For once without Plan-B

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Chapter – 2 First Step

Helena POV:

“So how was the class today?’’ Pearl made attempt to bring in some conversation with her distressed friend, that’s me.

“do you think what I did was right Pearl?’’

’’No second thoughts babe. You should have done this long ago. Trust me this is second right decision you took, first one is making me your best friend’’ she winked

‘’Yeah yeah’’ I smiled.

“On a serious note Hele, I have done a bit of research on Ken and trust me he is not worth you. I don’t understand what on earth your parents thought that he is the perfect match for you. More importantly why do they think you need to be controlled? Damn look at you, you are one of the gorgeous girl in town. A height of 5’9’’, not an inch of fat , Blue eyes, dimples and that smile to die for, Brown-black long straight hair, no flings or affairs, extraordinary brain and ‘’

‘’a pathetic life ‘’ I completed the sentence with a sigh

“Ohh come on cheer up bestie. Hay days are waiting isn’t it. As I said for once live a life for yourself, on your own, take the risks, fall in love, no calculation , no plan-B’s just live the moment with no regrets’’

‘’Do I have any other choice Pearl?’’

‘’not at the moment’’ Pearl changed the gear and slowly brought the car to halt.

We both got down and walked into the apartment , the houses were turned into student rooms. Climbing up the stairs till 3rd floor turning left to house number 306, Pearl skimmed through her bag to bring out the keys and unlocking the door walked straight to her room through the hallway holding hands with me.

“Where’s your roommate? ‘’ I asked

“Ohh! she is visiting her parents this week. Will be back next Sunday’’ she replied bringing out the night suit for me to change.

“Here, go get freshened up first, you are looking like a mess. Meanwhile I will try preparing dinner’’

“Only if you let me cook breakfast and lunch tomorrow” I replied to which she nodded happily

I pulled Pearl into a hug and mouthed thank you while her eyes glistened. I am and will always be thankful that Pearl is my friend, someone who knows and understand me better than anyone else.

“Hele, you know if it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t have even passed the majors in University. You made me confident and guided me. Despite of your pathetic life, you helped me that day, when I lost my parents in accident and I was almost on road. You just gave all your savings which included the amount your grandma has left for you. Now it’s my turn Hele and I am not going to ever think twice doing something for you.’’

We both hugged again. After having dinner which included pasta and soup, we watched some movie and half way through the movie, returned to bed. Pearl went to sleep immediately but I couldn’t. I am surrounded by thoughts and worries about my future. Few hours later I finally slipped into sleep.

‘’Pearl wake up, someone is at the door’’

‘’Damn, who the hell is out there to disturb me in the morning’’

‘’Your boyfriend may be’’

‘’Ohh yes! Bert informed me that he would take me out today. But he was going to pick me in the afternoon. What time is it?’’ pearl spoke rubbing her eyes

‘’11:00 AM missy, get the hell out of bed and answer the person’’

‘’what the heck? How can I sleep till this late’’

‘’We can discuss that later, go open the door first ‘’ I yelled

‘’No, I am going to washroom, I need to pee first. Just answer the person. You know Bert I mean Albert, if he is at door, let him in. If it’s anyone else ask them to wait or come back after an hour’’ Pearl ran into the washroom to get freshened up shouting instructions at me

I rolled my eyes and went to open the door, as soon as I opened the door, I stood frozen staring at the handsome person on the other side.

“Helena, what a surprise. I didn’t expect you to be here’’ his deep voice hit my ears

I was too lost in staring at him, which made him smirk.

“Miss e-brain, can I come in?’’ he again spoke yet I gave no reply , so he did what he wanted to, he brought his hands towards my shoulders, gripping them and leaned over so close that his lips reached my ears and screamed his lungs out. That was it

“You are an as***le Drake Johnson. Who shouts like this in ones ears?’’ I rubbed my ears repeatedly

“well I was being polite by asking you to let me in. You were too busy in checking me out. Not your fault though, I am one hot guy in town and every girl likes to check me out’’ he winked at me making me fume with anger.

“then let me tell you, I am not any other girl and apart from what you think about yourself you are biggest pain in ass as well as the playboy of university’’

“Miss e-brain, only you can say so. By the way who cares if am a play boy or not, as long as I am good at studies and best in bed’’ he winked

“asshole for every damn reason’’ I muttered

“Now would you let me in Miss e-brain?’’ he asked again

“Umm..No…you can wait here or come an hour later’’ I said exactly what Pearl asked to

“Ohh..Just tell her Bert asked me to bring her to the mall. He got struck in some work and he would be meeting her there’’

“Fine I will inform her, but you stay here. Don’t try to barge in like a burglar’’ I rolled my eyes and turned leaving the door open.

After a while I came back and asked Drake to get in and wait in the living room. As Drake suited himself in the couch, I left to the dining area where I was currently looking out for some jobs for fresher’s that were suitable for me.

‘’I thought you would ask for something to drink, but seems you treat guests great’’ he said in his usual sarcastic way and I being myself listening to his remarks , tried controlling myself not to choke him to death.

