before I could turn around and protest he walked towards Caravan to get the Sleeping bags.

Listening to the calls from Pearl, I made her way to the tent and closed it before Bert could enter

“What the hell Pearl? What are you trying to do?”

“Chill babe. You are already roommates, for tonight you would be tent mates. Nothing much”

“I will walk to the beach but no swimming, I am not gonna wear any swimwear”

“Hele, you don’t want me to force you right. I know you don’t feel comfortable to swim in a bikini just because you feel you don’t have great body. That’s wxact reason why I am making you do this. For God sake Hele, you are hawwtt if I have to say and no , you are doing this. I and Bert will not be anywhere near you. So enjoy with Drake and let yourself loose.”

“Pearl do you understand , you are forcefully trying to set me up with him’’

“No. I know you like him, like a lot and I also know he…” she shook her head took a pause and then spoke again

“I would be the last to force anything on you, knowing what does it do to you Hele. You are my best friend and my only family and I wouldn’t do anything wrong when it comes to you. Trust me Hele, you would enjoy and you would enjoy as you have never before. Just let it go with the flow babe. Keep your inhibitions away. You are beautiful and sexy so why not flaunt.” She patted

Should I listen to my best friend?

“Hele, here change and come out.” She gave me the two piece and left from there. I looked at the clothing in my hand it was white and white. Can the ground open and swallow me. I rubbed my forehead and changed into the two piece and put on some shorts and halter neck shirt.

Once I was out I could see Bert and Drake in their trunks with wifebeaters and they were looking like models right out of some magazine. We decided to walk barefoot till the beach as our tents were near to the sand .

I laid my towel and sat looking at the beach while Drake came and sat next to me.

“What are you thinking Hele?”

“Nothing specific. I like the sound of waves and the breeze of sea. I feel some calmness whenever I am near seashore.” I turned and looked at him.

“Don’t stop Hele. Just talk”


“because your voice is soothing. It makes me calm and happy.” He said gently trying to put my tresses behind my ear which were all over my face due to the breeze.

“I am not talkative Drake”

“but when you talk, its music to ears”

“are you flirting with me?”

“is it working?”

“I must say to some extent yes” I smiled and got up feeling bold, taking off my t-shirt and shorts revealing myself for the first time before someone else except Pearl. I could see Drakes jaw dropped and his eyes darkened.

“You look stunning Hele” he didn’t hold back his words. He stretched his hands and I held his. He pulled me on to him as I fell on him.


“You really look amazing. Can I put some lotion on you” he spoke holding me by my waist while our bodies were touching beyond the line of dignified intimacy.


“Sshhh….let me…pleaseeeee……” he touched my earlobe making my grip on him tight.

I nodded and he made me sit, and started applying the cold lotion gently on my back. His touches were certainly making me go crazy within, as I closed my eyes and gripped the towel underneath me as tight as possible. After he was done with my back, he brought his hands from under my arms, while his front was touching my back. I laid my head at his shoulders, while he was applying the lotion at my arms and waist. As his hands traversed from my stomach towards my legs my breath hitched.

“I am thorough gentleman when I am with you Hele. You can trust me” he placed his chin on my shoulder and pulled my legs up to apply the lotion to my thigs.

He stopped and placed his hands round my waist while his chin still rested on my shoulder and my head on his. I felt good, it felt good being so close to him. Something new yet amazing.

When his lips touched the space between my neck and shoulders, I moaned and gripped his hands on my waist tight. That’s when I realised where we were. I quickly pulled away from him and got up and ran towards the water.

I am falling for him.

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