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Chapter-25: Thoughts!!

Authors Note: Mature/Erotic content ahead… You are warned …read at your own risk …end of mature content marked !!

Helena POV:

“Drake put me down, I can walk”

“No..I want to be with you, hold you and take you”

I nuzzled my face in his neck earning a groan from him to which I chuckled. His steps, breathe quicker, we made it to his room. I looked at him and then at his room and he was scratching the back of his neck in nervousness.

“Hele…I…..” he was surely mincing words and I found him super adorable at that moment making me take a step and crash my lips with his.

“Take me Drake, its you who matters to me” I whispered and he wasted no more time…

I didn’t even realise when our clothes left our body but I did realise that I was on his bed naked. Drake took his time kissing me from top to toe. His hands moved lazily from my cheeks to the sides and stopped at my breasts. While he sucked the nub his hand squeezed my other breast. I was dripping wet down there and started to become a moaning mess. His other hand landed at my belly button giving me a tickling sensation as I chuckled. Drake lifted his head and looked at me.

“Its tickling” he smiled and kissed me while moving away his hand from my belly button.

His took my other nub in his mouth while his hand travelled south where I needed the most. As his fingers touched my pool of wetness I moaned his name and bit my lips.

“You are so wet Hele” and he plunged his fingers deeper while he traced kisses down my stomach.


“Relax Hele…” he kissed me again and moved his head towards my womanhood. I closed my eyes as his hot breath touched my womanhood. Before I could realise his fingers were replaced by his tongue while I held his hair moaning and breathing heavily

His rubbed me there with his fingers which sucking and licking, pulling me to the edge and I exploded with an earth shattering orgasm while he lazily licked clean there.

“You taste amazing Hele. I can never get tired of doing this”

I blushed and pulled him towards me

“I want you inside me Drake” I whispered biting his ear lobe as he bit at the nape of my neck making me hold him tight.

I could feel his girth at my stomach and my hands involuntarily travelled towards his length and held it. I pushed him and brought my mouth towards his length, when he stopped me.

“I will let you do it but not now Hele. I want to be inside you” he said and hovered me placing himself deep within me in one straight thrust.

When he tried to move I stopped him, he looked worried

“I am okay Drake, I want you to stay there for a moment, I want to feel you within me… atleast for few moments I want to feel inseparable from you”

He grinned, placing smooth kisses down my neck

“If that’s what you want , that’s what I would do”

We being like this made me feel amazing but I knew he needs to move, I knew he was controlling himself…his deep breaths were confirming his need to move.

“Lets come together Drake. Lets reach the heights of pleasure together. Lets travel this journey together”

“Always” he replied and started thrusting me in a rhythm and once he hit my spot I clenched his length and we both reached the point of utmost pleasure. He stilled for few more seconds before pulling out from me.

------------------End of mature content---------------------------------

“Thank you” I whispered after some time lying next to him

“Why?” he turned towards me rubbing my cheeks

“For forgiving me”

“I cant be mad with you Hele. Not now not ever. You have become a part of my life and I crave to spend every moment with you. I Lo..”

I closed his mouth not letting him say the next words…I didn’t want him to confess his love and I knew for sure that he was about to say that.

It changes everything once said and would make it difficult for me to take decision about what to do a couple of months later. Call me selfish, but even though I know he would never hurt me or leave me , I am still not ready for any heartbreak if this relation for some reason doesn’t work the way we want. I want things to be the way they are now, atleast till I make a firm decision and once decision is made I myself would confess my love to him.

“what’s running in that brain of yours?”

“you..” I smiled

“me?” he turned towards me balancing his head with his hand and elbow.

“Yes, you…you are always there in my brain Drake. I do think about you most of the time.”

“what do you precisely think about me”

“that’s a secret for now”

He pouted and I couldn’t control my laugh

“That’s not funny though”

“ohh yes its funny the way you pouted”

He narrowed his eyes “Okay cute and adorable too” I continued laughing while he shook his head and joined me smiling.

We stayed like that silently for sometime and Drake broke the silence eventually

“Since your bags are half packed , how about we drive to Ghent tonight?”


“Ohh uhm… I totally forgot to tell you that we are travelling to Valentia for Krissy’s wedding, I guess on Sunday night and what we do tomorrow , I mean what you girls would do tomorrow is upto Krissy to decide. Guys I suppose have different plans altogether.”

“Wait. That’s lot to take”

“don’t tell me, I felt the same. By the way! wedding is on Wednesday and we would be reaching Valentia on Sunday. I guess we would be there till next Saturday and reach here next Sunday”

“ohh my God, I don’t even have a decent dress to wear for the wedding. I cant do this, I will apologise Krystle.”

“Relax Hele. I would do anything to get you whatever you want before the wedding. Just don’t say you wouldn’t want to come.” He held my face in his palms and spoke to me gently

What would I ever do without him.

I nodded making him smile. He kissed my forehead and pulled his boxers on and started packing his luggage, while I wrapped myself in the blanket and picked up my clothes and ran into the washroom

When we both were ready, Drake took his bags as well as mine and locking the house behind we both started towards Ghent. While on way, I ringed Pearl and she was literally screaming with joy about meeting us and for the trip ahead.

This is going to be one interesting trip isn’t it???

Exhausted with the day I slipped into sleep and woke up when the car stopped

“Did we reach?” I asked lazily

Drake clicked open the seat belt and kissed me “Not yet Hele, I need coffee to drive further. So we are at Starbucks”

“Starbucks.. yuppie”

“I didn’t know you love Starbucks “

“you don’t know many things about me Drake”

“enlighten me”

“sure. For the starters, I love Caramel Frappe and blueberry cheesecake from Starbucks”

“that’s too much of sugar”

“don’t worry I have good metabolism”

“I envy you more”

“Can we please go in. I am already salivating thinking of Frappe”

“Zoals jij zegt mevrouw”

(As you say madam)

“dank u wel maneer”

(Thank you sir)

We both made our way into Starbucks, Drake proceeded to order for both of us while I sat at corner table waiting for him.

How far have me come in these few months. Its as if Drake and I are bound to be together. The way he cares for me, looks after me and does things for me is something I have never ever experienced before. He always places me before himself. I know he loves me and I Know I love him too, but there is always these question that runs …would I be able to give up my dream job and settle with him here doing what I am doing right now? If I give up and after few years of being together we realise we are not good for each other, would I still live without any regrets on giving up my opportunity. Will he be the same for the rest of my life. Will I be the same for his rest of life?

We decided not to think about what will happen in future and go with the flow and enjoy being with each other, but with our feelings growing stronger was it a right decision we made then?

“Come on Hele…stop thinking so much” Drakes voice pulled me out of my thoughts and I smiled lightly

“Umm…that looks yummy? “

“wanna try?”

“why not. But what’s the name?”

“this is Grilled chicken - Courgette and Rucola sandwich with honey mustard sauce” saying he brought the sandwich till my mouth for me to take a bite

“its yummy”

“Would you want me to buy you the same?”

“ order would get wasted but thank you”

“Do onething, let me have the cheesecake and you enjoy the sandwich.”

“you sure”

“for sure”

There you go that’s Drake for you. He never does this even for his sister but he does it for me. I love him, I LOVE HIM WITH EVERYTHING IN ME

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