For once without Plan-B

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Chapter-24 : Strength and Weakness!!

Drake POV:

As I reached home, I was feeling anxious about something, I couldn’t place my hand on. Parking the car in the garage, I quickly took strides to pull Hele in my arms.

While I was reaching Hele’s room, I could hear her speaking to someone, her mobile was on speaker, as I neared her room, I could tell she was speaking to Steve. I didn’t want to intrude her privacy, so I turned around

“Hele, Are you sure you want to leave for NY tonight?” Steve asked Hele, making me freeze

“Yes brother. I was never so sure”

“But Hele. What would you”

“I have to lie to him… This is best for both of us…”

“please brother, can you please help me with someone who you know that can find me a room or share a room with me in a week maximum. That’s only help I need…”

“I will look out Hele…but ..”

I barged into the room like a storm and picked up the call

“Steve, Drake here. I am sorry to interrupt , I need to talk to your sister right now. Can you please give us a minute” I looked at Hele who stood aghast seeing me


“Don’t worry Steve… ” I disconnected the call without listening to him anymore.

“Drake” Hele’s voice was almost like a whisper

Save it Hele. I don’t want to listen to anything else. You decided to leave and have already planned to lie to me for reason I don’t know. But if this is want you want…travelling to NY tonight, I will drop you to airport.

Pack your bags Hele. I will be downstairs after bringing the car to the driveway

“ I spoke supressing the inner storm which was turning into Tsunami


“No Hele” I shook my head and left from there.

Helena POV:

I took Steve’s call and he said that we will be meeting in couple of days. When I asked the matter he explained about Krystle’s marriage with Jeff and how he was the only one from the Viceroy family who was being invited. He wanted to spend sometime with me, so he agreed to attend the wedding. I was happy for Krystle and Jeff, but when I didn’t speak about anything regarding my meeting with him during the wedding, he right away asked me what was wrong. I contemplated for few minutes to let him know about my decision to travel to NY. Before I could answer Steve asked me to be onhold as he had someone at his cabin for a quick question. I hummed and waited. My initial plan was leaving tomorrow night but with Krystle’s wedding being on Wednesday, I thought Drake would want both of us to leave a bit early, can be tomorrow morning too. I didn’t want to take any chance, so I decided to leave tonight. As I was on hold, I checked for the flights to NY for tonight and could find one at early hours but I had to reach the airport atleast 4 hours before. Steve was back on line and asked again what was wrong with me, I let him know my decision of travelling to NY tonight. To say he was shocked would be an understatement.

I put my mobile on speaker and started packing my stuff. Steve tried to get to know why I took decision, but I didn’t want to bring up Elaina’s matter which could hamper his relation with Diana and amid all this Melody would get affected.

He gave up and tried to persuade me, but I made my mind already. I didn’t realise Drake had arrived home and never in thoughts thought that he would be listening to the conversation or the parts of conversation.

When he barged into the room he was practically emitting steam, his face red with anger and his eyes showed disappointment. I froze as I looked at him and before I could come back to senses he had disconnected the call with Steve and asked me to pack my stuff as he would be the one to drop me till airport.

I understood the whole situation was messed up and I had no idea how to deal with it to make it proper. Who am I kidding this chaos I have created. I wanted to leave but without Drake knowing and the only reason is to avoid seeing disappointment in his eyes. But my luck played its turn again and what I never wished to see I saw.

I left packing my stuff and went downstairs, Drake pulled his car to driveway and was getting inside

“Ready?” he asked looking behind me

“Drake listen to me”

“Where is your stuff. I kind of checked the flight timings and I guess with the traffic it should take couple of hours to reach the airport and you would be having 4 hours till you board”


“Don’t …don’t worry about your accommodation, I sent out a message to Jeff’s sister, she is staying in NY, well for next couple of weeks she will be here for Jeff and Krystle’s wedding “ He closed his eyes taking a deep breath followed by a sigh, he continued “She said you can stay for couple of weeks in her room and that when you reach her address, her other roommate would let you in. I forwarded her address to your WhatsApp”

He sat on the couch with his head in his palms which were resting on his thighs, I went and sat next to him as tears poured from my eyes. I didn’t know for what I was crying… was it because of my impulsive decision or was it because of seeing Drake so distressed because of me or was it because of my guilt that was eating me up for putting Drake in such a situation or was it because of all of the reasons I stated.

