For once without Plan-B

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Chapter -20 : First Time !!

Author’s Note: This chapter contains Mature and Explicit content. You are being warned. Please read at your own risk !!!

Helena POV:

That night we slept decently together and it was the most peaceful sleep I had in my life. When I opened my eyes, I could see myself scooped up from behind by Drake. I gently took off his arm around me and turned towards him.

His messy hair, cute pout and calm face was a sight to behold. How did I get so lucky all of a sudden to be with him as my boyfriend.

BOYFRIEND sounds good right! But he didn’t call me his girlfriend yet. I think he would soon. Such a ridiculous thoughts I am having , I shook my head and smiled.

“what makes you smile so happily?”

“You are awake?”

“I would be if you aren’t next to me in my arms” he winked

“easy, peezy Mr. Cheesy” I stuck my tongue out

“How mature! and what’s with easy cheesy whatever” he asked amused

“Ohh. That’s how Pearl and I used to say, when anyone who threw cheesy lines to us as a part of flirting”

He pulled me and I laid on his chest.

“Drake. I have a morning breath and I need to head out to washroom”

“I don’t care about morning afternoon or evening breaths Hele. All I need is to be near you”

I got away from his grip “You would get bored of me soon”


“Yes. We are and will be practically staying in the same house, working in the same office and sharing same cabin. Long story short we see each other 24 X 7 and that’s not healthy too.”

“I don’t care”

“it seems good now Drake but it will ruin in long term. So...” I went silent for few seconds

“Spill it Hele”

“I am thinking that atleast one day of the weekend we will give each other space.” I turned towards him and could see his face fallen . I held his hand and pressed it “Drake, I don’t want you to get bored of me. Space is very necessary in every relation, I cant overwhelm you and the same goes with you. I want us to be together while being independent. I am just saying it for our good and if you don’t agree I wouldn’t insist and we would do what you want to”

He didn’t speak for a while and then taking a deep breath “I guess you are right! I will go and check on the De Riveria on weekends ”

“Hey you got to come back without hooking up with any other woman out there” before I could stop words were out of my mouth making him laugh

“Jealous Girlfriend you are” he spoke amid laughs

“Girlfriend !?″ I looked at him

He shrugged as if it was normal and got up walking towards the front of the tent we stayed in and zipping it open he turned and said

“Hele, you are my girlfriend whether you like it or not because you already spoke out loud some line as to how come you became so lucky to have me as your boyfriend , few minutes before. It makes us even when I said you are my girlfriend” he winked and went out making me blush.

The rest of the day passed by with all four of us having fun and finally Bert and Pearl left leaving us at our home. Once reaching our abode it was no brainy that Drake slept with me in my room but thankfully didn’t try anything with me.

Two months passed with Drake and I having a good routine. We wake up next to each other with Drake almost having his morning-wood forming a tent in his boxers everyday. Initially it was embarrassing for both of us, but now it doesn’t embarrass anymore. We sleep together after make-outs, talks and cuddles and many times his manhood gets pressed at my intimate place leaving me needy and wet. However I am still not able to give myself completely to him and he never insisted or forced or got annoyed. It is not that I don’t trust him but may be I am not confident enough and have zero experience. But I think I will be his in all ways very soon.

Once we wake up, we go for a run , come home. He goes and talks with his mom, and Krystle while I take shower and make breakfast. Later he would get ready , come back set the silverware on the table. Once we have our breakfast, we would go to office and as much we want to enjoy out time in office, we definitely restrict ourselves and work. Only change after that weekend where we spoke our hearts was the chairs in our office cabin came closer. As agreed to Drake would spend the whole day in De Riveria on Saturdays and come home at early hours on Sunday, while I run errands and do laundry and cleaning while he is at De Riveria. While every alternate week Bert and Pearl visit us and we have our fun time.

Its Sunday today and Bert and Pearl had some party to attend, so they left soon after breakfast leaving Drake and me to ourselves. We decided to take a nap and that’s what we did. I woke up after couple of hours of sleep and recap how two months have passed. I am much happier than before and much relaxed and less worried too.

“Hey beautiful” Drake pulls me into his chest as I am lost in thoughts.

“hey” I turn towards him

“What’s running in your head?”


“Hele, spill it” he uses this tone when he needs the answers definitely

I sigh and say “Nothing much. Just thinking how two months have passed with us being together”

“You feel good right?”

“Off course silly. I would have not wanted something else than to be with you”

He grins and looks absolutely adorable. I bring my hand towards his face and gently caress. He looks at me in a way that I cannot decipher. Its not lust its something else as if he needs me.

“Hele” his words strained

I bring my fingers towards his lips and rub them over while his hand moves from my waist towards my breast. My breath becomes heavier while his hand reaches the bottom of my breast. Do I want to stop him touching logical side says YES, my irrational side says NO...