“I do know manners but I am a guest here too, so don’t expect me to treat you like God’’

‘’ohh really then the laptop you are using is also not yours ‘’

“Yeah, I did ask Pearl if I can use and she agreed to and now if you are done, can you please let me do my job’’ I said continuing with my job search.

“Hele, you are definitely not my guest, and remember you have as much freedom as I have here. So next time if I am gonna listen to this bull shit of yours, I am going to chop you and throw you to pigs’’ pearl came looking lovely in her black leather jeans paired up with white lace blouse, hair in a ponytail and face with subtle make-up.

On the other side Drake was into giggles hearing pearls words while I threw daggers with my eyes at Drake.

“Pearl breakfast is ready. I am just going into the room. Call me when you are ready to leave’’ I said picking the laptop, heading towards Pearls room, closing the door behind.

I applied for jobs in other countries along within Belgium too because I have none to stop or wait. Later I started searching for some rooms where I can stay till I find a job. I noted the addresses and phone numbers, hoping I could move soon to somewhere affordable. Also I did leave Pearls number in the real-estate web-sites to contact her, in-turn me, if they have any rooms or small apartment after specifying my requirements. Once I jotted down few options available, I was about to go out when Pearl came in.

“Hele you are coming with me’’

“what? Why?’’

“because I am asking you’’

“Listen Pearl, I know you don’t want to leave me alone but you are going to spend time with Bert and I am in no way going to be the third wheel’’

“Drake is joining Bert and I, trust me darling we are not on a date. Moreover, you need to shop too, so why not’’

It is true, I need to buy some clothes, footwear and a mobile phone too because that’s important for me.

“fine, let me change’’

‘’10 min babe, that’s all you got’’ pearl spoke pulling her white cotton trousers and a blue halter neck blouse. I was quick enough to get ready and came out in 20 minutes.

Drake was staring at me and my eyes met him for a fraction of second before moving to Pearl.

“I wish I looked as gorgeous as you Hele. I wonder why you didn’t have a boyfriend till now’’

“shut up Pearl and make a move’’

We three left towards the black Porsche in the parking lot. Pearl sat next to Drake who is going to drive while I sat in the back. The car oozed comfort and once I sat I felt relaxed.

I am not new to the riches. I have seen riches but never enjoyed. Thanks to my parents who denied luxuries to me. Matthew and Rose Viceroy never wanted second child, when they found baby is a girl, they both decided to get the child aborted, but for two reasons they couldn’t. One it was something to do with law and second doctors informed them that aborting implied a life threat to Rose. Rose even tried to be careless during her pregnancy, but I was a warrior even when I was in my mother’s I mean Rose Viceroy’s womb. The worst part was they said about all this out of anger one day right on my face when I was too small to understand. I was then 8 years. That day I didn’t understand but those words I never forgot. As I grew up, reality hit me hard and I understood why I was treated so badly despite being their own blood.

Viceroys are one of the richest families in whole Belgium and in Ghent particularly. They are basically from New York, who came years before and settled in Belgium. Once they were attaining success and getting rich they were always in media. So to avoid any unnecessary negativity, they raised me providing basic amenities such as food, clothes and sending me to school. But luxuries were not for me. When Steve rode Lamborghini, I used to ride a bicycle – which explains my state. When my parents and brother went to dinner in fancy restaurants, I made soup for myself in home, that’s because during their dinner night cook was given an off. My heart used to bleed for some love and affection from my parents, but I was truly unlucky in that arena.

All I wanted is someone who would love me unconditionally but the circumstances in which I grew up made me feel I am not worth of anyone’s love. When my parents and my family couldn’t love me, how can someone else love me? I started feeling low about myself and stayed away from boys. I couldn’t afford anymore heartbreaks if I dated or loved someone and then they treated me bad or left me. I would prefer dying single and virgin than dying everyday getting attached with opposite sex.

However Drake was someone who made me feel something in my heart, when I first met him. Drake and Albert were in same class as Pearl and I during the university days. Drake is around 6’2’’ tall, well-built body, bluish green eyes with a 5’o clock shadow, Black hair which always was well set. He was popular and intelligent too, good at football and basketball. His charm was irresistible and almost every girl in the university wanted to be with him. He is best friend with Albert. Albert is also quite a charmer. He is 6’3”, muscular, brown eyes and sharp jaw with a dirty blond hair. He was humorous and lively guy. One who would make anyone feel comfortable.

When Pearl and I stepped into the university on the first day, we met Albert and found an instant connection. With Albert came Drake and I felt the instant tingles the moment I saw him for the first time. 3 months later Pearl and Albert started dating and I have seen Drake hanging with a new girl every day. I felt hurt by that, shut my blossoming feelings soon and concentrated on my studies and career. However Pearl had a different connection with Drake and I never interfered or objected her. Its her life and she has every right to do whatever she wants.

“Penny for your thoughts Helena’’ Drake’s voice brought me out of my thoughts

“What were you thinking so seriously?’’ Pearl asked unclasping the seat belt.

“Nothing. Just random things”

Before Pearl could answer her mobile buzzed. She picked the call and after a while turned towards me giving an angry glare.

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