As I touched his shoulder, he was quick enough to get away from me and he turned towards kitchen, It hurt, Drake moving away from me hurt and that’s when I realised how he was feeling now.

“Hele, if your stuff is packed, I advise we make a move else you will not be able to catch the flight on time” he warned and reached the fridge to drink some water, turning his back towards me.

“I am sorry” I wrapped him from behind and cried placing my head on his back. He became stiff and tried to move away from me

“Please. Don’t make me away Drake. I am sorry” I was almost into sobs.

He shook his head and unwrapped my hands from him and reached the kitchen counter.


“Why Hele?” his voice was hoarse, he was holding the counter and his grip was tight while his head was bent.

“I…I…” It was getting difficult to form words as I fell on the ground and cried

He sat facing me and waited, when I calmed a bit, I looked at him who was staring at me blankly, his eyes which were full of life and happiness every time he looked at me showed no emotion. He, who always came to pacify me when I worried or cried didn’t take a step to do the same while I was crying right infront of him. This was enough for me to realise how badly I hurt him. Will he ever trust me again or did I lose him forever? The thought shook me from my core as more tears rolled out with hiccups following.

He silently passed the water bottle and I emptied in no time.

“Drake. I am sorry. I..I never meant to hurt you”

“But you did Hele.” He shook his head closing his eyes

We both sat in silence

You are my weakness and my strength Hele. I can fight with whole world for you, but I cant fight with you. I can make anyone payback if they hurt me or someone precious to methat’s you,” I looked at him stunned, I am precious to him. My pulse dropped down and guilt consumed me more.

He continued “but if its you that’s hurting me, what can I do other than just letting you do so.” He took a deep sigh

“I never meant to hurt you Drake. Atleast not in a way you are thinking”

“Then explain me Hele, why did you take such a decision. When we decided to take a chance with our relation, we came to an agreement that we would talk and clear out the issue and not be impulsive. I kept my word Hele. But what made you break your word?”

He is right, we decided to clear the matters and I conveniently ignored it thinking …thinking impulsive. I couldn’t form words. He broke the silence once again

“You were okay till you went to De Riveria. What happened there that you decided to travel to NY?” his voice sharp as he looked at me for answer

“Drake…I don’t want to come between your Mom- Mrs. Johnson and you. I never want to put you in a situation where you have to chose me or your family. So, I thought I would go away. I know you would be angry and disappointed, but later you would understand that it was for your own good.”

He looked confused

“Why do you think that I would ever come into a situation where I have to chose between you and my family?”

“Didn’t Mrs. Johnson chose Elaina Evans for you Drake?”

His eyes widened as if understanding where this was leading to….

“So, you met Elaina in De Riveria”

I nodded as he waited for me to talk further

“Elaina said that it was her whom your mother has chosen for you and also..” tears spilled down my cheeks while my voice became coarse


“Also you both would be getting married once I leave for NY since you both have blessings of your families”

“And you believed her Hele?” his voice was hurt

I shook my head in NO

“No, not until, she said that it was You, Krystle and Mrs. Johnson who hired her as the manager. Not until she said that you are happy to spend time with her during weekends. Not until she said that I am overbearing for you and spending time with her gives you relief”

“Damn Hele…”

“I know Drake, I sound stupid, but I am a human. I am not stunning like her nor do I match your status. Don’t get me wrong – I know you never go for the status stuff, but I have my insecurities. Moreover none of you, Krystle or Mrs. Johnson has ever said about Elaina being hired. I wouldn’t expect Krystle or Mrs. Johnson to tell me, but is it too much to expect from you Drake? Its true I said we need to give space to each other once in a week for our own benefit and you agreed and said you would go to De Riveria. I was okay, heck I am even Okay now. But if I put two and two together, you tell me how would I feel?”

I spilled everything that ate me and closed my eyes leaning my back to the fridge. There was an eerie of silence

“Her words messed me up Drake. Its true I acted impulsive, but tell me one thing, what would you do if you would have been in my place? I have never experienced the love from family Drake and I have seen how close you are to your family, your mom. If she chose Elaina for you then may be…”

Stop it Hele. Just stop it” Drake yelled shocking me

“Answer me something, why didn’t you marry that dickhead whom your family chose?”

