For once without Plan-B

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Chapter-22 : Half Truth’s are dangerous!!!

Drake POV:

Its one of the best day of my life. I have never thought that Hele would ask me to take her. She trusts me and now Its my responsibility to not break her trust. In every possible way I am off the market.

“Drake” Hele called me from the dining area

“Yeah babe” I answered without turning back to keep an eye on the pasta

“Eww….dont be so cheesy…call me Hele…that’s better”

I rolled my eyes…this girl I tell you is pretty different from everyone.

“Ok …do you need something ..Hele….?”

“Umm yeah….which movie would you prefer to watch?”

“Anything you would want to”

“Don’t give me choices Drake, you would end up getting bored”


“You can check with Pearl “ I saw her smiling as I turned towards her

“Dutch movie?” I winked

“I don’t mind”

DagLicht” We both screamed in union…I then understood she is also a sucker for Mystery/Thriller genre…

As I brought the Pasta and placed it on the table, Hele held my hand and pulled a chair to make me sit

“Normally, a guy has to do this for a girl” I said

“well I know but it isn’t a hardcoded rule…you cooked for both of us, let me be the gentlewoman here” she winked

“you know you are …”

“impossible…I know” she supressed her smile as she bit her lower lip

I pulled her and made her sit on my lap and held her securely ….

“Drake…let me serve”

“no…” I bit her neck and earned a painful moan from her , when I soothed it with my tongue she stared at me and bit my lip soothing it with her tongue

I knew both our bodies were asking to get intimate yet again, but I had to control. She would be sore and I cant scare her.

“As much as I want to take you here right on the dining table, I would control because”

“Because I am sore and hungry “ she yet again completed as if reading my mind

I pecked her lips and released her as she proceeded to serve both of us. I waited for her to taste and she closed her eyes as if absorbing the flavours, I shook my head and we finished as silently as possible. The night passed by we almost having a movie marathon starting with Daglicht and ended by watching Notebook. We had set a pretty good routine every day and days passed by without much of changes.

Today being Thursday I had a meeting to attend with one major investor. Hele and I had worked our asses of to make him agree to atleast look t out presentation.

“Hele you ready?’

“Drake can you handle this meeting alone, I need to visit De Riveria, the finance department had found some discrepancies and that’s a priority task”


“I know what you are gonna say, but its fine Drake, I am just an employee here and you are the boss, so take the pride and lead it in your way” she smiled

“You are not just an employee Hele. You are an asset to our business. God hadn’t you been with me, I would have never manged to bring him till here”

“okk…no more praises …go now…”

I sighed and walked towards the door

“Drake” she called and as I turned

“All the best” she smiled

I reached her in a sec and pulled her into my embrace, after a comforting hug from her, I kissed her and handed her the car keys

“I can take a cab”

“its official work Hele, just take this and drive safe. Park it in my space there” I kissed her again and left towards the meeting room

Helena POV:

Driving the Porsche was giving me rich vibes. This is how rich people feel while driving I thought to myself. I am used to taking cabs or riding in Pearl’s car. I definitely come to office in this car but never drove. Thinking about stuff I drove towards De Riveria and parked in the VIP parking lot. Off-course Drake is VIP. I smiled to myself and let myself in.

Being Thursday morning the restaurant was almost empty , I went into the office to meet the manager and accountant there.

“Ms. Helena Viceroy?” a man who was considerably small about 5’5’’ height with blue eyes and blonde hair called me out

I nodded and extended my hand for a shake

“Victor VanRoey” he said

“Nice meeting you maneer VanRoey”

“je kunt me Victor noemen” (you can call me Victor) he said to which I nodded

“Shall we start, I need to get back to the office as soon as possible”

“Sure..I am waiting for Ms. Evans to come”


“Yeah the manager here”

“Ohh..I am sure we can wait for couple of minutes. Meanwhile can I see the file?”

He nodded and passed me the file and I got myself absorbed in the file .

“Helena Viceroy” I could hear my name almost being yelled as I raised my head that sank in the file and turned towards the direction from where it was heard

As I looked at her I was shocked as well as surprised Elaina Evans…Effing Elaina Evans sister of Diana Viceroy

She smirked and walked towards me. Come on Hele…be confident , do your work and leave from here…I mentally told myself.

