For once without Plan-B

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Chapter-21 : No more a Virgin !!!

Authors Note: Mature/Explicit content ahead. You are warned !! Read at your own risk !!

Helena POV:

That’s something. I had my ummm, you know my first …okay now I am blushing. I turned to see Drake looking at me , how to describe how he is looking at me, gently? No. with lust ? No , absolutely No, lovingly? Yes…I looked at him again, his face , is he in love with me? A warmth ran through my body. Can this be true, can he be in love with me?



“can you …” his voice hoarse

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah..Can you just move a bit..I need to …” he was struggling to speak

I looked at him and then my eyes traced his body and landed on his bulge, that’s when I realised the reason of his breathlessness and restrain.

“i…I am sorry..” I tried to move

“Don’t be…This is what you do to me everyday”

I stared at him and I knew I was blushing. There is no point to hide my blush. He has seen me naked and am still naked and under his gaze.

“Can I help you Drake?’’


“I mean..umm…you know”

“Its okay Hele. When you are ready then I will take you my way. For now, I need to go to washroom and cool down” he caressed my hair and tried to get down while I held his wrist. He looked at me with a frown

“I trust you Drake. I am ready too” I whispered

His eyes widened listening to me.

“Hele…don’t…don’t tease me…I am hanging on a thin line and …”

I pulled him gently making him bend over me while I laid down

“Take me Drake. Make me complete. I want you now and I want you to be my first”

“…are you sure. I can wait my whole life Hele. Don’t do it just to …” he looked at me intently as if searching for any sort of doubts and apprehensions

“Shhhh” I placed my finger on his lips making him stop from speaking further

“I don’t want you to wait Drake. This” I moved my hand between us “This is what I want to experience…this moment is perfect…and I want to it to be complete”

“It would be painful Hele” he whispered moving my finger off his lips gently

“I know you wouldn’t hurt me, but if the pain is inevitable to feel the pleasure then it’s okay Drake”

“Hele….” He hovered me balancing himself on his elbows not putting his whole weight on me.

Our eyes met and I knew this wasn’t just lust , this was something we both wanted, something intimate , something we needed to feel.

Drake kissed me from head to toe not leaving a single place, while I placed my hands round his neck or in his hair. My body was floating and I was experiencing new intimacies. I arched , moaned and struggled to stay still…

“Don’t stop yourself Hele. I need to know how you react when I touch you. I need to know how to make you comfortable and satisfied and I can know only when you react” he kissed me

My hands roamed around his body, my fingers traced his face, neck , chest and travelled to V and further down till I pulled down his boxer and touched his manhood. He groaned making me smile while I looked at him.

I didn’t know what to do and gave a confusing look. He held my hand which was holding his length and slowly moved my hand up and down. I took the que and did the moments while it was his turn to groan and moan.

“Hele, if you continue I may come even before I enter you”

His words made my core wet as I clenched my thighs, I felt wetness on my hands and looked at his length…

“Pre Cum” he whispered and pulled me making me lay on my back while he pulled a condom out of his trouser lying next to boxer. Rolling it out he placed himself between my thighs and moved a bit further so that his length was touching my entrance.

He bent and took my lips and moved making his length enter me. I hissed in pain while he stopped moving further, giving me time to adjust. His breaths deep yet he was patient and waited for me to relax. When I nodded he moved further making me yell in pain and he looked worried making him move out.

“No, don’t Drake..”I held him tight not wanting him to back out.

“Hele..I …I..”

“I am fine Drake…you can move”

He looked at me and moved further and soon the pain was fading away and pleasure took its place. He was touching me with his length in the places which were raising my sense pf ecstasy…

“Faster Drake” I almost begged and he obliged , his thrusts, my breaths , his groans and my moans were in rhythm

I knew I was getting near to explode….that’s when he rubbed my private area with his fingers and I moaned with earth shattering explosion making its way and soon Drake groaned spilling his seed in the condom.

As beads of sweat formed on his forehead , I raised my hand to wipe it off.

“That was …”

“It was something unexplainable and can only be felt” I completed his sentence making him smile which reached his eyes.

As we both relaxed he pulled himself out of me and left to the washroom to bring a cloth and warm water.


“I know the first time would be painful. Let me clean it Hele. I have seen you and felt you. You need not be shy when we both are alone and together”

“Thank you”

“Don’t…” he shook his head and cleaned me with the warm water.

After few minutes my stomach growled and we both burst into laughter…

“Someone is hungry”

I rolled my eyes and picked my clothes , putting them on , I rushed into washroom to have a warm bath.

By the time I came out, the bedsheets were changed and I could smell the subtle aroma of white cheese pasta…. I stormed towards Kitchen to see shirtless Drake making Pasta. His hair still wet and muscles flexed.

“You need to put some shirt on , you know”

He turned towards me smirking “why…does my bare chest turn you on Hele?” he pulled me into his chest. His cologne arousing me.

Get it together Hele, you are still sore I mentally snapped at myself

“You are so cocky and full of yourself aren’t you?” I teased pulling myself away from him

“I know I am irresistible not cocky” he winked while I rolled my eyes

“Can you set the table while I finish making this, we can eat and then watch some movie probably cuddling?”

I shook my head and made my way to pick the silverware and set the table.

I am not virgin anymore the reality hit me and I didn’t know how to feel. But one thing I was sure, Drake was gentle and patient and handled me with care.

Drake you changed everything between us and I didn’t even realise. I am falling in love with you Drake and I don’t know if I can leave you and move to NY.

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