“What? You know how much of an asshole he is, I would never marry him”

“Exactly and Elaina is no less now, atleast after what she has said to you today. I am definitely going to deal with her on this.”

“She is not like…”

“I am a man Hele. I can make my choices about who I want to spend my life or who I want in my life and if situation arises, I can explain my mother in an amicable way and am sure she would never stop supporting me. She is not only my mother but my best friend , my guide and my counsellor too. In my family , our family everyone is given freedom to decide for their own and if someone is unhappy then we would do everything to make the one happy.

Its true my mom chose me for her, but then she didn’t knew I liked you. On the night of event in Ghent, my mother tried to set me up with Elaina and I was angry with my mother and right away denied her asking her not interfere in such personal matters of mine. She apologised to me right there and asked me to just go on a friendly dinner with Elaina as an obligation to Viceroy family as she has given her word. I had to keep her word and so I agreed. Its true Elaina approached me that night and when I tried to be rude, she said she understood me and wished me the best to pursue whom I like. That gave an good impression on her and I felt no harm in being friends with her. Later, I came clear to my mother that I liked you and would pursue you no matter how much long it would take me. I also informed mom about what Elaina said and we all relaxed. When we came here, Elaina met my mother and Krystle asking if they can find a job for her in our company and that’s when they decided to make her as manager in De Riveria, Ghent. But she said she wanted to be away from her family and live on her own, so instead of Ghent they asked her to join her as a manager in Amsterdam branch.

To answer your other question, Its true I didn’t inform about her being the manager here, that’s because I have nothing going on between her and I. I am friends with her as I am friends with others. There was no intention of hiding this matter from you, because if that was the case, I wouldn’t have allowed you to go to De Riveria knowing she would be there. I would have made some excuses and would have went there all by myself.

If anything makes you feel better Hele, my mother and Krystle loves you so much that they treat you as one in our family and warn me every time I speak to them,that they would hang my balls on the front porch if I would ever even think of trying to hurt you.

I was at loss of words, I couldn’t come to terms about how stupid I was to assume. I knew how the Johnson’s were but yet ignored to believe them completely. What a grave mistake I have done and was going to do. Could I ever look into their eyes directly and speak without being ashamed. All I could do was to hung my head in shame.

“Hele…look at me” Drake spoke softly

I shook my head…

“Hele” he sat next to me and lifted my chin up with his hand, Tears were unstoppable…

“Don’t Hele. I cant see you crying. It would….”

I locked my lips with his before he could complete his sentence. He pulled me into his lap and kissed me with need, want and probably love.

When we broke apart for air

“I am sorry Drake. I don’t know what to say to make you feel better. My family says right..I am a terrible person.”

“Hele..not a word more bad about yourself” he gripped my shoulders making me look at him while his stares were intense.

“Its true. They are true. I don’t deserve you Drake. I run away every time I get scared of a heart break or if there is some problem. I couldn’t keep my word. Instead of clearing everything I chose to lie to you and go away. You need someone better than me, who would “ this time he crashed his lips onto mine and stopped me from speaking further

No one can take your place Hele. You are perfect the way you are. Please don’t feel insecure by comparing with others, you are special unique and mine till we are together” He spoke and kissed me again pulling me closer to him. His words filled happiness in me. I was his and I would never want to change that. I want to be his forever.

“Would you ever be able to forgive me Drake” I asked hugging him

“The moment you spilled what made you take the decision, I could understand your mindset Hele. May be, I would also have reacted if not exactly as you did but somewhat similar though. Also, I should have come out clean and informed you about hiring Elaina, then this situation wouldn’t have been so bad. So don’t beat yourself much. If you just want to hear that I have forgiven you, “ he pulled me out of his embrace and made me look at him and continued “You are forgiven Hele” .

He wanted to say something but was making an effort to stop himself


He looked at me confused

“You want to say something more, so don’t stop Drake, you can say it all”

“if in future we have arguments or verbal fights just don’t think of leaving me Hele. Lets cool down, take our time, clear the air and then decide. It kills me to see you go away from me. As I said You are my strength and my weakness too.”

“So are you Drake. My strength and weakness” as our eyes locked and stares intensified, I knew we both were on same page at that moment.

Reading my thoughts, Drake stood up and picked me in bridal style, while I placed my hands around his neck, we both knew that we need to feel, touch and savour each other that moment. Everything else can wait. Heck even dealing with Elaina can also wait.

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