“Hello Ms. Evans” I tried to sound professional

“Ohh please Helena , you can call me Elaina, you know we are …”

“Can we start with the work, I need to get back to office” I cut her off not wanting Mr. VanRoey to know that we were related in some way.

“sure” she gave a tight smile

“Mr. VanRoey I mean Victor please take your seat and let me know when did you find the discrepancies?”

“Since last month…I tried to investigate but to no avail. I am sure someone internal is involved”

“what does that mean?”

“You see Ms. Viceroy…”

“Helena…please call me Helena and sorry to interrupt you”

“No problem…Helena as you can see in the file, there the accounts are not tallying, to see whats happening, I had asked to produce the bills for anything and everything the payments were made. I kind of filed all the bills. But there were few entries that didn’t make sense. For example,

Last month we ordered Carol Wines to supply around 50 crates of white wine bottles, which they did, and gave me the receipt too. But two days back when I checked the bill it was amounted to a higher price than the agreed price. It is nearly impossible to find out who did that. I spoke to the Carol wines supplier and he said he had no idea about all this and he was informed to give the receipt with the mentioned amount as the price was revised. The carol wines guys are tight lipped and are not really ready to let us know anything else”

I noticed and nodded

“This is just an example, the same sort of things is happening with 3 other suppliers too” he concluded

“Thank you Victor, I would look into this or let Drake handle this”

I turned towards Elaina who was looking surprised with the revelations being made

“You look surprised Ms. Evans I mean Elaina” I said

“Yeah its shocking to hear such things happening”

“Yes, But nothing to worry Drake would handle this and set everything right”

She nodded

“I know you don’t know anything about this, but still I want to ask you, do you have anyone in your mind who can do this? Like any staff or other people”

“I don’t think so, all the staff are really good and honest. I interact with them almost everyday and I cannot point even a single person”

“that’s fine” I smiled and got up “I will have to leave now. Thank you for the information and if you both don’t mind can I take these bills and files with me?”

“Sure” Victor said and I walked bidding bye to him while Elaina followed me till the parking

“Helena” she called and I turned towards her

“So you and Drake?” she smirked

“I don’t think we need to talk about this Elaina”


“because these are working hours and personal matters are not be spoken about”

“I was expecting you to thank me and here you are being nearly rude” she said

“thank you?” I frowned “For what?”

“For leaving Drake, so that he can , you know….”

“what does that mean?”

“Ohh please don’t act as if you don’t know anything”

“Elaina, I don’t know anything. Its truth”

“Well, then, Mrs. Johnson, Drakes mom chose me for him and I left him so that he can pursue you…”

I felt blood leaving my veins, yet I had to put up a brave face


“Don’t you want to know why I left him so easily despite falling in love him at the first glance?’’

“Frankly I don’t want to know” I said and turned to open the door of the car

“I know you are leaving Europe for good and whatever is between you would end in what, a couple more months and then you know, I can have him all to myself” she spoke while holding the car door stopping me from closing it.

“Elaina, I really don’t have time for all this bullsh*t” I nearly whisper yelled trying not to attract attention

“Ohh , if that sails your boat. But seriously Helena, you out of all woman he wanted to pursue. Anyways, I can bear you near him for couple more months. Also not to forget Mrs. Johnson already likes me and we will have both the families blessings when we get married. “

Her words were affecting me in a way. I was feeling shattered. Imagining Drake with anyone else was making me breathless. On top of that Mrs. Johnson choosing Elaina for him was making me feel worse.

“Hey, by the way, Drake , Krystle and Mrs. Johnson were the ones who wanted me to work as a manager here and when Drake comes here every alternate weekends, we do have a good time. I have to thank you for not accompanying him those weekends. God you can be overbearing as Diana says. So Thank you Helena and hope you make a move to NY as soon as possible. I must go now. Have a nice day further” she closed the door and walked towards the restaurant main entrance.

I need to talk to Drake about this. He needs to explain what’s going on.

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