For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 19: Some promises to hold on to !!

Helene POV:

“Yeah For once without Plan-B, Hele!” Drake repeated making my smile grow wider

“so where does this go next?’’ I asked holding him and grinning ear to ear

“wherever and however you want”

“Cheesy much”

“Tell me you are not liking this though?’’ he wiggled his eyebrows up and down and I playfully hit his shoulders making him yelp an ouch in a mocking tone.

“I am liking this Drake. Never knew I would see one day as this”

“Contrary I knew I would always see such a day where you would be with me in my lap, smiling”

I blushed snuggling in his embrace. I was calm, I found my peace and if I had any powers in my hand or if I had a magic wand I would stop this moment and never let it go. He rubbed my back and let his fingers lazily roam in my hair, while I closed my eyes letting his gentle touch sooth me. No words were spoken and the calmness pushed me into sleep.

When I woke up, I saw Drake next to me resting on his elbow while other hand was on my waist and he staring at me.

“I am sorry I slept”

“good and no need to be sorry”

“I guess, Pearl and Drake must be waiting for us. We should go and join them”

He pulled me as he lay next to me and my head rested on his chest while my hand was on his torso


“Don’t Hele. You have no idea how much I wanted this to happen. I wanted to be with you every moment. Do something ..”

I placed my hand on his mouth blushing

“Too fast”

He raised his eyebrows

“I...” I blushed and dipped my head on to his chest more while he gently took my hand off his lips and said

“I mean it Hele. You have no idea how many cold showers I have taken all these years.”

I looked at him “Do you want me only because umm…”

“Sex? Are you asking that I want you because of having sex with you?’’ he asked

I nodded

“Hele, I should be mad at you for thinking so low about me” his tone serious

“I …I am sorry..i shouldn’t have asked you” I got up fidgeting my fingers.

I was nervous, I just wanted to know. All this is new to me and I wanted to know what and how he thinks about me, us. But yet again I messed up and made him angry. God, why am I so dumb.

He laughed and I turned looking at him with a frown.

“God Hele. Look at you! You have gone pale and are almost shaking” he laughed.

“Shut up, I thought I have hurt you. I was cursing myself” I hit him

“Ouch…okay..okay…stop…I am sorry…” he was still laughing and I continued hitting him

“Whats happening. Are you both okay?” we heard Pearl and Bert’s voice from outside

I went and opened the Zip of the tent and they both barged in and were looking at both us with wide eyes

“Hele, Care to explain what is that , that made this Idiot of a person to laugh so much?’’ Pearl asked

“He pulled a terrible prank on me and made me feel guilty” I said

“Drake…even I want to laugh…tell me what did you do?” Bert asked with great enthusiasm

“Bert, dare you pull such a prank learning from this asshole” Pearl warned

“Hey, I am a gentleman, not an asshole” Drake replied

I giggled

“Whatever, now spill, I want to know” Pearl demanded

“Ohh that…nothing…Hele thought I want her only because of sex and nothing else and I pretended to be mad and hurt” he shrugged

“Hold on” Pearl screamed

“What did you just say? I mean Hele knows you wanted to ..I mean You …” Pearl was stunned and was stumbling with words which made Drake and I giggle.

Drake came behind me and hugged me from back resting his chin on the nape of my neck and holding my hands against my stomach.

Bert broke into a huge grin while Pearl closed her mouth with her hands pleasantly shocked

“Hele wants to see where we both go together as more than friends and so here we are” he spoke placing a kiss on my neck sending tingles to my stomach making me hold his hands tight.

“I knew…I just knew…Bert …..didn’t I say my ship will sail one day and see how soon the day came” she jumped and Bert was looking at Pearl with pure adoration

“Pearl relax”

“We need to celebrate. I am so happy for you” she pulled both of us in Drake while Bert joined the group hug.

“Congrats man. Finally” he patted Drakes shoulder making him nod happily, while Pearl hugged me from sideways whispering “I am so happy for you Hele. Drake is a very good guy and trust me he would make you his queen”

I smiled while my cheeks turned warm.

“Okay I need to celebrate and Drake its your turn to grill the food, while we would keep your company by our talks” Pearl declared making him nod and we left to the caravan to set up everything for grilling.