“stop me Hele” he says huskily , coming closer to my lips

“Drake” I whimper

“Yes Hele” he looks at me and then looks at my lips


“Tell me Hele, what do you want me to do?″ his voice sending shivers right to my core, making my nipples erect. As I didn’t respond, he pulls me closer with my shirt clad chest touching his bare chest and my legs getting tangled with his.

“Can I see and touch you Hele?” he asks , his voice strained and his demeanour scared

“Touch? Where?″ I ask biting his earlobe

“Everywhere, every inch of you” he kisses my neck

“I don’t want to stop you. But...” before I could say anything further he crashes his lips to mine and kisses me as if he won something and is on top of world.

“Put no condition Hele. I just want to see you bare and touch you everywhere. But I promise, I would stop if you feel uncomfortable. We will not do anything if you don’t want”

“I trust you Drake” and I guess that was all he needed to hear as he kissed my hair and started trailing kisses till my neck , shoulders and moved down between my breasts.

Drake POV:

"I trust you Drake” that was all I needed to hear when I asked her if she would allow me to see her bare and touch her everywhere.

I started trailing kisses from her forehead to her chest and I didn’t want to wait any longer to see her bare chest. I already knew her nipples were erect when I brought her closer to me. I reached between her breasts and looked at her and could see her eyes dilated. Slowly bringing up my hands to the edge of her spaghetti top, I started moving it upwards, revealing her slender waist. I placed kisses along. I made her sit and pulled the top of her and was awestruck to see her black strapless bra.

She had perfect breasts not too small nor too big just right amount. I laid her on her stomach and my hand went behind to unclasp her bra, before pulling it down I looked at her and she nodded giving me the permission. I unclasped it and pulled it off making her gasp and revealing her milky white breasts with brown nipples which were taut just as I knew they were.

I cupped her breasts and saw her eyes closed and legs clenched together. Leaning down and releasing my hand from her left one I gently placed a kiss and sucked her taut nipple, while my other hand massaged her right breast, making Hele tug my hair and her breathing heavy. After few minutes I repeated the same wither other breast and raised my head to look at her.

She pulled me towards her and kissed me sensually, while my hands moved from her neck till waist. With her kisses and actions, I am definitely not sure if I would be able to control myself from taking her. I am internally praying that she wouldn’t ask me to stop.

As my hands reached her Jeans shorts, I kissed and licked her belly button, while my hands unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down till her ankles. I got up to see her wearing a black panty covering her intimate part. She tried to bring her thighs together as if to hide herself and to avoid my intent stare.

“Hele...Don’t...You are beautiful and sexy” I said

“I..i am feeling ...” she stuttered


She nodded....

“I still want to see and touch you it okay?″

she nodded, making me jump with joy internally. I am going to see her and I am the only one to see her apart from herself. I started kissing her ankles, and my hands reached her inner thighs while my lips followed my hands earning moans from her. Once I reached her intimate part I could see her dampness over her panty. Involuntarily my hand cupped her mound and she made an erratic sound making me hard. I had to control is what I kept repeating but was seriously failing. I put my hands to the waistband of her panty and slowly pulled it down revealing her untouched mound, cleanly shaven and glistening with her juices. She bucked her hips up allowing me to pull it down easily.

I looked at her while she bit her lower lip making e groan.

“Don’t do that Hele?”

She looked at me innocently

“Don’t bite your lower lip. It makes me do something which you are not yet ready for”

With my words her cheeks turned red while a smile adorned her lips. Staring at her , I brought my hand and cupped her bare mound this time while she arched back moaning.

I sucked her nipple and parted her second set of lips down. She held me tight by my head, while I rubbed her up and down without entering her.

“Drake” she moaned

“You like it Hele” I asked

“mmm...” was what I got to here

“I am taking that as yes”

I started making circular movements along her length and I could see her reacting in most beautiful and erotic way with my every move. When I was sure she was completely moist, I entered one digit in her followed by another making her gasp. I stopped and looked at her to see if she was in pain.

“You are so wet and tight Hele. I cannot wait for the day when you would be ready to allow me in here” saying I gently pressed a spot within her.


“Do you like it Hele?”

She nods

“Words Hele”

“Y...yes...please...don’t...stop” she speaks between gasps , moans and deep breaths.

“I wouldn’t baby. I can’t”

I drop myself down and bring my tongue out to taste her. Licking her up and down while fingering her and pushing her to edge

“I... don’t... know... what’s... happening....” She was saying

“I got you baby...just let it go” I spoke and continued as to what I was doing and in next few seconds she came undone.

Her first orgasm of her life. I licked clean and as sweet of a person she is , she tastes much sweeter.

After relaxing she looked at me and I was worried as to how she would react, but I smiled when she sent me a smile and hugged me.

God her bare mound is touching my boxer clad hardness and I didn’t know what to do to restrain myself. This is going to be difficult.

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