For once without Plan-B

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Chapter-26: Advice from Best friend !!

Drake POV:

I cant believe so much has happened in few hours and here we are back to being normal. Hele has become everything to me, if I cant see her go today , I am scared to even think how would I let her go in couple of months. This just going with the flow thing is going to cost us both a lot.

“what are you thinking about?” my thoughts got broke after hearing her

“About us Hele”

“what about us?”

“We would talk about it later”

She narrowed her eyes and stared at me

“I promise Hele, I would talk to you sooner or later about it, but not today not now”

“fine” she huffed and looked out of window

The rest of the journey we both were silent , not an uncomfortable one, but rather a comfortable one.

The moment I parked the car at our mansion I could see Hele being nervous rubbing her hands

“You okay?”

She nodded

“Whats wrong Hele?” I held her hand and turned her towards me

“Is it okay if I stay at your place. You know I can stay with Pearl. I mean…”

I grinned at her words making her much irritated.

“Okay…first of all, Krissy and mom did specially order me to bring you here. They want to spend time with the girl “I like”. Second, Pearl is already here helping Krissy . Next, I would not want to spend any time away from you. Not now not ever”

I saw her staring at me with glossy eyes and a smile that was so pure and genuine

“Hele…” she shook her head stopping me from talking any further


I frowned

“Why are you so good? Why is your family so lovely? How can I ever repay you and your family back for all the care and love?” tears rolled her eyes

I pulled her towards me and she hugged me back though our positions were inconvenient but the feeling was soothing

“You accepting me the way I am is way more than what I am doing for you Hele. I cant say anything about why my family is so, because I have not seen them being different in my way.” I pulled myself away and wiping her tears “So better get used to this” I winked and she slapped my hand smiling

“I Love..” she stopped mid way and then continued “Your family”.

I gave really that’s all what you have to say look and opened the door to get down.She did the same and as I was lifting her bags , she pulled them from my hand making me sigh


“I heard it Drake”

“that was what I want to happen”

We both laughed and entered the home, and the first step we took I was pulled into hug by mom and Krissy while Pearl pulled Hele into a hug. I didn’t know how Hele felt but my bones definitely were going to get crushed

“Mom. You know we talk almost everyday and I am hardly 3 hours away”

“ohh shushhh….I don’t get to see you regularly, so let me Drake”

I shook my head smiling while Krissy already held Hele and Pearls hand and started moving towards her room.

Hele turned towards me and sent me a smile while I nodded and winked earning a big grin in return.

“You are whipped Man” Bert spoke and we had our bro hug

“cant deny” I muttered

“Good. That should have worked long time before if you weren’t playing around”

I rolled my eyes and picked my luggage, while Bert picked Hele’s.

“So howz everything going?”

I kept silent and I know my silence will make Bert get everything out of me.

“So, we have lot to talk. How about going out somewhere and talk then?”

I nodded and went to get freshen up while Bert said he would wait downstairs. About 40 min later Bert and I were at the bar having some beer

“Get the stuff out Drake”

There was no point in hiding from him, so I spoke in length about everything including my fears. He left a deep sigh and looked at me

“This is gonna be difficult man”

“I know that already. Have anything better to say”

He shook his head and continued

“The onething you cant do is to ask her to stay back. It should come from her Drake. If you ask her she might stay back but the feeling of leaving the opportunity will haunt her and at unexpected time she would spill making you both hurt”

“I know, I cant do that, but what if she decides to go to NY?”

“Then you need to let her go”

I looked at him horrified

“Drake, probably what I am going to say doesn’t make sense but it is also more of a fact. If you love her, let her loose and wait till she comes back. The more you make her stay with you this whole thing becomes suffocated and would eventually break.”

“when have you become so wise”

“I was always, you never observed man”

“Very funny”

He laughed and I joined and once we calmed

“thanks man. You are right though, I cant tie her with me, I would have to let her make her own decision.”

He nodded “What about Elaina?”

“What about her?”

“I heard she would be attending the wedding and would be in Valentia on Monday”

“She is invited?” I almost yelled

“Yeah. I heard Krystle speaking to Pearl”

I don’t need another drama. I need to have a serious talk with Krystle.

“Look, Krystle doesn’t know what had happened. To the point Hele hadn’t even spoke to Pearl about what had happened. So don’t even think of lecturing Krystle.”

“I cant ..”

“I know you don’t need another drama Drake, but its too late, the tickets - bookings everything are done. We will make sure she doesn’t create any misunderstanding between both of you.”

“ohh No..i am going to deal with Elaina the moment I meet her”

“I believe you cant”

“why so?”

“Because Viceroy’s are also invited and in a wedding you can’t create a mess or drama by dealing with her in presence of her sisters family who are supposed to be quite influential and very much close to Krystle’s would be husband Jeff too ” I was confused and looked at him mostly in disbelief

“Listen I don’t know the whole thing, but as far as I know Jeff has invited them as Jeff’s parents are close associates of Viceroys” he explained

“I need to let Hele know about all this”

“you should”

Great. I hope my sister’s wedding goes smooth and later I can deal with Elaina. For now as Bert said, I need to keep my calm and bear it for my sister

Bert’s phone rang and he excused himself leaving me alone. I picked my phone and sent a message to Hele

I have something important to let you know. Make sure you talk to me before you go to sleep”

“All good?”


“Okay, when you are back, let me know”

“Offcourse, Why wouldn’t I…you would be sleeping with me in my room”

“I thought I am sharing room with Pearl”

“No way. I cant sleep without you being next to me”

“Cheesy enough”

“Can’t help”

“You know what, we will talk later. For now Bye”


😘 😘 😘

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and looked around waiting for Bert. Bert came few minutes later and joined me and we spoke about everything and nothing. Finally we were ready to get back to home and join our girls.

“So howz it going with Pearl?”


“so when are you going to propose her?”

He smiled

“So you planned everything”

“yes, I am going to tell you , but you are not going to let Hele know. They both are practically inseparable even being distant.”

“Its hard but I will try”

“I am planning to propose her in Valentia. On Thursday precisely. I got everything arranged.”

“Off course you would get everything arranged.” I smiled and he joined.

This trip is going to be memorable.

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