For once without Plan-B

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Chapter-23 : Impulsive decision!!!

Drake POV:

“I cant believe the client finally agreed to invest on our business. Hahhh….finally one goal achieved and that too a major one. This would not have been possible if Hele wouldn’t have been with me. Damn , true to the words she is a genius when it comes to assessments and planning. I should thank her. Well I think I can do that in person in a better way right. Let me now inform Mom and Krystle. I am sure they would be excited to know about this.” Bringing myself from my thoughts , I picked up my mobile and dialled my Mom

“Hey Son, I was about to call you”

“really? Why?”

“Will let you know, but first tell me how are you and your girlfriend?”

“We both are good mom”

“Great. Now ,Anything important that you called me during office hours?”

“Mm..well yes, I have a news to share and I was thinking of speaking to you and Kristle”

“Ok..let me call her in my cabin then. Will you hold on for a moment”

“yeah Mom”





“Hey Draky”

“shut up”

“Well this is working hours so you both better behave” my mom warned

“Fine, but ask her not to call me Draky”

“Ok, tell me what’s the matter”

I explained about the investor and about the meeting

“that’s great Drake, I am so proud of you. Where is Helena. I must congratulate and thank her too” my mom spoke

“Thanks Mom. Helena went to De Riveria, Mr. VanRoey has called about some problem and she went to know about it.”

“All good Drake?”

“yes Krystle. I am sure Hele can handle it”

“Ohh I am much more sure about it” Krystle replied

“Ask her to call me once she gets free or let me know when she is free. Either of it should work for me” mom said

“Yeah mom. Ok then , I guess I should get back to work”

“Wait Drake” Krystle screamed making me pull the mobile away from my ears

“God Krystle. Calm down. I am not planning to put a hearing aid anytime soon” to which she and mom both chuckled

“Drake…Jeff and I have finalised the wedding date and venue”

“what. Come again?”

“Don’t be cocky brother… You know he proposed me last month and sooner or later we would be getting married”

I scoffed earning a sigh from my sister

“So what now?”

“Ohh please, show some happiness”

“I am happy for you as long as he treats you well Krystle. So you both finally decided when you would be getting married”

“Well yes, and that’s what I was going to let you know”

“I am waiting”

“Next Wednesday”

“What the….”

“Drake…language” my mom yelled

“Sorry mom..but this is ..”

“we wanted it to be a surprise for everyone and had been secretly arranging every thing since a month and that’s exactly why I have asked everyone to keep the next whole week free“

“Fine..But where?”

“Valentia , Spain. You and Helena need to be here by tonight or tomorrow morning”

“that’s not possible”

“Brother, you do remember I am your only sister?” she whined and I could practically imagine her pouting and making that puppy dog eyes.

“God Krystle, stop blackmailing me emotionally. I will be there. Only this time , you better get it”

“We will see” I can now imagine her pulling her tongue out to tease me

“Fine see you soon then. I got to go and talk to other departments to manage the office till we are back”

“Great. I cant wait to meet you both”

“Bye Mom…Bye Krystle” I ended the call.

That’s too much of a short time to make everything work…but then Krystle has always been like this. Till the last moment she never reveals anything. She and her surprises would kill me one day. Damn sister.

I smiled remembering our childhood as I sat down on my chair. I could have not got any better sister than her. She undoubtedly is pain in my ass but the way she cares and treats me is something indescribable. Jeff is a great guy. He is a Doctor by profession and works in one of the reputed hospital as Cardiologist. We met him when my dad had his first stroke. He had started just then. Once my dad was discharged, Krystle bumped him in a supermarket and then they became friends, boyfriend-girlfriend and finally they would be married in a week. As much as I want to point something about him or scare him away, he is perfect gentleman with no bad habits except working for long hours. But that’s what the profession demands and his dedication to his job always made me respect him.

I checked the time and realised that Hele should have been back by now. Worried I dialled her number.


“Where are you and why aren’t you back?”

“I … I …”

“Is everything fine Hele?” I could feel that there is something wrong. Hele never stutters except when she is blushing or she is worried or nervous

“Yeah. Everything is fine. Is it okay if I take sometime off today and go home?’’

“Yeah… But..”

“thanks Drake” she disconnected the call without listening further

I am sure something is wrong. Definitely wrong. Before it turns worst I need to know and for that I have to assign tasks to department heads quickly”

Keeping my worried thoughts away, I focussed on finishing the work and a hour and a half later, I was ready for the vacation. Well I need to go home and then drive to Ghent and then we go to Valentia.

I had already sent a person to get car from home and I was thankful for doing so because no way I am taking cab to home. I need to drive to relax.

Rushing out of the building, I reached the parking lot and drove towards home.

Helena POV:

“I need to talk to him. Know whether what Elaina said is true or was she playing with me? But how to start. We promised each other to trust each other. So should I keep my questions back and continue to be normal? Can I act normal after knowing that Mrs. Johnson chose Elaina for Drake.”

I was pacing in my room and was not reaching any conclusion. My rational side asked me to talk to him and clear out, but my logical side says that I am no one to stop Drake from marrying Elaina. We both agreed that whatever is between us will be temporary. Even if I keep this argument aside, how can I ask Drake to not to marry her and go against the wishes of his mom. How can I be the reason for Drake and his mom drifting apart. If Drake had no intentions to marry her, he would have not allowed Elaina to work at De Riveria. He wouldn’t spend time with her every alternate weekend – Isn’t that what Elaina said. He would have right away asked his mother and Krystle not to impose the decision of allowing Elaina to work in De Riveria. That also concludes the fact that he also understands that whatever it is between us is temporary. As much as I have seen and known Drake and his mom hold deep mother-son bond and I cant come between them forcing myself. That’s exactly why I am not trying to be angry with him for keeping the employment of Elaina a secret from me.

What am and was I even thinking? This is wrong….absolutely wrong …. I cant put my feelings forth and act selfish, I have known from very beginning that our relationship would never work. Why did I develop strong feelings for him, scratch it, Why have I fell for him. Now after the physical intimacy, it is much difficult. God …what I have put myself into.

I cant be here and get myself fall for him much deeper that it becomes difficult to live without him. Why was I even craving for love, till I was with my so called family, I atleast didn’t encounter this sort of hurt, but now it is unbearable. The worst part is nothing has yet happened and the mere thought is making me miserable.

What if I leave for NY this weekend? I have my Visa ready, I have enough savings to live for a few days somewhere in NY. I can even look for a job till I join Goldman Investment Corp. I know it is a bit difficult but isn’t unmanageable. May be…may be this is right…I know this is impulsive, more of a stupid and horrendous decision but this will make things easier for everyone. Even if Drake has feelings for me, he would hate me for leaving him and eventually listen to his mom and marry Elaina. I have to arrange for tickets to NY and then start packing.

I wish I had someone to talk to. I can talk to Pearl but I am sure she would let Bert know and Drake would. Why am I always lonely. Why don’t I have people to guide me, put some sense into me, ask me to rethink or act on?

Just then my phone started ringing.. Steve

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