The next few hours were pure fun, chatting, eating , drinking. No, I didn’t drink alcohol, I had the fruit juice while Drake and Bert had Beer and Pearl some wine. As the night passed we returned to our tents and the moment we entered the tent and closed it, Drake hugged me from behind

“I missed you”

“I was with you all the time”

“You were not so near to me”

I turned towards him “are you serious?”

“yes. Pretty much”

I shook my head in amusement.

“I don’t want any moment to be away from you. Name me as cheesy, possessive, addictive or a bubble gum or basically anything, the fact is I don’t and can’t be away from you”

I pressed my lips to his and placed my arms round his neck pulling him closer. He deepened the kiss and made me move next to my sleeping bag. Without breaking the kiss, he made me lay on my back and hovered above me, making sure not to put his weight on me.

His kiss, his scent and him being so near were arousing my hidden sensations as certain fire started within me and wetness again started pooling between my thighs. Once we broke the kiss in need of oxygen, our eyes met and I could see his eyes turning a shade darker filled with may be lust and need.

“Hele” he huskily took my name and started moving his finger from my forehead towards my nose and then onto lips. As his finger started trailing down I gulped in anticipation but didn’t want him to stop. Slowly his finger traced my neck and ran towards the middle of my chest and stopped, while he looked at me.

He quickly got up and before I could say anything , laid next to me, I turned my head to look at him and he caught my hands in his and looking at the roof of the tent he spoke

“Hele. The answer to what you asked earlier..” he paused and continued “I don’t want you just for sex, I want you for every good and bad in my life. Off course sex is one of the reason to, because “ he again paused and continued “Because you know why.”

I didn’t speak anything , I wanted to listen to him. His voice gentle and full of sincerity

“Hele I know how you had picturised me. But I always wanted you and as I said earlier, whatever I did those days was just to get distracted from or to forget you. I am sorry, you had to see me like that. But I promise, I would never repeat that even if I have blue balls”

I burst into laughter. He looked at me and smiled

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make fun of what you said. Its just”

“I like seeing you happy. You know you look amazing when you laugh”

“You too” I said

He frowned and I didn’t say anything for a while. After a brief silence

“I never said what I felt about you right?”

“You felt something about me?” his voice enthusiastic as I nodded

“promise me you wouldn’t make fun of me”

“I promise”

“Okay long story short! When I first saw you in the university, I was like Who the hell is he, eff he looks so handsome and out of league for someone like me. Then you were introduced to me via Pearl as Bert’s best friend and I was like How would I be able to resist this guy who is practically Greek God. As days passed by I tried to avoid thinking about you, but it was getting impossible and my constant thoughts about you made me realise I had crush on you, but I could never voice out to anyone. However Pearl had always known even without me confiding to her. Then I started seeing you with a new girl everyday and felt bad and convinced myself that I am never going to match your preferences when it comes to girls. With the happenings in my home and seeing you as a playboy, I was disappointed and demotivated to an extent that I decided to keep myself away from you and avoided you as much as I could, just as I did with my family.”

I went silent and so was he. I could see his head bent down while he sat next to me and I felt bad for a second , but I was honest and I wanted him to know about my crush for him and why I avoided him.

“I …I don’t know how to…. “ he placed his face in his palms

“Its okay Drake, its all in the past. I know the truth now, you didn’t know the truth then”

“But that doesn’t change how I behaved infront of you. I wanted your attention Hele, I wanted you to atleast yell, scream or scold me for being an asshole. I wanted you to recognise my presence. But, you always kept silent and never showed that you bothered. You ignored and that hurt me and I made mistakes. I…. I am really sorry”

“No..” I shook my head “Lets not think about past or future. One is gone and one is to come – both we cannot change. I want to live in the moment, with you. Trust me Drake, if I hadn’t moved on from the past, I would have never thought of giving myself a chance to be with you. I am not saying out of pride, I am saying after coming out of my insecurities.”

“Thank you” he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Thank you too for being patient and never giving up on me”

We both smiled and sat enjoying each other’s presence.

“it turned from blue balls to out of blue past” I giggled breaking the silence

“Really. You are gonna tease me with that right?’’


We both burst into laughter and he pulled me into his lap

“I am serious Hele, I promise I will wait for you to be ready even if I have blue balls and from now on it will be only you and no one else”

“I too promise that you would be my first whenever I am ready” I whispered making him groan and pulling me more into his chest.

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